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MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 29

Chaud vs. ProtoMan

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jul 23, 2005 on
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Episode Summary

Chaud vs. ProtoMan
Chaud is having a hard time coming to terms with his NetNavi, ProtoMan, now working for the Darkloids. Meanwhile, development on a new kind of PET that enhances CrossFusion begins, and Chaud is asked to retrieve a file from Dr. Hikari's house for him. Along the way, he runs into Lan, and the two get into a big fight. Chaud caves and shows how much he really misses ProtoMan, but Lan gives him some words of encouragement. Later, GravityMan and ProtoMan are dispatched on attack missions. Lan fights GravityMan with CrossFusion, and Chaud is forced to take on his own NetNavi.moreless

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  • This was the best as episode!! Very down to earth and essential to the the plot and story. Its a bit cheesy how they cry!

    You can't miss this episode or you won't have the right mood for the rest of Megaman. Chaud and Lan have a sentimental moment *sigh*. They fight, Then cry and in the end their friendship is much stronger. After this they hang with each other quite a bit. You really can't miss this episode. Some people won't like it because of the cheesy way they cry. But if you can put up with the crying I'm sure you'll think it was worth it to watch. Don't stop watching when they cry. You'll really be pleased!!moreless
  • good episode

    i dont understand why people are saying that megaman likes lan, and chaud like protoman. hello lan likes maylu megaman likes roll. for chaud i dont know really but i think during episode "anettas revange" it seems that chaud like anetta. i think they make a good couple dont u think.

  • Chaud vs Protoman, Lan vs BlazeQuest?

    Oh Lan, must you be so reckless? Ruining Chaud's company like that. You should be ahamed of yourself. Anywho, we see the first confrontation of Chaud and Protoman, along with Lan vs BlazeQuest property... oh and Gravityman too. But the most interesting part of the episode was the appearance of the BattleChip Gate prototype. However, the later BattleChip Gate will be portable and will have the chip affects in the real world while in a dimentional area. Ending this episode is the recap of the destruction...wait, EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS!!!! Geez Lan, it looks like you'll be working for the rest of you're life to pay for damages. A 8/10. Not the best, but good enough.moreless
  • "Chaud vs. ProtoMan" was when Chaud continued suffering the loss of ProtoMan. Fortunately, Chaud received some encouragement from Lan. Meanwhile, ProtoMan continues his work for the DarkLoids.

    When I first saw this episode, I felt really bad for Chaud because I can imagine the feeling of losing my best friend. I also learned something great: Having good friends can help a person pull through even the toughest of times. Oh, I was scared when ProtoMan transformed into Dark ProtoMan by thinking "no.....ProtoMan". The scene with Dr. Hikari was pretty funny because he lost his data disk in his office, but his wife called to tell him that it was in his pajama pocket. All in all, the episode was a mixture of adventure and humor.moreless
  • blah blah blah

    in this epidsode, blaze quest is planning to make a new type of p.e.t using the data Dr. Hikari acheives while studying the dark chips, he finds out that he has left it at home (sad...)-_- but then chuad goes to lan's house to pick it up, while he is there lan comes home and then while lan is talking to him, chaud shows his true feelings about protoman. But lan encourages him to dont give up on protoman and that they're going to get him bak!

    While, bak at blaze quest, chaud uploads the dark-chip data, the gravityman shows up while protoman is stealing the data! While lan is taking care of gravityman, chaud must face his own net navi, protoman! He copied the data in time onto a disk and he deletes the original just in time before protoman escapes... But lan, destoryed chaud's whole company... And the repairs are gonna cost about 8 BILLION!!!(Poor LAn...-_-) Chuad in the meantime(while loan and megaman r aguring)made a promise to himself and protoman that he was going to get protoman bak to the way he was before he was infected with the darkchip!

    laserman in the mean-time just gave protoman a super darkchip to rewrite protoman's data! NOw protoman is DARKPROTOMAN! How will chaud and lan beat him?!

    this epidsode really got to me, it was really good. Chaud learns that life without protoman is really hurtful, but he also learns that there r frends lyke lan r there to help u get through these things. There was mostly more drama to this epidsode than action... but it depicts how it feels to lose someone u love/care about very much... and that feeling is always painful to no...moreless

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