MegaMan NT Warrior

Season 3 Episode 34

Wanted: Prisman!

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Aug 13, 2005 on
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Wanted: Prisman!
Misaki is taken in by Ms. Yuri, unaware that she's working with the Darkloids. Misaki, wanting nothing more than to be able to CrossFuse, is given a Dark SynchroChip from Ms. Yuri. Using it, he's given the ability to CrossFuse... but his NetNavi PrismMan is infected with the dark energy. Furthermore, Misaki's own heart is infested with evil, and Misaki's body begins to break down. Lan stops Misaki and they hospitalize him, but the dark energy reacts and he escapes. Lan and Misaki battle in CrossFusion, and Dark ProtoMan also intervenes... but Chaud uses the BattleChip Gate to distract Dark ProtoMan so CrossFusion MegaMan can battle with CrossFusion PrismMan. They both strike each other at once and Misaki loses his fusion... but the double hit results in the destruction of Lan's PET.moreless

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  • Ms. Yuri gives Misaki a Dark Synchro Chip that allows him to Cross-Fuse...but at a great personal cost.

    At the start of the episode, Misaki can now Crossfuse with his partner, Prisman, but he kinda goes "over the edge", so to speak. Not to mention the fact that it's causing harm to his body.

    After the effects of the Drak Syncro Chip wear off, he is rushed to the hospital, only to be "re-corrupted" later on by Mr. Yuri.

    Lan and Megaman manage to stop him, but Lan's PET is damaged in the process...moreless
  • What a Tight Episode.

    the Battle with Crossfusion was aMzaning, too bad that Megaman was Badly Damage, and Dark Protoman step in the Battle and Attack CrossFusion Beihind.

    DarkChips and Syicochip become a DarkSyicoship.

    Misji thought Mrs.Mari was Mrs.Yuri. and Mrs.Mari just saw her own Sister. I wounder what happend to miski after his crossfusion fall apart?
  • This episode was awesome!

    I really liked this episode, I liked how Ms. Yuri tricked Mizaki into using a Dark Syncro Chip and the way they could tranfer the energy from the dark chip into Mizakis body!

    This episode was exciting because Mizaki had no idea what he was doing, under the dark chips control! Once he dark cross fused that's when the action started!

    The action was amazing how the cross fused Lan and Megaman and the dark cross fused Mizaki and Prismman fought! They fought until they could not fight no more! Megaman and Lan wound up winning, but if it wasn't for Chaud then they would be deleted!

    Prismman and Mizaki was amazing and how Lan and Megaman wouldn't fight them until they knew about 'the crest' but unfortunetaly Megaman ended up getting damaged!

    TO BE CONTINUED.......................moreless
  • Misaki is taken in by Ms. Yuri for testing the Dark SynchroChi

    In this epiode Misaki is taken in by Ms. Yuri for testing the Dark SynchroChi to see what happen and then they fight with Megaman and Lan. Misaki turn evil thanks to the Dark SynchroChi which is made of dark chips and Chaud help Lan fight Dark Protman helping PrismMan and the fight was is good

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