Megas XLR

Season 1 Episode 9

Bad Guy

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM May 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Music The music that plays when the S Force shows up is the same music used at the end of Dawn of the Dead (1978) when Peter decides to leave in the helicopter over suicide.

    • Gauge: Megas' power levels read: "Low Energy", "Fair Amount", "Normal", "Too Much!", "Getting Ridiculous", and "Are You Kidding?". Coop, of course, charges up to the highest level.

    • Sign: Coop, using the Omnicron13 device, destroys the "Museum of Irreplaceable Art"

    • When Coop is hitting the control panel with his right hand as he is trying to explain that he's the good guy, he accidentally hits a button that launches some missiles. However, his left hand was the one that hit the button, despite the fact that he wasn't swinging that hand around.

  • Quotes

    • Coop: (to Ender) I'm gonna prove that I'm a good guy, even if it means trashing this whole city and beating you to a mushy pulp!

    • Coop: Listen, chump. I was just doing my own thing when some robot-riding circus freaks jump me and then you had to show up and start bashing my town and for some reason, everyone keeps calling me the bad guy! I may not be the best guy but I sure ain't no bad guy. Yo, S-Force you ready?

      Argo: No, no!

      Mac: My robot! (continues crying)

    • Coop: It's just an eating contest, is it a crime to eat?
      Jamie: The way you do it should be.

    • Coop: Alright punk! Put down that blimp! Or, put it back up! Or, whatever!

    • Ender: You have created a rift that will destroy the universe. (nearly crying) I knew you were evil!

    • Argo: It's not over so easily, villain, prepare for defeat! Form the super-ultra-super-dimensional-magno-extreme-robotoid-power-zorp!
      Coop: What's a super-dimensional-power... extreme... What did he say?

    • Ender: But now, I am free to conquer and destroy! Or, destroy and conquer! Or just destroy! And for this, I thank you.

    • Coop: Let's settle this the old-fashioned way!
      Jamie (buckling his seatbelt): I love the old-fashioned way.

    • Coop: Who the zorp are you, pal?
      Ender: I am Ender, destroyer of world! I end things!

    • Kiva: He's headed for union city!
      Jamie: Let him have it.
      Kiva: Coop, what are you doing?
      Coop: I have a plan.
      Jamie: We're in trouble.

    • Duchess: Ugh! We knew you had to be in league with Ender!
      Coop: The only league I'm in is the Jersey City Bowling League, and we ain't no threat to the universe!
      Jamie: Or even the other bowlers.
      (Kiva slaps her head)
      Coop: Although the shirts are nice.

    • Coop: I'm the good guy!
      (Coop smashes a button which launches a bunch of spikey missiles)
      Coop: Oopsie!

    • Coop: Whoa, for a bunch of fancy-pants wimps, they hit pretty hard.
      Jamie: You think?

    • Coop: Piece of cake. Ooh, I could go for some cake or some ice cream, or some ice cream cake!
      KIva: Are you serious?!

    • Jamie: So, what are you doing later?
      Duchess: Taking you to the deepest, darkest cell on the most remote prison planet we can find.
      Jamie: Yeah, but I mean after that?

    • Coop: You know, I'm still kinda hungry. You guys up for ice cream?
      Kiva: How can you still be hungry after that, that horror show?
      Coop: It takes many years of intensive training to cultivate this refined appetite. Many years.

    • (Referring to the contest)
      Kiva: This is the most repugnant thing I've ever seen in this or any other time.
      Jamie: Yeah, don't it rock?!

  • Notes

    • One of the 2 kids whose sand castle is accidentally destroyed by Coop is Little Tommy, the kid who took home a piece of the Regis in "All I Wanted Was a Slushie". This is Little Tommy's second of several appearances on the show, and perhaps the only episode where he doesn't say "Cool!"

    • Targon (the S-Force's hologramatic mentor) appears to be an amalgam of Zordon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Prof. X from X-Men and Sentinel One from The Young Sentinels.

    • The S-force is similar to the Voltron Force and Power Rangers:

      The team: Voltron and Power Rangers.
      Ender: Looks like a Robeast
      The boss guy at the S-force headquarters: Power Rangers (Zordon to be exact)

    • Ending Credits: Goat is unconscious in the eating contest.

    • The names of the S-Force are Argo, Sloan, Duchess, Mac and Jax.

    • This episode contained scenes from a previous episode of the series, 'Test Drive'.

    • Goat appeared in this episode, though he didn't have a speaking role.

    • PopTV Destruction: PopTV Building

    • Episode's Villains: S-Force, Ender

  • Allusions

    • There is a slight reference to FLCL. The way Megas held and used a guitar as a weapon is like how Haruko uses a guitar as a weapon.

    • The S-Force's name and roster are similar to the G-Force from the anime Gatchaman (known in the US as Battle of the Planets).

    • The game that Argo is playing at the S-Force base during one of the scenes looks very similar to the video game Rampage.

    • In this episode, Jax seems to have been based on Copperkid, a character from Silverhawks.

    • The S-Force seemed to have been based on the G-Force from Battle of the Planets.

    • Ender's sword attack looks very similar to an attack that a character does in the video game Soul Caliber II.

    • When Argo is explaining what his super robot is, his comments are making a reference to the series Macross.

    • Some elements of the S-Force are very similar to The Power Rangers.