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  • What a great show.

    MegaMan life-long fan here. I remember watching this show in around 2005 with my older brother, so remember, there's a lot of nostalgia involved here. I am biased, I admit that.

    First of all, if you don't like the typical light-hearted anime humor, this is not for you. Second, while at some points the story might seem silly, it's actually really original. That's what I love the most about MegaMan Battle Network, even the games: everything is so original and fresh which, let me tell you, is a big accomplishment in 2001.

    While the anime is based on the games, it follows them very loosely and then takes its own direction; so, while I recommend you first play the games in order to better understand how the whole PET, NetNavis, NetBattles and BattleChips things work, you don't necessarily have to.

    But now, enough babbling, and on to the actual review. I tried re-watching this in Japanese but I couldn't. I don't like Japanese dubs in general, and this was no exception. I thought the English dub was really good, especially for some characters like Chaud and (then again, it's David Kaye we're talking about). I loved the English score much more than the Japanese one, especially the opening theme.

    The animation is very consistent, and while some shots are better animated than others, there are not many badly animated sequences and it's rare to see a character drawn off-model. This for some reason mostly happens with Dex.

    The storylines are good, sometimes silly (in one episode, the characters start behaving like animals. Hilarity and second-hand embarrassment although on a much more positive note I have to say there are not many filler episodes, which I know bothers some people.

    So, add everything up, and you'll get a pretty good show. Definitely the best MegaMan cartoon, but not the best cartoon in the world. I don't get why this anime is so underrated. Give it a try if you think you may like it.
  • A decent anime.

    I've seen the first 4 episodes online, it was okay. I love the Megaman Battle Network games, but the voice acting is what makes me annoyed. Yai and Maddy's voices are the worst.

  • No less than the best

    This show is cool. Awesome. Amazing. One of my favorites. Definitely in the top ten. Every single episode of season 1 was no less than superb. I loved every one of them. And it's actually a rarity that I find myself saying something like that seeing as, on the whole, I hate freak-of-the-week-esque formatting in televisions shows. However, Mega-Man NT Warrior was one of those rarities that served up enough action, suspensse, and mystery to make me like each and every episode, even though there were waaay to many open and shut cases. Season 2 eliminated that problem. There was always an extended storyline to ponder and enjoy. And the introduction of dimension controllers was masterfully conducted and an interesting sci-fi mystery to muse over. The series (or season, I don't know) finale was executed with minimal to no flaws. The other seasons of this show should have been dubbed and brought to America.
  • One of the best Megaman series of all.

    Okay, I wasn't fond of a whole lot of Megaman series, but I got into Megaman NT Warrior back when it aired in 2003. I liked it then, however they didn't finished the first season back in that year until the next year. In that year, I've gained interest in Megaman a lot. The only negative point is that the action only took place in the cyber world. However that changed next year. And i have missed a lot of episodes that year. The next year with Axess was cool too. Despite that Megaman NT Warrior disapeared after 2005. Thanks to a fansite, I've learned that there were more episodes. I still like Megaman NT Warrior and I watch a bunch of episodes online.
  • i love the action, i love the humor,the battle chips and collecting them, i lovethe drama and heart, i love the stratigys,(most likely mispelled that) the new abilitys and. the list is endless. this is one of the best shows ever!!!!!!

    this is a show thats action packed with danger,suspense,drama, and humor the funny kind. collecting and finding battle chips. then using them wisely in program advances and other ways. theres courage and teamwork and navis of all kinds. theres so much stuff to do.of course every show must have villains. a dark organization that uses dark chips to increase their power and rule the world. doublesoul is a new ability that megaman picked up where he can now fusion with other navis and use their power conbined with megamans to defeat the evil organization and stop there evil plot to rule the world. only wish there was more episodes. Must see for all anime lovers!!!!!
  • This show was cool. They need to either redub and air it on another channel or at least finish the dub.

    This was an awesome show. Too bad because of the way it was dubbed it got bad ratings and had to stop airing. Man I wish Viz would redub it. There are other Viz dubs that are doing really well, but then again those dubs do have more blood shed than this. They should have just dubbed it like they do Naruto and showed it on Toonami instead of going with Kids WB. I think that if they did that it would have gotten better ratings and would have continue dubbing and airing. Well any ways this show was great. It had action and some romance. And yes I do like the Lan/Maylu couple.
  • I miss this awesome show.

