MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 42

Get Dr. Regal!

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 05, 2005 on

Episode Recap

With Control X destroyed and Anetta having her memory they have pinpointed Dr. Regal's location!

Dex, Yai, Mayla, Chisao, Tory and Rush all show up to help out Lan to go after Dr. Regal in Space!

Lan and friends go into Yai's Space Shuttle with out Commander Kief's permission. Kief finally agrees to Lan and his friends going into Space.

While in Space, JunkDataMan thought he found a new piece of junk for his collection, only to find out it was Dr. Regal's sattelite that shot lasers at him, destroying all of JunkDataMan's junk collection!

Meanwhile, Lan and his friends are searching for Dr. Regal's Sattelite and come upon a large amount of space depree.

Lan jacks-in MegaMan into the system to get control of the shuttles lasers to destroy the depree.

JunkDataMan shows up and gives MegaMan Junk Soul! JunkDataMan and MegaMan in his Junk Soul form moved the depree like a magnet.

JunkDataMan then tells MegaMan about the invisible thing that attacked JunkDataMan and MegaMan concluded that it was Dr. Regal's Satellite!

Dr. Regal then attacks the Shuttle that Lan and his friends were in and Dr. Regal creates a Dimensional Area, telling Lan to go onto his Sattelite to fight.

Lan Cross Fuses and goes into Dr. Regal's Satellite. Dr. Regal telling Lan that there was a surprise waiting for him.

The Cross Fused Lan goes into Dr. Regal's Satellite only to be attacked by viruses! Which Lan and MegaMan expected.

The Cross Fused Lan goes into a large room, with nothing in it. MegaMan tells Lan to stay on his toes and Dr. Regal shows up in the room.

Lan, ready to fight Dr. Regal, only to find out his true challenge was Dark ProtoMan.

Dark ProtoMan and the Cross Fused MegaMan fight, Lan trying to convince Dark ProtoMan that he still meant something to Chaud, Dark ProtoMan not listening.

Just when Dark ProtoMan was about to win, Dr. Regal deactivates the Dimensional Area, making Dark ProtoMan log-out.

Dr. Regal told Lan that he had yet another plan and leaves, trapping Lan into Dr. Regal's Sattelite.

Lan's friends come to help him, saving him from death. The air was quickly escaping the Satellite, making the Satellite falling into the earth's atmosphere!

JunkDataMan notices the Satellite, thinking it was another piece for his collection only to find out that his friends were inside. JunkDataMan destroys his Junk Castle to come and help Lan and his friends because he knows what happens to things that go into the earth's atomosphere, they burn up!

JunkDataMan safely helps Lan and his friends into the atmosphere and helping them make it to the ground safely.

Ms. Yuri mentions then that Dr. Regal's second plan was already in effect, what is it? and how will it effect the characters?