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  • Format is running thin.

    Whats that sound you hear? It's the sound of the Producers of Rock of Love/ Flavour of Love/ Charm School/ I Love Money/ Daisy Of Love scraping metal on metal at the bottom of the barrell.

    You wanna know want is wrong with the world today? Check out this show.
    Megan who is a HORRIBLE HUMAN, and a failure at life, is rewarded for her previous televised atrocities (Rock of Love/ ROL Charm School/ Beauty & the Geek/ I love Money) by getting her own show. WHY?????

    I can some this whole series up with 2 words . . .Sad & Creepy

    These rejects are millionaires? Well it goes to show you dont need much else but luck to make money.

    If you put the combined class & intelligence of these 17 future inductees for the International Humiliation Society together, you still wouldn't have enough to make up one normal man.

    Each one of them is such a LOSER, they actually deserve this bee-otch and the devastation she is only weeks away from reeking on their pathetic little lives.

    They cant run but you can, run for your lives!