MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 43

Ms. Yuri's Mission

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 06, 2005 on

Episode Recap

Ms. Yuri has some free time so she goes to the super market to get some food. There, she runs into Agent Masaki! Masaki threatens to take Ms. Yuri to the Net Police but she tosses an apple at him and runs away.

Masaki chases after Ms. Yuri almost catching up to her then, Ms. Yuri jacks-in SpikeMan to a gate and makes the gate lock behind Ms. Yuris, as she's still running.

Ms. Yuri runs around a corner and spots Ms. Mari. Ms. Yuri stops for a moment and Masaki found a way to get over the gate and he was running after Ms. Yuri.

Ms. Yuri then takes Ms. Mari into a head-lock and threatens to chock her to death if Masaki gave another step. Ms. Yuri finally gives in and lets Ms. Mari go, Ms. Yuri escaping.

While Ms. Yuri was running, she ran in front of a truck and was hit by it, shocking Ms. Mari.

Ms. Mari, now in the Hospital because of her state of shock tells Lan and his friends why she thinks Ms. Yuri is her sister.

Ms. Yuri now being transported to a Prison Hospital, she gets up from her Hospital bed and wrecks the van which was transporting her, slowly getting away.

Ms. Yuri staggered to get to her home at the Subway, finally making it to her home only to fall asleep.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mari got out of the Hospital and Lan told Ms. Mari that she will be taken to one of Yai's country towns, to calm her nerves and to have fun.

Higsby, finding out about Ms. Mari being in the Hospital since he felt guilt for not knowing, he was willing to transport Ms. Mari to one of Yai's country towns.

When Ms. Yuri woke up, LaserMan was there and he and Dr. Regal both told her not to let the fact that Ms. Mari is her sister slow her down so, Dr. Regal gives Ms. Yuri a Dark Syncro Chip and tells her her next Mission: to destroy Ms. Mari!

While Commander Kief and Masaki were talking about Ms. Mari's explaination about Ms. Yuri and the plane crash an message came in that Ms. Yuri was spotted nearby. Masaki volunteered to go after her.

He got in his car only to find out that Ms. Yuri was in the car with him. Ms. Yuri took Masaki captive and told him to follow her orders.

While Masaki was driving and obeying Ms. Yuri's directions he asked Ms. Yuri how the plane crash happened to try to distract her.

Ms. Yuri told Masaki that the meteorite was not the thing that struck the plane, it was a being named Duo who transferred her DNA into some kind of mutanish thing.

Ms. Yuri continueing her story and telling Masaki that she was raised by Dr. Wily.

Masaki, sucessfully distracting Ms. Yuri making himself drive into a road block made by the Net Police.

Ms. Yuri noticed this and got angry, jacking in SpikeMan to the car, making hit go at full speed.

While driving full speed, Ms. Yuri took out Higsby's tires of the car which was holding Lan, Ms. Mari and Lan's friends.

The car wrecked and everyone got out of the car, only to find Ms. Yuri holding a gun to Ms. Mari.

Ms. Yuri couldn't shot her own sister and the Net Police were coming and so Ms. Yuri had a choice: Shot Ms. Mari our let the Net Police get her.

Dr. Regal put a Dimensional Area around the bridge and which the characters were standing and Ms. Yuri Dark Cross Fused and attacked the Net Police's car.

Lan Cross Fused and fought Ms. Yuri, Dark ProtoMan showing up because Ms. Yuri was not following her mission.

Dark ProtoMan went to destroy Ms. Mari trying to slice her in half but the Cross Fused Ms. Yuri blocked the attack, Dark ProtoMan calling her a trader and he attacked Ms. Yuri as the Dimensional Area was dissapearing. Ms. Yuri was hit by Dark ProtoMan's attack following off the bridge and into the water, Masaki trying to save Ms. Yuri.

Is Masaki and Ms. Yuri still alive?, or is this the end of them?