MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 37

The Mysterious Masked Navi

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 28, 2005 on
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The Mysterious Masked Navi
With the power up of the new Advanced PET 2 and the support from Chaud with the Battle Chip Gate, the invincible Lan rushes into attack with SwordMan and easily beats him. Because of all this, Lan becomes very full of himself with his own pride. This causes Chaud to get help from Raoul to teach Lan a lesson.moreless

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  • DoubleSoul: ThunderSoul

    This was a silly episode to say the least. Raoul & Chaud dressing up as disco dudes! We finally got to see Swordman's other heads. Again this episode was really silly but turned out to be a good episode, especially when Megaman got ThunderSoul. A comedic moment was when Megaman got ThunderSoul but Lan still thought it was a Darkloid DoubleSoul! Good episode though.
  • Lan was a little too cocky, let's do something about it!

    This episode was okay.

    I didn't like how when Lan was going about bragging that he won against Swordman. I don't blaim Chaud for calling up Raoul and Thunderman to try to get rite of his cockiness.

    Swordman was cool, he had three personalities. Which was kinda strange but those personalities really helped out on attacks!

    I couldn't believe that Lan couldn't figure out who the Masked Thunder was. It was so obvious!

    I never thought that Chaud would dress up in 70's clothes. I started laughing when I saw him like that.

    Raoul was crazy cool. He acted all claim yet cool, that 70's outfit fit him perfectly!

    I really liked it when Megaman got Thunder Soul! It wasn't like every other Navi Chip though, all Megaman had to do was use two Thunderbolts and Swordman logged out. I'm saying that Swordman is chicken!, why not stay and fight the mighty new Double Soul: Thunder Soul? It would've been much more cool if the battle between Megaman in his Thunder Soul and Swordman was much longer then 2 minutes.

    I thought it was funny when Lan thought he had a Darkloids Navi Chip. It was also cool how Chaud and Raoul worked together with Thunderman to try to defeat Megaman.

    My rating for this episode: 8.3moreless
  • In the begining, Chaud and Lan rushed into a warehouse to stop SwordMan. He gets beaten by MegaMan in the real world so he uses a dementional area. He gets beaten up and Lan lets it go to his head. Chaud decides to teach Lan a lesson- disco Chaud enter!moreless

    Yea, the costume is very funny...I can\'t belive Chaud did that!!! Man that was funny, and it was kinda creepy how he spoke when he was dressed up... I don\'t know why Raouul liked that Shougun Wig though...creeepy... Heheh, I love this episode, I think it\'s my favorite, I think...
  • Soul Unison: ThunderSoul!

    With the power up of the new Advanced PET II and the support from Chaud with the Battle Chip Gate, the invincible Lan rushes into attack with SwordMan and easily defeats him. Because of all this, Lan becomes very full of himself with his own pride.

    Lan, who is apprehensive about such a thing, offers a strategy to Raoul. ThunderMan challenges Lan and MegaMan, diguised as the mysterious masked Dark Loid, and says that he will make Lan aware of his immaturity. Chaud and Raoul also dress up, complete with starry glasses and afros.

    During their battle, the real Dark Loid SwordMan attacks again. This time, MegaMan is too tired to defeat him! ThunderMan offers his aid, and a new Soul Unison is born.moreless
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