    This was one of my most favorite shows on what was then Kids' WB. I have not seen Lan, and friends in over 4 years! This show is about Lan, a cool, tech knowledgable boy who one day recieves a gift from his father. The gift is the great MegaMan. MegaMan, and Lan enter all sorts of Net Navi tournaments to become the best in the world. Lan, Dex, Maylu, and Yai have all sorts of adventures together. The dialog in this show is awesome! The intense battles, and dramatic events will keep you hooked on the series. I liked the intense rivalry between MegaMan, and ProtoMan. The music in this show is good. I like the opening theme in the show. Overall, awesome show, lovable characters, intense battles, excellent dialog, and fun music. I miss this show alot. PLEASE The CW4Kids, put this show back on, I beg of you!!!
  • mega,man nt warrior

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  • A pretty under-rated yet awesome anime

    This was one of the first animes I ever watched, I really liked it and still do. It doesn't have the most complex story, so people who are into in-depth animes most likely wouldn't like this. Sometimes the art looks a little off ( mainly with Dex ) But I find this show really enjoyable to watch. the voice acting IMO is pretty good, I'm not really a big fan of the old Megaman games, Megaman Battle Network def is my favorite, so if your into the BN games you'll enjoy watching this. It sucks they quit releasing the DVD's. they stopped on Vol 13 which is the end of Season 2. Maybe they'll put out a box set or something sooner or later. great show though.
  • scifi

    This is a show based off the very well known video game series about megaman. This show takes our blue bomber into a new form. This time isnt a robot but is merely data in a humanoid form called an internet navigator or net navi inside a personal terminal or PET owned by Lan hikari. In this world almost all electronics are connected through the net and can be enter by net navis. But net contains many viruses that threaten are world. Navis can defeat them by activating battle chips which can do anything from heal an navi to turn there arm in to a weapon.
  • This was a great show to watch all around. I loved the characters, action, storyline, weapons and attacks, and everything about it. This is a show to watch, in my opinion.

    Megaman NT Warrior was and still is one of my all-time favorite shows. The first time I watched it, I saw it a cool show and decided to keep watching it. Eventually I could not wait for new episodes to come. After a while, I turned into a fan of the series, collecting almost every essential part of the series. Megaman NT warrior is a show about a boy named Lan Hikari who has a NetNavi named Megaman.EXE, the setting set in the Year 20XX in Electopia. Megaman and Lan technically live a normal life like any other person, but all sorts of problems like viruses and evil NetNavis attack random locations in the cyberspace known as the Net. What Megaman does, with the help of Lan and sometimes his friends, is go into cyberspace to stop and destroy the enemies that are making havok in cyberspace.

    Overall the show is cool and interesting. The characters were cool and sometimes funny. The main character, Megaman.EXE is the coolest character out of the whole show. Bass, one of Megaman's rivals, was the second coolest on the show. Megaman's friends are very helpful and kind to him. Altoghther though, the cast of the show make part of show great to watch.

    The storyline is great throughout the series. I was not able to see most of Seasons 1 & 2, but I still watched the parts I got to watch and still liked it. Each new episode that came was always a good one to watch. The technology in the show was also a cool factor in the show. The PETs all the characters had were what replaced todays phones, books, pdas, and laptops. All information was mainly stored on each persons PET. The NetNavi programs inside the PETs were mainly put there to help the operator out if it was needed. It would be cool if I had my own PET.

    All in All, the show was great to watch. It may have been a show for younger kids, but it really depends on your interests in the show. It's a shame that the rest of the Megaman NT Warrior Series will be showed in Japan. I wish they would bring it here like the first 3 Seasons. But the show still remains on my top 5.
  • This was a great show in Japan. Too bad they butchered it by cutting so much stuff out.

    This show was pretty good, but never at it's best. It would have been much better if they hadn't edited out like seven or eight minutes of footage in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. They cut too much out. Some stuff I get (Higure taking a leak before being locked up in Secret Operation! World 3!/Evil Empress Roll! Part 1). But other things are just stupid (Characters firing their weapons at the screen in more episodes then I can count). Some of the character name changes I get. Coloredman to Wackoman I get cause I can see some people finding that offensive. But changing names like Plantman and Coldman! WTF? This series easily lost a ton of attention because so much was edited out or changed in it. Overall, this was (barely) worth watching but everyone would do much better to just watch the Japenese version with subs instead.
  • They should remake the show in America and Japan it's just that i see the voices don't sound right for megaman and rockman.They should remake the characters like gutsman roll glyde and lans friends except Malyu. They should also change the music and sound

    They should remake the show in America and Japan it's just that i see the voices don't sound right for megaman and rockman. They should remake the characters like gutsman roll glyde and lans friends except Malyu. They should also change the music and sound. i don't want it to be gay.They should also remake the navis and the people in the show. the show it's not suppose to be for kids it's supose to be for teens and they shuld remake the mangas. i like the show and the way they start up too but i seen all the seasons they are great.
  • Great show, Easy to get into, full of action, some good comedy...

