Megas XLR

Season 1 Episode 3

All I Wanted Was a Slushie

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM May 15, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another perfect episode

    Man, 2 great episodes in a row. This was probably my first Megas XLR episode. The reason I ended up as a fan instead of writing off the series. Well, now after I've watched most episodes, this is still amazing.

    I love the concept. Not the most original, but good. REGIS is a great villain. The pace was even better than the previous "Battle Royale". It's good that from a harmless and funny spider-robot he turned to one of the strongest villains in the series. The comedy is here, of course to prevent the series from becoming too serious, and the way Coop lost his Mega-Slushes were very well-done. The ending? Clever. Problems? Not much. While I think that if someone can program a robot like REGIS, they can make it not run on sun energy. On second thought, maybe it makes sense that REGIS needs sunlight power. Argh, forget it. Series classic, 'nuff said.

    Shining Moment: REGIS
  • Rock on for the Mega-Slush!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of this show. On a hot sunny day, Coop was training with MEGAS and he really wants a Mega-Slush(a cool nickname for a slushie) to cool down with, but a cool spider looking alien named REGIS came down to Earth and comes interrupting Coop while he's trying to get a Mega-Slush and Coop tries to get another Mega-Slush but every time he does that, REGIS interrupts him again. Until Coop gets a Mega-Slush at a fast food restaurant and then REGIS grows stronger for every time it gets smashed. Coop over heats MEGAS and it blocks the solar energy from the sun and all the REGISs were shut down. Later a kid picked up a piece of REGIS in the end.
  • This is my favorite "Megas XLR" episode the 3rd episode but my favorite and was so ANGRY when they took it off air on cartoon network.

    If you wanna watch this awasome episode go to the site toonami jetstream... oh well heres the link trust me its an instant classic of a show/ episode if you dont think its great than im sorry for not changing your mind. But trust me this is one of my favorite episodes of all time I wish i could download it to my laptop for on the go goodness. But so far haven't found a site that lets you download it yet... maybe later in the future ITunes will letcha download it if anyone finds oiut any info tell me my e-mail is e-mail me if you found out how to download it!!

    This episode is, of course, about coop getting his slushie, but when he tries to get one he runs into a REGIS, a wimpy but hillarious robot. Its some of that sarcasticly funny stuff you come to like about megas.

    The best part about the entire episode though are some of regis's comments, things like "do not panic, you will all die" in a very calm and serious voice :P. This show is just so great and amazing, but i guess kids just didnt understand it and it went the way of teen titans and invader zim. While they keep shows like kids next door and the amanda show running 24/7...