Mega Movers - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Moving an Airport
    Episode 17
    When you're a Mega Mover it's not just the white zone that's used for loading and unloading. The Denver International Airport - by land size it's the largest airport in America. Its enormous Landside Terminal, with its famed white peaked fabric roof, spans a million-and-a-half square feet. Imagine trying to move it someday. Farfetched? Not for a Mega Mover. Using the most heavy-lift equipment ever amassed for a move -- combined with an array of new technology -- the site of this structure cruising through the airport is a true miracle in motion. In New York, at JFK International Airport, part of the famed TWA terminal has to be moved nearly a quarter-mile. The 800-ton triangular-shaped building with its walls of glass is an unwieldy, unevenly distributed load that during the move is at risk of toppling like a house of cards.moreless
  • Ships On Land
    Episode 16
    Ships...built for water - but that's never stopped a Mega Mover from trying to move them across land. The mighty Queen Mary - 1,018 feet long and weighing more than 77,500 tons. Since 1967, this dinosaur of ocean liners, and former World War Two troop transport ship, sits parked in dry dock. What if in the future it needed to be moved inland - could it be? Taking a page from history - when in 1453 an Ottoman sultan moved his fleet of 100 warships overland -- the Queen Mary would be the largest ship ever hauled across land, pushing the limits of machines and Mega Movers' ingenuity. In Charleston, South Carolina a 140-foot long, 150-ton replica of a famous 1879 schooner has to be hauled from dry-dock one mile through narrow city streets to the harbor where it'll be launched. Tough under any conditions - terrifying in the face of approaching violent storms.moreless
  • Sub Salvage
    Episode 15
    It's the ultimate in muscle-power and mega-danger as Mega Movers dive into the abyss to raise sunken submarines, braving deadly radiation and nuclear warheads. Witness the untold story behind the recovery and move of the doomed Russian sub Kursk. Remarkable feats of engineering are put to the test with the epic struggle to raise the Civil War sub, the H.L. Hunley - the first submarine to sink a ship in battle. In another first, Mega Movers pull off something that's never been done - rescue survivors trapped inside a submarine 243 feet down on the seabed and then recover the sub itself. Finally, the remarkable story of moving one of history's most famous subs - the HMS Holland One... it never saw battle but single-handedly changed the course of both world wars.moreless
  • Really Big Bridges
    Episode 14
    Bridges have been pushed, airlifted and taken apart, but if needed, can one of the world's longest and most famous suspension bridges be moved? Experts say San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge can be relocated and they'll show how. In Rhode Island, the team is challenged when they take on the job to haul the world's widest network-arched bridge 15 miles up river and set it in place.moreless
  • Sinking a Ship
    Episode 12
    Ships are purposely sunk for different reasons - scuttled to keep out of the hands of enemy forces, or decommissioned and transformed into artificial reefs. But in the future it might not be only ships that are sunk. Imagine if a towering skyscraper was facing the wrecking ball and instead of demolishing it the owners brought in a Mega Mover to lower it onto a barge, float it out to sea and sink it as an artificial reef! In Brownsville, Texas a World War Two attack transport ship, the U.S.S. Queens - later renamed the Texas Clipper - needs to be scuttled to create a desperately needed artificial reef. But placing a 500-foot long ship at a precise spot 130 feet down on the bottom of the ocean presents enormous challenges. One mistake... one miscalculation and an ecological wonder becomes an ecological nightmare.moreless
  • 6/9/07
    It's a scenario right out of a science fiction movie. What if in the future the Pentagon - the world's largest office building - had to be moved, while operating at full-capacity? That's 3.7 million square feet of office space and nearly a million tons of weight. Could it be done? One Mega Mover theorist lays out his plan for this extraordinary move. Then these same principles are put to the test when two thriving businesses -- a general store and a funeral home - must be moved with all its contents inside. For the general store, that means moving priceless antiques. For the funeral home, it's keeping caskets and embalming equipment from being destroyed. Will it be celebration or sorrow for the owners who put their trust in Mega Movers?moreless
