MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 32

Commander Beef Returns

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 03, 2005 on

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  • Commander Beef Returns!

    This is a great episode! Maysa / Commander Beef returns to DenTech City for one mission along with Sal / Black Rose & Miya / Mysteriyu. The reason? Mr. Gauss return to make a deal with Ms. Yuri for Darkchips! Gauss mistakes Ms. Mari for Ms. Yuri and takes her to a warehouse. In order to keep Beef's identity a secret Lan and the gang dress up as him and together everybody defeats Magnetman and Gauss is sent to jail. The Net Agents leave and Maysa's indentity is safe!
    A Great Episode Indeed!
  • Commander Beef Returns in this episode

    Lan is incredibly delighted to learn that his hero, Commander Beef, is returning back to DenTech City for a visit! However, he's surprised to learn that everyone has known, all along, that Commander Beef is really Maysa! Meanwhile, Mr. Gauss has reappeared in hopes of meeting Ms. Yuri and collecting the elusive Dark Chips, but he runs into Ms. Mari instead and takes her hostage by mistake! Commander Beef goes in to rescue her, and all of his friends join in dressed as Commander Beef, attacking Mr. Gauss with an army of beefy superheroes!
  • Skip episode. This is a good episode. Why did KidsWB skip it. It is just wrong.

    It is good to see Commander Beef again when Lan is a Net Savior. I saw Screenshot of this episode. I like the part when there was a comparison between Maysa and Mr. Higisby. Glad old friends meets again. The Commander Beef outfits looked cool. You get to see Commander Beef's, Sal's and Miyu's Advanced PETs. Ms. Mari is still confused about her twin sister, Ms. Yuri. In this episode, Lan already knows that Maysa is Commander Beef. It is good to see Gaust again. Though, they should of leave off the costume on him. It looks really retarded on him.