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  • Finally, a reality show that if I was ever a contestant, I would love to be first one off!

    Let's see..whatever happens when you put several millionaires who don't know how to be a man with a beautiful model who's only goal in life is to search for men who are rich, drain them off all their money, and dump them to curb....a reality show where no one's a winner. Megan Wants A Millionaire is a shallow reality series about Megan searching for the love of money through many men who's millionaires. Megan is total "jerk" (censored) as she strolls her beauty by 20 guys. These 20 guys are so oblivious to the fact that she only wants money...screw the guy, get the cash. These guys are supplicating (giving her stuff for approval) like there's no tommorrow. Coming up with overly extergant ways to win her heart. The problem is that her heart is not worth being won over.

    I only watched one episode but it doesn't take a genius to realize that these are one of the shows that humiliates people as opposed to helping them. Megan sets up with a Business Center in her home to keep the guys making money. (They have to keep their businesses running successfully but still...) The captions only mention they're net worth. She come up with her own Valentine's Day. (Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because I get a lot of gifts....and love and stuff..)One guy actually wises up and gives her his "credit card" and tries to leave. She goes after him and conivinces him to stay. She talks to him like a second citzen. He says, "I know what you up to." She says, "So..suck it up. You should be appreciative that you are here anyway." It's funny how she never kisses on the lips. She's such a tease. Each challenge should be personality and rapport not how much you spend on someone.

    Vh1 hasn't renemwed a third season of The Pickup Artist for this...are you seirous? This show is sad and pointless and obliviously shallow. This show makes me cringe in horror and cry in sympathy.