MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 42

Get Dr. Regal!

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 05, 2005 on

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  • New DoubleSoul: JunkSoul

    This epsiode was ok. Lan & the others go into space to stop Dr. Regal. While in space JunkDataman gives Megaman JunkSoul. On Dr. Regal's spacecraft CrossFusion Megaman battles Dark Protman in a very intense battle but right before the fianl blow to Lan Regal shuts down the dimensional area and sends the spacecraft hurtiling towards Earth. With a little help from JunkDataman the landing is soften (barely) and Regal escapes. It was an ok episode.
  • Very Suspenseful and MegaMan gets Junk Soul!

    I really liked this episode. I liked the plot: The Characters go into space to go find Dr. Regal and I also liked all the plot twists!

    MegaMan looked cool in his Junk Soul form, and the power he had by getting the Double Soul was cool! I did think that MegaMan getting Junk Soul was a little to easy, I mean all JunkDataMan had to do is give it to him, MegaMan didn't earn it our anything.

    I liked how all the characters from the past seasons returned to help out Lan, that's true friendship. The sad part, their Netnavis didn't appear in this episode!

    The battle between the Cross Fused Lan and Dark ProtoMan was cool, one of my favorites. The only part I didn't like about the battle is that the Cross Fused Lan went on Defense while Dark ProtoMan was on Offense. I didn't like how Dr. Regal just cut off the battle, right when the good part was coming too!

    Dr. Regal is clever, he trapped Lan into a Dimensional Area, cut off the Dimensional Area and leavt Lan to die. I can't believe Lan fell for that!

  • Soul Unison: JunkData Soul!

    Dr. Regal's hideout is an artificial satellite which is equipped with a stealth function. Although the killer satellites of each country attack Dr. Regal's satellite, they are each intercepted and shot down. Looking down at the adults who are unable to handle the situation, Lan requests for Yai's assistance so they, along with Dex, Chisao and Maylu, can go to face Dr. Regal in space.

    Getting cooperation from JunkDataMan too, Lan succeeds in going into space where he confronts Dr. Regal, who was expecting him. Lan is then forced into a confrontation with Dark ProtoMan! During their battle, Dark ProtoMan tries to infuse Lan's soul with the Dark Aura. However, something unexpected happens! The Dark Aura is reversed, and flows into Dark ProtoMan instead, turning a part of him back to normal!

    Before their battle can continue, Dr. Regal cancels the Dimensional Area, logging Dark ProtoMan out immediatly. As Dr. Regal flees the space satellite, he sends it plummeting towards the Earth: with Lan and his friends still inside!