MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 44

ProtoMan Returns

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 07, 2005 on

Episode Recap

Dr. Hikari puts the finishing touches on Sci Lab's very own Dimensional Area Generator, just in time for Famous to finish his Vaccine Chip which can cure any Darkloid from the Dark Chip.

With the Vaccine Chip Sci Lab is hoping to get ProtoMan back! Lan goes and tells Chaud the news.

Chaud follows Lan back to Sci Lab but he doesn't want anyone to get involved with ProtoMan.

At 8:00p.m. Sci Lab would launch a Dimensional Area in an abonded building at the hope of ProtoMan noticing the Dimensional Area and go to stop it.

As expected, Nebula activated thier own Dimensional Area. Quickly Sci Lab puts up their Dimensional Area, trapping ProtoMan.

Meanwhile, everyone jacks-in thier Netnavis and destroys ProtoMans only escape roate, a gate that leads out of the Dimensional Area!

Dark ProtoMan didn't like being trapped so he activated his Dark Aura and hit Sci Lab's Dimensional Area, making it go to 63% of it's power, Dark ProtoMan hit the Dimensional Area again making it's percent lower to 25%.

With this power, it was ten times more powerful then Sci Lab thought it would be! So Sci Lab had to find a way to lower Dark ProtoMan's Dark Aura.

The Cross Fused Lan trys to lower Dark ProtoMan's Dark Aura by hitting him with a Vaccine Chip, but it didn't work! It destroyed Dark ProtoMan's Dark Chip and Dark ProtoMan's Dark Chip regenerated!

Chaud then reveals that he was hiding in the abandoned building and Dark ProtoMan charged at Chaud, Chaud charged at Dark ProtoMan and activated a Syncro Chip! Which Cross Fused Dark ProtoMan and Chaud!

Now with Chaud and Dark ProtoMan fused Chaud must fight Dark ProtoMan on the inside, while outside the Cross Fused Lan is dealt to face with an Evil Cross Fused Chaud!

With Chaud and Dark ProtoMan fused they go into thier mind and Chaud comes upon his old house he used to have as a children, but it was different. Dark ProtoMan turned the memory old and rotting.

Chaud tryed to refresh Dark ProtoMan's memorys of their old past and how they first met, Dark ProtoMan didn't like the memorys and destroyed every single one.

Chaud and Dark ProtoMan fight, Chaud trying to win back ProtoMan within the Dark Chip. With Dark ProtoMan shoting and shoting at Chaud, Chaud not giving up. Somehow Chaud gave the appearance of him and ProtoMan Cross Fused. Dark ProtoMan and the Cross Fused Chaud fight, Chaud finally getting to the ProtoMan inside the dark, evil side of ProtoMan and finally unleashing the real ProtoMan from the Dark Chip and the Dark Chip shattered, leaving ProtoMan good once again!

Now that ProtoMan is freed, the Dimensional Area was deactivated and Chaud and ProtoMan's Cross Fusion was cancelled, now Chaud and ProtoMan must rest.