    Great show, Easy to get into, full of action, some good comedy...Megaman NT Warrior is easily one of my favorite Animes, *bring it back on the air please* Every season seemed to get better, I enjoyed Season 1 alot because of the N1 Grand Prix (Huge Net-Battle Tournament) All action. Just awesome. Great GREAT show. Everyone that watches Anime should give it a shot.
  • I really like this show.

    My brother got me interested in this show when he first watched it and now I think, without a doubt, that it is one of the coolest shows on TV. I missed some episodes here and there because of school and when it aired on weekdays but I have been catching up lately(especially if I can get my hands on more of the episodes available on DVDs). But there is only one problem: ITS DOES\\\'NT AIR ON TELEVISION! I wonder why. It has to be more than simply \\\"The USA has lost interest in it\\\". I also can\\\'t find the DVDs in any stores in my area. So it leads me to one question: Will it ever continue to be dubbed and air in the US, or is it the end of the line for MegaMan\\\"? Only time will tell but I hope for the sake of all fans that it will come back. Someone needs to convince Shopro(or Viz or whoever dubbs it now) to continue dubbing it. At this rate, I don\\\'t care if a new company starts dubbing it and gets brand new voice actors, I just want it to come back!
  • I really like Megaman!

    I like Megaman despite the fact that I can't even beat the first boss in the video game. Lan and Megaman were, and still, the best characters in the show. Even if they got rid of the show. I miss it. But I could always read the graphic novel but still it was a great show. Though I am still wondering when Zero will appear if he will ever. Zero is my all time favorite character of Megaman than it's Megaman. Protoman was really cool in Megaman NT Warrior. I want it back on tv right now. I love that show!
  • What did they do to Megaman!

    MegaMan NT Warrior is not good. Okay, I've might have not made sense the last time but this time I'll get it right. Let me be fair this show isn't terrible it's horrendous. Who ever thought of the idea/storyline for the show must have been loosing their minds. I mean, what is Lan using, a gameboy to battle his opponents, that is so lame to watch! Kids, I'm warning you guys to stay away from this show! It's awful and the plot is just unappealing. Uninventive. Show's irelevant to the original series, the one I grew up watching, Megaman. Hmmm, those were the days.
  • megaman nt is a show.......

    ........that takes place in the universe of the game "megaman battel network". the show is exently made and unlike most anime it has good voice actors . the show cronacols megaman exe's adventure. during the show some of the people in it have been ether destroyed or blown up, the show is also a bit slow paced and most of the episodes are about fighting good and evil. but for some reason lan (in the real world) decideds to keep to the good side of things, most of the show is good, there werew a few bad episodes and theres a lot of cliff hangers..... see you after season 3(stream)
  • Um...

    Um... I Chose: Eight Point Five And Trendsetter, When I Don't Even Know What It Means! Anyways, There's This Kid Named Lan, He Has A MetaNetwork Containing This Guy Named Megaman. They Battle The Net Navy, And Destroys Them. Though, I Wonder When They'll Show The rest Of The Episodes For The Dub. Sometime Today I Hope.
  • This show was the one anime I was actually interested in, and it completely rocked!!!

    This show was a very unique show, one of a kind. Right when it starts to get good, they had to stop playing it...I really hope they dub some of the future seasons: Stream, The Movie, Beast, and Beast Plus. This show was always full of surprises...and the newest season had the most plot twists I've ever seen in a show. They really need to bring this show back...I think everybody would agree with me...but, for now I'll just have to stick with the downloads I have...ugh...come on...have some mercy on us...PLEASE!!! BRING MEGAMAN BACK!!!
  • Bring back this show i really liked it and it needs somenew episodes back into the USA!

