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Set in the year 200X, This exciting, futuristic anime-adventure series follows the discoveries and exploits of fifth-grader Lan Hikari, whose NetNavi and alter ego is the blue-suited, virus-fighting, virtual superhero named MegaMan. Lan and his friends download different Battle Chips to change their personal NetNavis' gadgetry and defense capabilities. Only by working as a team can they thwart the evil Net crime organizations like World Three, Grave, and Nebula, who are out to take over the Net in order to wreak havoc on the world.

Season three takes on the name of "MegaMan NT Warrior Axess" and a new concept called CrossFusion is introduced. Using a special SynchroChip within digital fields called Dimensional Areas, NetNavis and their NetOps can fuse as one and fight viruses and evil NetNavis that appear in the real world. MegaMan also obtains the ability of DoubleSoul, which allows him to fuse with other NetNavis. A new form of NetNavi is also discovered called Darkloids: navis built from evil data. They elevate their powers with devilish DarkChips, which grant a NetNavi indescribable power, but at the cost of devouring their soul in darkness and wearing away at their physical being.

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  • What a great show.

    MegaMan life-long fan here. I remember watching this show in around 2005 with my older brother, so remember, there's a lot of nostalgia involved here. I am biased, I admit that.

    First of all, if you don't like the typical light-hearted anime humor, this is not for you. Second, while at some points the story might seem silly, it's actually really original. That's what I love the most about MegaMan Battle Network, even the games: everything is so original and fresh which, let me tell you, is a big accomplishment in 2001.

    While the anime is based on the games, it follows them very loosely and then takes its own direction; so, while I recommend you first play the games in order to better understand how the whole PET, NetNavis, NetBattles and BattleChips things work, you don't necessarily have to.

    But now, enough babbling, and on to the actual review. I tried re-watching this in Japanese but I couldn't. I don't like Japanese dubs in general, and this was no exception. I thought the English dub was really good, especially for some characters like Chaud and (then again, it's David Kaye we're talking about). I loved the English score much more than the Japanese one, especially the opening theme.

    The animation is very consistent, and while some shots are better animated than others, there are not many badly animated sequences and it's rare to see a character drawn off-model. This for some reason mostly happens with Dex.

    The storylines are good, sometimes silly (in one episode, the characters start behaving like animals. Hilarity and second-hand embarrassment although on a much more positive note I have to say there are not many filler episodes, which I know bothers some people.

    So, add everything up, and you'll get a pretty good show. Definitely the best MegaMan cartoon, but not the best cartoon in the world. I don't get why this anime is so underrated. Give it a try if you think you may like it.moreless
  • A decent anime.

    I've seen the first 4 episodes online, it was okay. I love the Megaman Battle Network games, but the voice acting is what makes me annoyed. Yai and Maddy's voices are the worst.

  • No less than the best

    This show is cool. Awesome. Amazing. One of my favorites. Definitely in the top ten. Every single episode of season 1 was no less than superb. I loved every one of them. And it's actually a rarity that I find myself saying something like that seeing as, on the whole, I hate freak-of-the-week-esque formatting in televisions shows. However, Mega-Man NT Warrior was one of those rarities that served up enough action, suspensse, and mystery to make me like each and every episode, even though there were waaay to many open and shut cases. Season 2 eliminated that problem. There was always an extended storyline to ponder and enjoy. And the introduction of dimension controllers was masterfully conducted and an interesting sci-fi mystery to muse over. The series (or season, I don't know) finale was executed with minimal to no flaws. The other seasons of this show should have been dubbed and brought to America.moreless
  • One of the best Megaman series of all.

    Okay, I wasn't fond of a whole lot of Megaman series, but I got into Megaman NT Warrior back when it aired in 2003. I liked it then, however they didn't finished the first season back in that year until the next year. In that year, I've gained interest in Megaman a lot. The only negative point is that the action only took place in the cyber world. However that changed next year. And i have missed a lot of episodes that year. The next year with Axess was cool too. Despite that Megaman NT Warrior disapeared after 2005. Thanks to a fansite, I've learned that there were more episodes. I still like Megaman NT Warrior and I watch a bunch of episodes online.moreless

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