Mega Man

Season 2 Episode 13

The Mega X

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1995 on

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  • Definitely loved this episode! Having Megaman X, Vile and Spark Mandrill really was way past cool!

    I would have given it a 8, but there were things in it that I did not like at all.

    One of the things I did not like was the fact Sigma's name was misspelled, which I found inexcusable since it's not that hard of a name to write.

    Secondly, why did it show as a young scientist when in the games he's an old man? Were the animators even trying to keep the cartoon in sync with the video game series?

    And lastly, why didn't we see Zero? Zero is by far one of the coolest Megaman X characters of the Franchise. Not saying I don't love X, because I do, but I just like Zero a bit more, and the fact he didn't even get to star along side was really disappointing.

    Oh well.. while this episode had its faults, it still was one of the better episodes of the series, so it's definitely a 7 out 10 in my book.
  • Mega Man and Mega Man X team up.

    This was one of the best episodes in the series. Vile and Spark Mandrill arrive from the future. Mega Man tries to stop them but Vile and Spark Mandrill are too strong. Mega Man X then arrives from the future. He is very strong and takes on Vile and Spark Mandrill. Vile and Spark Mandrill then team up with Dr. Wily. Mega Man X then teams up with Mega Man and they take on Vile, Spark Mandrill, and Dr. Wily and they win. Mega Man X goes back to the future and takes Spark Mandrill and Vile back to the future too. Overall, a great episode. This episode is one of the best episodes in the series.
  • Best episode in the whole series.

    I wasn't completely happy with this series, however, this episode redeemed it for a lot of people. Had they made more episodes tie in with the Megaman X universe, it could have lasted a season longer.

    Vile and Spark Mandrill were great foes and all of the futuristic characters looked and behaved much better than everyone else. The series needed less humor, some story arcs, and some actual suspense.

    Dr. Wily just couldn't inspire the kind of fear and respect that Sigma and friends did and (with the exclusion of Airman, Crystalman, Pharoahman and Diveman, who were totally wicked) the majority of his robots master were about as intimidating as the three stooges.
  • X from the Mega Man X Classic

    I like this Episode with X in it. What about Zero?
    It Would been Cool if Zero apper too. but I know that he was Created by Dr.Wily to Kill Mega man.
    I wouner Why Did Mega man Should Copy Spearkman Drill's Weapon? Must be too for him I Guess.
    Would it be Cool is there was the Mega Man X Cartoon? How cool is that?