MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 43

Ms. Yuri's Mission

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 06, 2005 on

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  • This episode was very dramatic!

    This episode was very dramatic because of the mystery of Ms. Yuri and Ms. Mari.

    I felt sorry for Ms. Yuri when she was hit by that car and she was helpless. But when she got back to her home: the Subway she was given a wonderful gift and a difficult mission.

    Wonderful Gift: Dark Syncro Chip.
    Difficult Mission: To destroy her own sister, Ms. Mari.

    The way Ms. Yuri handled was mission was a very hard choice for that and I believe the writers did a very good job and trying to convince us and show us the diffuculty in this mission.

    When Ms. Yuri was holding a gun at Ms. Mari it was very suspenseful becaus I didn't know if Ms. Yuri would shot her or she would do something else.

    It was cool when Ms. Yuri Cross Fused, it looked really cool.

    It was also suspenseful when Dark ProtoMan was coming at Ms. Mari with his huge Wide Sword! But it was amazing that Ms. Yuri (Cross Fused) helped out her sister, but it was also a bit protictable.

    When Dark ProtoMan shot a Dark attack at Ms. Yuri while she wasn't Cross Fused was suspenseful and dramatic, when Ms. Yuri and Masaki fell into the sea, it was very sad. It was very dramatical when Ms. Mari screamed at the lose of her sister to the mouth of the sea and that darn Darkloid, ProtoMan.

    This episode was mainly focused on Ms. Yuri and Ms. Mari and I believe Ms. Mari was dramatic in this episode and Ms. Yuri was put with tought decision.