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  • good grafics & original video game SFX but it stops there. the show is an insolt to teenagers, kids and even babys. plot.... what plot??? - there's just none of that- they just attached a overview from the video game.

    good grafics & original video game SFX but it stops there.

    the show is an insolt to teenagers, kids and even babys.
    plot.... what plot??? - there's just none of that- they just attached a overview from the video game.

    but the real issue here is :

    the show is an insolt to teenagers, kids and even babys.
    plot.... what plot??? - there's just none of that- they just attached a overview from the video game.

    this anime/cartoon is not up to viewing standarts - just plain and simple.
  • One of my favorite shows growing up. I was saddened that it only got 27 episodes. But, after examining the 2nd Season more closely, I can see why. The writers just got lazy and ruined a cool show.

    One thing I have to give Ruby Spears credit is the fact they had dynamic music in this show, probably the best I've ever heard. I just loved the music near the end of the episode when Megaman finally puts Wily's plan on ice. It was so adrenaline pumping. Ruby Spears should have released a soundtrack with the music from the show, instead of those lame music tracks at the end of an episode during the 2nd Season.

    Unfortunately though, the music and intro was basically the only cool things about this show. Of course, I also did love how Megaman could steal their weapon by just touching their arm. I even loved how they let Megaman X star in one episode along with Vile and Spark Mandrill. That definitely was awesome. But, other than that, this show was a huge disappointment more times than not. The plots were soon becoming predictable and boring. Not that I didn't like mind control episodes, but after seeing them again and again, it was like, ok, how bout a change of pace for once? But, the worst idea was the last episode, where Wily used toys to plunder the city. Ugh, just saying that makes me want to facepalm. What were they thinking? Its like Ruby Spears wanted to intentionally ruin the Megaman Franchise with their nonsense.

    Oh well, while the show ended on a bitter note, I'm glad they still made it. After all, even a bad show does a redeeming quality here and there.
  • Could have been better...

    Megaman is my favorite video game hero. When I got my first video game system, a NES, I got the game Megaman 6, since then I have been a fan. I never saw the show until recently, and I must say that I am disappointed at how Megaman and the series is portrayed in this show. First of all, the continuity between the games and the show is not the same. In the games Megaman is shown as a boy no more than 12, in the show Megaman and Roll are teens!? That threw me off, but not as much as the fact that Protoman was a villain. Protoman was never a bad guy in any of the games, so how the writers of this show came up with the idea that Protoman was a villain is beyond me. Also, the cheesiness of American cartoons ruins its credibility. I know they TRY to be funny, but I'm sorry it doesn't work! No one likes overused puns and predictable jokes! Oh well, at least 4Kids didn't get their evil, politically correct hands on it, if it did. Lets not think about it. If this show was remade today or about Megaman X, I'm certain it would be better. This show is good for curiosity sake but don't have your hopes too high.
  • A cartoon based on the classic Mega Man series; Why is Protoman on Dr. Wily's side??

    This was a cartoon based on the classic Mega Man series in the mid-90's. It was an alright show, it just has one big advantage to it as well as on one big disadvantage to it. The advantage to this show is that it has all the robots from the first five Mega Man games on the NES. The disadvantage to the show is the character Protoman. In the show, Protoman is an enemy of Mega Man; But in the video games, Protoman is actually an ally of his brother. If you want to truly understand what I mean, play Mega Man 3-8 to see for yourselves. If the show was more like the games, I would have enjoyed it more.
  • wow this is a good show but the characters are too shiny and smooth

    lol this show is good and yea its pretty obvious that the main character get to win all the time sorta but meh it is kool though i would wish if we had our own if we did i would name my luffyman lmao... haha and his ability would b able to sretch lmao.. haha jkz jkz anywayz im just gonna keep typing untill this 100 review word count finishes cause it is very ennoying lmao.. haha but its true anywayz its finish i'll cath all of yooh people up laters haha cya ....... . . . . . . .
  • I SO want this show back it was a awsome show i use to watch when i was 9 at my grand parents. it was a decent show to watch on weekends at 7:oo A.M. but Rush was a little annoying and roll whats with the vacume cleaner? weapon thingy?

    the show was normally about Wily making evil robots to take over the world and destroy Dr.Light Bombman GutsMan Fireman snakeman Cutman Lightman Quickman Gravityman and Protoman were evil bots and more but dont feel like typing them all lol anyway Wily was the main enemy and Light and wily use to be teammates
  • What the heck were they thinking seriously! They could had at least done something good! But it was for kids and such and I am a mega man fan and im saying not to watch it! Or even buy it... I'm sorry its just a waste of time and money!

    I have to say that this show is ok sometimes but not all the time! They messed up on a few things and if they are trying to copy the game they are stupid! who ever created the show wasn't playing the games or something I dont know but I think megaman N.t. warrior is great! It just gets better every season. Oh and if you are going to make a cartoon show about a popular video game than do it right please! sheesh... Well if you want good entertainment and you like megaman than just buy the Megaman Anversiary collection! Or the x collection just for fun..
  • Now that's a great show.

    This is a fantastic show. I like this show very much but it's a shame that it never lasted that long. The new Megaman is all right but this original is with out a doubt better. I find this show to be one of my favorites out there and I am very grateful that they made DVD releases. The episodes are action packed and there is the littlest amount of comedy possible but I still find this show to be great. The characters are very cool and fun to watch and I love the idea that they all end with the word man like Cutman and Gutsman. I also find that the games are great but I can't say the new games are good but they put bread on the table. The blue bomber lives.
  • a fair first-attempt at visualizing the blue bomber

    This show was created before Megaman's image had solidified outside of a bunch of 8-bit pixels. While the child-like younger megaman we're used to seeing these days was being concreted in japan, said image was replaced by american-drawn images for the games in the US, which lead to the creation of a muscular older Megaman. It is a bit odd that the show would stray so far from the games though, seeing as Capcom apparently had alot of involvement. Such inaccuracies would be Protoman actually being evil instead of a mentor-type character, or Megaman not changing colors once he's absorbed the weapons of an enemy. Given the way the characters were drawn, the voice acting actually suits them, although Megaman's constant catchphrases did grate on the nerves after awhile. Overall, it may have its inaccuracies and it may make hardcore gamers cringe, but it's not really a bad show. It's not great, but it's not bad.
  • Megaman was a great cartoon show way better than NT Warrior!

    I use to watch Megaman every time it came on. It was just about the only show where I would watch a rerun of who knows how many times, and still enjoy it. Although it was loosely based on the video games, I didn't care. I thought Megaman looked way better on the cartoon than he does in the video games. Boy, I wish it still on. This was a mega-awesome show!
  • I Like The Show Alot! Its Great And Shows The Other Side Of Megaman Then In The Classic Games.

    Megaman, Roll, and Doctor Light Save The Day From Dr. Wiley And His Evil Robots. Megaman Can Copy Enemy Abilities By The Touch Of Thier Weapons. Roll Was Designed As A Cleaning Made But Later Became A Part Of Megamans Fighting Team. Megaman's Real Name Is Rock. So Its Rock And Roll! Get It? Great Show!!!!