MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 44

ProtoMan Returns

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 07, 2005 on

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  • i think that this episode is awesome, becacause chaud and protoman are my two favourite characters. i thought that it was good to finaly have an episode about them and plus we also get to have a sneek peek at chaud and protomans past together.

    in my opinon chaud and protoman are the most interesting characters because they have a somehow dark and sad past(witch i find adorable). i loved that we got to find out how protoman and chaud met and other things about their past. i didn\\\'t expect neither more nor less from this episode, because i think that this is a very exiting and entertaining show. i just feel sorry that when the season advance the number of episodes decrease. in my opinion this IS the most emotional episode of the megaman nt warrior seasons, and that\\\'s just how i like them.
  • A plan is set into motion to save Protoman from Nebula's clutches. But will it work?

    This was seriously a cool episode. When Dark Protoman turned towards the screen with an evil expression really creeped me out.
    I especially liked when Chaud was facing down Dark Protoman, that was great. Especially because Protoman returned to normal at the very end.
    Defiently an episode worth watching over and over.
  • The fact that Anetta doesn't show up in this episode is weird. I don't like the fact that ProtoMan has such a powerful dark aura. Seeing the dark chip regenerate in ProtoMan's body was real creepy. Why was ProtoMan's original body inside a wall.What's up!

    I like how they show how Chaud and ProtoMan met. Really enjoyed seeing Chaud as a little boy, He\'s really cute. The fact that they had Chaud holding the wireless PET is really strange, since the wireless PET\'s weren\'t made until seasson 3 of MegaMan NT Warrior. And what\'s up with Chaud cross fusing with Dark ProtoMan. Speaking of strange, I don\'t get how Chaud gets ProtoMan\'s armor, even when ProtoMan wasn\'t his net navi anymore. The fact that Chaud is hugging ProtoMan is really touching. Actually, how long was Chaud in the rotting old house before he fell unconsciuos.
  • A good episode. Protoman Returns!

    This episode is definatly a nerve wracking episode. In this episode Lan and the others trap Dark Protman and use the vaccine chip to get him back but it doesn't work! Another Dark Chip replaces the old one! One of the things that surprised me was Chaud crossfussing with ADark Protoman. This episode also shows Chaud & Protoman when they were younger. If I remeber correctly, Wasn't Chaud's Father suppose to be in this episode. After a struggle Chaud finally gets Protoman back and all is good. Now only one obstacle left: Dr. Regal
  • oh my bob...

    that is EXACTLY the kind of thing that MegaMan needs more of! i seriously almost cried, and i would have put "tearjerker" if i did! but they would have been happy tears, like Chaud had in his eyes. i was kind of surprised when Chaud Cross-Fused with Dark Protoman, and then he turned even more evil than before with spiky teeth and all that. the little Chaud made me almost cry too, he was soooo cute!
  • Famous and Dr. Hikari finally complete the vaccine chip and set a plan in motion to capture Protoman and use it to cure/free him. Lan and Megaman crossfuse and battle fiercely to administer the chip, but it takes Chaud's intervention before they get resu

    This episode ROCKED!!!! I feel like such a nerd for being so pumped, but this was an awesome episode. Protoman is back! I am so happy!! The episode literally had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and once Protoman was freed I couldn't stop smiling :) in fact I still can't!
  • the best evr! finally proto is back!!!

    finally!! protoman is back. protoman and chaud are my two fave characters. little chaud was great! but i dont like how lan is congatdulated and chaud was the one that got hurt and ended up doing all the work. there was some real loyalty in this eppi. i hated dark proto and we finally have proto, the real proto, back. oh yeah, just for the people who didn't see it. basicaly, they make both the vaccine chip and they make a dimensional area generator. proto comes, lan fights and chaud makes himself fuse with proto. they see a load of old memories and chaud hugs proto. you need to watch it to really get it. anyway, best eppi ever and there is no way it can be beat. chaud and proto are the greatest! peace out!
  • Dark ProtoMan and Chaud Confront Eachother for the Last Time!

    Dr. Hikari completes his own version of the Dimensional Converter, while Meijin finally reveals the Vaccine Chip! With these two vital things, tactics are planned to bring ProtoMan back. They set a trap up for ProtoMan at a deserted hotel, using their Dimensional Converters as a lure.

    They intend to wear him down by fighting with CrossFused Lan, who will then use the vaccine chip on ProtoMan and extinguish his Dark Aura. However, ProtoMan feels an ill premonition before they go into action, and follows Lan inside the hotel.

    Chaud's gut feeling proves right, and the Vaccine Chip fails! He then takes it upon himself to bring ProtoMan's soul back on his very own... by CrossFusing with the Dark Loid! Inside the darkness of ProtoMan's corrupted heart, Dark ProtoMan and Chaud confront each other for the very last time.

    This is by far considered to be one of the most emotional episodes of MegaMan: NT Warrior ever created. Not only is the final showdown between ProtoMan and Chaud, but we also get to see Chaud's past at long last.