  • Tall Structures
    Episode 9
    Their soaring height is imposing. Their narrow design makes them some of the most difficult and dangerous structures to move -- from the 100-foot-tall obelisks of Ancient Egypt to the 1,483 foot tall Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Those that dare try to move these tall structures face almost certain defeat. Yet, despite the risks Mega Movers prove it can be done - first by peering into the future to move two of the world's tallest skyscrapers, and then taking on a present-day challenge never before attempted - simultaneously moving two towering silos connected by a common wall.moreless
  • 5/17/07
    They are miracles of engineering dating back thousands of years -- remains of ancient structures around the world that seem too heavy to move. From the towering 80-ton statues on Easter the Roman God of Thunder's Temple 800-ton trilithon the colossal 30-ton stone heads moved eighty miles over brutal mountainous terrain. Scientists and engineers search for clues and set out to solve the mysteries of how primitive Mega Movers pushed the limits of ingenuity and pulled off the impossible.moreless
  • 6/14/07
    World War II aircraft...lost for more then 50 years, they are discovered in some of the most hostile locations imaginable. Driven by a desire to preserve these relics, Mega Movers risk their lives and go to extremes to salvage four aircraft. Braving sub-zero temperatures, they free a P-38 entombed 260 feet below a glacier. Working on the floor of the frigid North Sea they recover a rare Nazi Focke-Wulf 190. A B-24 on a remote island has to be hauled down towering cliffs and dragged aboard a recovery boat 250 feet off shore. And in a move that will claim the life of a crew member, a rare P-61 "Black Widow" is recovered from nearly 7,000 feet up a mountainside in a snake infested jungle. Braving the horrors of their surroundings this show is a testament to the spirit, courage and determination of Mega Movers.moreless
  • Ships Moving Ships
    Episode 5
    Suppose the world's largest aircraft carrier, the 1,092 feet USS Ronald Reagan, came under enemy attack and was crippled at sea. There's not a ship big enough to rescue it and move it back to the U.S. for repairs. Watch as engineering theorists design and build the largest heavy-lift submersible vessel ever to lift it out of the water and haul it halfway across the world. Then, as war rages in the Middle East, the U.S. Naval fleet is at increasing danger of being destroyed by enemy deep-sea mines. Orders are issued to move a 224-foot long, 1,300-ton minesweeper halfway around the world. It's a job that can only be done by using an enormous heavy-lift ship to move this mighty war ship.moreless
  • 8/11/07
    Imagine trying to move a 475,000 pound structure from Texas to Minnesota. Forget freeways, it'll never clear bridges or overpasses. Flight is out of the question. The only way to do it--lift it by crane, load it onto a barge and float it up the mighty Mississippi River... an amazing move that will travel past 10 states and cover more than 2400 miles.moreless
  • Strange Structures
    Episode 2
    Everyday Mega Movers are asked to move some very strange structures. In Mississippi a crew tackles century old 150 ton oak trees. These eight story tall trees with root extending 60 feet survived Hurricane Katrina. Now they must survive this Mega Move. In Maryland a veteran Mega Mover will confront a 146 year-old Victorian house that is thought to be jinxed. For years many have tried to move it, and all have failed after facing major issues with utility lines, clearances, property, and accessible routes. In this episode Mega Movers prove that no matter how strange or eerie or haunted they will get the job done.moreless
  • Space Machines
    Episode 1
    From the Earth to the moon and beyond, NASA has made some of the most spectacular Mega Moves in history. They have the option to transport huge cargo through a route unavailable to most movers: the air. In Florida, the crew of one of the world's most unusual looking airplanes will move a piece of the International Space Station to a facility in Alabama. And in Colorado, NASA will use one of Russia's largest cargo jets to transport sections of the Atlas satellite rocket for an upcoming launch. Do these engineers have the right stuff to get the job done?moreless