Mega Man

(ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Crime of the Century
      The city is being plagued by a crime spree. Strangely, the culprits appear to just be average toys. Mega Man and company struggle to sort all of this out and put a stop to it. The mastermind behind this crime spree is naturally Dr. Wily, but he has a bigger agenda that petty crime. He wants an extremely valuable black pearl, and he is getting closer and closer to its location.moreless
    • The Mega X
      The Mega X
      Episode 13
      The future starts becoming troublesome for the present. Mega Man and Roll are up against a dangerous time traveler that is seeking valuable present-day materials. They are way out of their league and are only saved by the timely arrival of the futuristic Mega Man X. Unfortunately, despite Mega Man and Roll's insistence, Mega Man X proves to not be very easy to work with or very subtle.moreless
    • Bad Day at Peril Park
      Fun World amusement park is now in business, courtesy of Dr. Wily. As expected, he has his own brand of amusement in mind for this park and its guests. It turns out to be a front designed to gain complete control over people's minds – making them believe that they are his loyal robots. Can Mega Man and friends overcome this constantly growing army?moreless
    • Bro Bots
      Bro Bots
      Episode 11
      Proto Man suddenly has a change of heart and becomes one of the good guys. He also seems very interested in getting along with his heroic brother. Given that this is something he has always wanted, Mega Man couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, Proto Man's supposed defection is really just a small part of a much larger Dr. Wily plot. Can Mega Man overcome robotic duplicates and his own brother?moreless
    • Brain Bot
      Brain Bot
      Episode 10
      Mega Man, Roll and Rush are introduced to the brilliant Brain Bot by Dr. Light. His skills are needed on the other side of the country, but great danger threatens his journey. Naturally, the job of bodyguard falls to Mega Man. As Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters begin attacking them during their journey, Brain Bot will need something besides intelligence in order to help Mega Man out.moreless
    • Campus Commandos
      Campus Commandos
      Episode 9
      Light creates a college to school robots in various subjects, not the least of which is how to build his newest invention: an anti-gravity device. Dr. Wily on the other hand decides he wants the device for himself and attacks the school to get it, reprogramming many of the students to help him accomplish this task.moreless
    • The Day the Moon Fell
      Dr. Light has unveiled another new invention – the tachyon capacitor. This new invention gets a good deal of attention, especially from Dr. Wily. Unsurprisingly, it soon winds up being stolen by the Robot Masters. The villainous doctor now has the opportunity to wreak havoc across the entire planet by moving the moon itself. Chaos does ensue, and only Mega Man and friends can make things right.moreless
    • Curse of the Lion Men
      Dr. Wily's robots discover humanoid lion creatures, which use their strange power to turn people into lions. Both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily get turned into lions and now Mega Man must join forces with his enemies, in order to change them back.
    • Night of the Living Monster Bots
      The latest Dr. Wily plot is looking like a real nightmare. The villainous doctor has taken a cue from classic movie monsters with his latest batch of robots. Even worse is the fact that he's creating them with human test subjects. To top it all off, he intends to film their acts of violence. Mega Man and friends are certainly in for a horrifying ordeal this time.moreless
    • Master of Disaster
      A seemingly ordinary chest houses Lotos, a very powerful genie. Unfortunately, this discovery is made after Dr. Wily gets his hands on that chest. Lotos promises him three wishes upon being released, which sends his mind reeling over the possibilities. With Lotos' magic, the villainous doctor could very well be unstoppable. Can Mega Man and company possibly overcome this evil brand of magic? And can Lotos truly be taken at face value?moreless
    • Robo-Spider
      Episode 4
      Dr. Light creates a supercomputer that can defend military bases. Dr. Wily wants to destory to supercomputer and take over the military bases. He uses a robot spider to drain the city of energy. Can Mega Man stop this madness?
    • Mega Dreams
      Mega Dreams
      Episode 3
      People in the city are experiencing some rough dreams. That may seem normal, but it is really because of Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters attempting to gain control over their minds. The ultimate goal is to advance the plan to a global scale and achieve worldwide domination. All he needs now is access to an orbiting space station. How can Mega Man and friends foil Dr. Wily this time?moreless
    • Terror of the Seven Seas
      Seafaring ships are constantly being attacked. Not only that, but they are being dismantled and their best pieces are being stolen. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Wily is at work. These attacks are paving the way to the completion of his new, powerful sea fortress. Can Mega Man and friends stop Dr. Wily and sink his new creation before it's too late?moreless
    • Showdown at Red Gulch
      Dr. Wily finds a meteor with crystals that can super-power robots. However the crystals also have a nasty side effect of overloading the circuits of the robots using them after a random period of time.
  • Season 1