    This show is about a boy named lan in the year this year people have pets witch have netnavis in them which u can use to help u with stuff or just battle with them which is really fun.but along with something cool is something evil named the WWW.Now lan along with his friend must save the world before its to late!My review for this show!I really love this show its cool fun and sometimes Surpising!I just hope they will bring new epsidoes for this show very soon otherwise im going to go crazy!So bring it back USA!
  • Lan Hikari and his Netnavi Megaman fight to save the world from organizations like the cruel WWW.

    Where did this show go? What happened? Were it's ratings low? Did the creators run out of episodes? Why hasn't Megaman returned? I didn't get to see the final episode that aired in the U.S. They take a lot of the good shows away? Why can't they show reruns? Why don't they show retruns. It just isn't right. I want to be able to watch Megaman again! I would like to know the reason why they stopped showing Megaman. It was a great show! It's a must see, and I want it to come back. It was an excellent show!
  • Where did it go? Megaman where are you?

    This show was a great show. They should really bring it back. I think they are going to bring it back too. That ending kind of left you hanging and this show has had a habit of dissapearing then coming back when you least expect it. They always added in a new element which made the show very surprising. And all of Mega Man's friends also kicked but! And the viruses (did I spell that right?) were great enemies for cyber warriors. I never knew viruses could look like that. So finally: Bring Mega Man Back Or At Least Put Reruns On!
  • where did it go, come back!

    Megaman NT warriors use to be one of the my favourite shows.Especially jacking in to the Net and the netnavis Megaman, Protoman, Bass.I still don`t know why they stopped showing it. The megaman battle network games is the best. I think I used to watch it on kids WB. I can`t remember the last episode. The best navi on that show was Bass. He used to not care about anyone. I can`t even tell my favourite episode cause I do not know the names and I forgot some of the episodes.I hope they bring back this show to Kids WB.
  • Megaman NT Warrior is a cute little anime where Lan and his netnavi and pals have adventures and defeat evil.

    Megaman NT Warrior, NT meaning Network Transmission, is a cute anime. From the first episode all the way to the season finale of Axess, I have seen and taped every episode. With cool story lines and charcters, it keeps you watching. One of my friends watched one episode and loved it. Just to let you know, he's 18 and hates anything anime.
    He told his friends and they told their friends and so on and so forth. My mother started watching and she got into it as well. My dad, who hates cartoons period, watched and loved it. I totally recommend this show to everyone 10 and up.

    Megaman is a NetNavi, short for Internet Navigator, who was designed for Lan Hikari by his dad, Dr. Hikari. Lan and his friends fight off evil netnavis and others. Cross Fusion is born in Axess and it is where a netnavi can fuse with a human. That is my review and I hope that it helps you.
  • This is one of the best shows ever. They should bring it back!

    This show is one word. Awesome. It has a cool story line, cool remakes of old characters, and its all original. My personal favorite character is Forte.exe (or Bass.exe for you dubbers). Hes so freakin' awesome. The series is still running, but in Japanese. The english one has been discontinued. How sad... This show was one of the most underated shows on TV. The characters have been re-made and looks somewhat cooler. Some look cooler, while some look alittle different. All the characters stay true to how they look in the original Megaman so its easy to notice whos who, but they have different looks. The English version contains aobut 3-4 season, while the Japanese one contains 6 and is still going. I for one think they should bring this back. The games are pretty fun also. I highly recommend renting or buying the DVD's to watch this. Or get the Japanese version with subtitles for people that can't understand Japanese. All in all, this is one of the best series that was ever on TV, and they should bring this series back!
  • Come back Megaman NT.....

    Man Megaman Nt Warrior needs to come back to WB. Its awesome! I hope one season they put Zero on there. They have him in the game for gamecube....but still, To me, that was Kids WB number one show second to Yugioh, Xiaolin Showdown and Pokemon. I wonder what happen to Bass?
  • A good show

    This is a really good show. The whole saving the world thing takes on a new meaning int his show as most of the action (at least in Season 1 & 2) happens in the Cyber World and then both in Season 3. The whole battlechip thing gives the NetOp's something to do and not sit around hoping the Navi's can sace the world. The action is good and the fighting is good since it involves a barrage of weapons. The character designs are cool and the designs for CrossFusion are good considering how hard they must be to make. A good show with good action, cool characters and good plot.
  • One hell of a good show.

    I never got to see the last episode on stufio two! bring it back! bring it back!

    Good show though.
    Absolutely cool. I loved it so much! what did Tv Nz do :'( When they said it was the last episode for megaman i was like :'( waa it was such a cool show.
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