MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 46

Dr. Regal's Rampage

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 09, 2005 on

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  • This is part 2 of the Megaman Axess season finale. With crossfusion Laserman on the rampage, it seems no one can stop Regal. That is until help comes from an unexpected source, Regal's captured Navis.

    Regal (in CF laserman) uses copies of Laserman to attack all around the world. he also uses 5 more synchro chips to upload himself into a giant Laserman.

    Lan begins to fight back. He uses five navi chips for CF to counteract Regals 5 synchro chips. ( He uses: Search, Proto, Torch, Metal, and I believe thunder) He starts to attack Regal but is quickly defeated because the Navi chips deplete his energy. CF Chaud comes to his rescue though even though him and Protoman aren't fully healed. Lan collapes from exhuastion. Chaud is also defeated by CF laserman.

    Mr. Hikari wants to destroy Regals tower (With a secruity bypass) from the cyber world, but every time he locks on, the cyber address changes. Thats when Raika comes in. He comes up with the idea of a dimension tracker planted by Searchman. Mr. H. explains that Searchman would be attacked by viruses as soon as he goes into the secruity bypass. Thats when Raika tells them he has enlisted the help of Higsby, Maylu, Shuko, Yai, and Dex to help w/ their navis.

    They jack into the cyber world and Searchman plants the tracker. Mr. H opens the bypass and the 6 navis go in. They see an enormous amount of viruses and begin to attack them. They start to win but there is just to many. Bubbleman also comes to help out, along with Thunderman. With the navis combined strength they cut through the viruses.

    CF Lan begins to hear the cheers of all of the captured Navis. (To power the Dimensional area) and begins to get more power. He then attacks Regal with even more might. He uses Neo Variable Sword to attack too. (He actually couldnt of gotten that because he already used his 5 chips for CF)

    With the the navis give CF Lan more power and so do his friends' navis. He fires a super-mega-ultra-awesome charge shot at Regal, at that time searchman fires a scope blast at Regals power core. The dimensional area disapears, along with Regal.

    Bubbleman gives Rush back to the heroes, so they can rebuild him. The episode ends with the gang watching shooting stars.

    Ms.Yuri does come back for 1 second at the end to say:
    "As 1 chapter ends, another begins"
  • Lan finally uses 5 navi chips in order to counter Laserman\'s assaults. In the end, Regal loses and not much is known of his whereabouts. I wonder why Lan never used any Navi chips before when he crossfused. Also, why didn't Anneta hurry and use the Battl


    Anyways, this episode was wonderful since it reviewed the whole season by making all the navis that Megaman unified with return, however I wish HeavyMetalman returned. Also, I liked the ending where they showed Ms. Yuri and it ended with to be Continued, now I just cannot want to watch season 4.
  • Axess Season Finale. One of the best episodes you will ever see!

    The final episode of Megaman NT Warrior Axess. This episode was amazing, Cross Fusion Laserman, Giant Laserman, Shademan, Cross Fusion Double Souls, Full Synchro! This episode has so much for just 30 minutes! This episode will not dissapoint you, for a dub version this is not bad in any way!
  • Refer to the site\'s \'official\' summary ;)

    A better descriptive word for me would be THRILLING!! This episode was great. It was so cool first of all to see crossfusion Protoman save Crossfusion Megaman, then for Crossfusion Megaman to turn around and do the same. Especially with such incredible power. I think Regal\'s suggestion he join Nebula will reappear. The best thing about the episode (at least one of...) is that while it COULD HAVE been the series finale, they left things hanging just to keep up hoping...Miss Yuri reappeared, so where is the other guy? Plus we don\'t know what happened to Regal. Yea!! I\'m pumped! This show just keeps getting better and better!
  • dun-dun-DUNNN!!!

    it's the season finale?! No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Nooooo! i won't accept it!!!! it can't beee........oh well, at least he'll come back.......right? RIGHT?! ^^ just kidding, i know that they're starting a new season soon, isn't it gonna be MegaMan NT Warrior: Stream?
  • Dr. Regal and Laserman crossfused in this episode. He then used some more sychrochips to make himself stronger. Lan crossfused with Megaman and tried to beat Dr. Regal but he was too strong. Then Protoman came and hold him off long enough for Megaman to g

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode very much. It was amazing how Megaman used the power of his friends and the lost NetNavis to become fully syncrhonized to beat Laserman. In the end, Bubbleman made amends for what he did by giving back Rush's data. I wonder what will Bass do next. I can't wait to see what's next!
  • lan and megaman fight dr regal and fight 5 synco chips with 5 navi chips. in the end they defeat dr regal with a full synco fully charged megabuster shot. then you hear ms yuri say : as 1 chapter ends another 1 begins.

    IT was Amazing. First Regal Used 5 syncro chips to become giant laser man but then lan ans megaman use 5 navi chips and battle dr regal. he used metal soul, thunder soul, and search soul. he also downloades wind and proto souls.

    i thought this episode was amazing. chaud and protoman come back. and lan and megaman reach full syncro. and defeat laser man with a fully charged full syncro mega buster shot.

    i wonder what happened to misaki anr base/kid grave.
  • Season Finale of Axess: Part Two of Two!

    Regal Tower has appeared in Akihara, and a Dimensional Area is covering the entire Earth. As ShadeMan begins his assault for revenge, Dr. Regal uses a Dark Synchro Chip and CrossFuses with LaserMan. ShadeMan is quickly defeated by LaserMan's brutal power. LaserMan then grows gigantic and attacks various countries, resulting in worldwide panic.

    It is the arrival of the world which Regal desires! MegaMan battles against LaserMan, but it is too much for him to handle. Meanwhile, Dr. Hikari, Raika and others intend to topple Regal Tower by destroying the Energy Core, but can they reach it in time? LaserMan has one last enemy to destroy: the Science Labs where Dr. Hikari resides.

    Chaud and ProtoMan are finally reunited, but they too are no match for the rampaging Dark Loid. When MegaMan begins to hear the desperate cries of all of the Navis who were sacrificed as energy for Nebula's Dimensional Converters, a wonderful miracle occurs! MegaMan and Lan return.... in Full Synchro! It's the final showdown: the battle of light against dark!