MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 1 Episode 22

That Sinking Feeling

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 05, 2004 on
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That Sinking Feeling
At long last the waiting is over! The Championship Battle of the N1 Grand Prix has finally arrived, and the contestants are Lan and Chaud with their NetNavis MegaMan and ProtoMan! But as the teams clash in a dramatic battle, they unleash so much power that the hydraulic support beams holding up the Floating Arena are damaged and the arena starts sinking! While the terrified crowd evacuates, the gang realizes that Lan and Chaud are continuing their heated battle--and both plan to battle to the end, even if it means going down with the arena! While the gang watches from afar, Lan and Chaud's NetBattle climaxes with a never-before-seen Double Advance! As the crowd cheers, the energy the titanic Double Advance unleashes a powerful and malevolent NetNavi from his secret tomb. PharaohMan is released back into the world!moreless

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  • This was the most exciting, pivotal, and all around best episode of the first season. The fight was very well choreographed and the conclusion left me completely stunned.

    Where do I begin? This episode starts with the events right before the finals of the N1 Grand Prix. Chaud is unhappy over the odds and all of Lan and Megaman’s friends them good luck. All this is pretty average for this series, so I wasn’t completely impressed. Then the battle started and everything changed.

    The battle between Megaman and Protoman was simply amazing. It was the best fight scene I have ever seen in the entire series. The animation was beautiful and it left me on the edge of my seat. Before the battle started I figured Protoman was going to win, but once the fight got going, I wasn’t so sure. You could really see how Lan and Megaman had improved, and for a while I really though they were going to win. In the end, incredibly tense moment, though, it was Chaud and Protoman who won (like I had first though) after a spectacular Program Advance battle. In the scene immediately after the battle, Protoman starts to help Megaman up while telling him that was the best battle he’d ever fought.

    At this point, I was satisfied with the episode. I also assumed that it would end with Chaud saying to Lan something similar to what Protoman had said to Megaman, Lan’s friends would congratulate him, and both he and Megaman would agree to train even harder for next time.

    But all that never happens. Instead, I see the last thing you would expect to happen. Megaman shoves Protoman away and gets struck by a beam of light, instantly deleting him and totally shocking everyone else, including me. It was a completely unexpected plot twist leaving the viewer not knowing what’s going to happen in the next episode. It made the entire episode go from good to excellent in about 10 seconds.

    Overall, this was my favorite episode of the first season. I can still remember the haunted look on Lan’s face in the very last scene of the episode.


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