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Megas XLR is a series about an overweight couch potato named Coop who stumbles across a giant robot in a junkyard. He soon discovers that the robot was sent from the future when a woman named Kiva returns to the past to claim what is rightfully hers, though Coop made so many modification to the machine so he's the only one who can fully operate it. Things also heat up when Coop learns that an alien race called the Glorft are also after his MEGAS robot, so he teams up with Kiva and his best friend Jamie to fight them off, though mostly so he can keep his new toy. Theme Song Living here in Jersey Fighting villains from afar You've gotta find first gear In your giant robot car You dig giant robots I dig giant robots We dig giant robots Chicks dig giant robots Nice!
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  • I used to watch CN

    I used to watch CN up until they canceled Megas XLR
  • Only 5 words to say!

    I have only 5 words to say: CHICKS DIG GIANT ROBOTS, NICE!
  • BEst robot show ever period.

    Great action

    fun animation

    hilarious dialogue

    And its about giant robots nuff said.
  • I really thought I'd like this series, but after I watched the first episode, I was disappointed.

    I have never watched Megas XLR before, until it premiered on Toonami Jetstream. I had such high expectations on this series, because my friend kept telling me how good it was.

    During the first few minutes, I became solemnly bored. I don't know what it was... The plot seemed like it was already used before, and the animation was pretty poor.

    I somehow managed to watch the whole episode, and I wasn't happy with the conclusion. I probably will never watch Megas XLR again.

    I understand that some people enjoy the series. I see something good about it that I'm just not getting.moreless
  • It was a great show while it lasted.

    Two friends (Jamie and Coop) are at a junkyard when they discover an unordinary custom built robot. Entitled the MEGAS, it wasn't until an intergalactic woman named Kiva falls back in time to retrieve it. Prior to her arrival, there was a space war in the future between her group and the Glorft. This show serves as a parody of pop culture whether it's Anime or other things in the entertainment biz (the MTV based channel PopTV). Other notable parodies include Voltron and Sailor Moon. I never understood why Cartoon Network cancelled this show too soon? I've read on some websites it was because of low ratings. I'm not sure if it's true, but it's ashamed the show didn't go pass 26 episodes. There are probably so many ideas that the show never touched I can't list them all. It's been years since Cartoon Network reran the series and it seems sadly forgotten not to mention hardly any DVD releases. This show was hilarious and still to this day.moreless

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