Megas XLR

Season 1 Episode 2

Battle Royale

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM May 08, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Battle Royale
Coop’s ability to use Megas to fight off other giant robots and monsters has caught the attention of the intergalactic sports promoter Magnanimous, who offers to accept Coop as Earth’s entrant in a grand tournament of fighting robots. As Coop goes for the championship belt against countless ruthless opponents, Jamie attempts to impress some attractive alien woman while betting money on Coop and Megas. Meanwhile, Kiva discovers that Magnanimous has his own plans in inviting Coop to enter the tournament, though will she be able to tell Coop before it’s too late?moreless

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  • Perfect. Just... perfect

    It's amazing how the lackluster "Test Drive" came just before this. If you didn't like "Test Drive", don't write this episode. This is where the REAL fun starts.

    I don't care if the concept of "Arena" is unoriginal, I love that concept, and this episode executes it very well. Magnanimous is a great character. Funny and well-done. The action and the plot were very good and the pace was perfect too. How was the ending? Actually, I'm very happy with it. It definitely helped the rating go all the way up to 10. Problems? I didn't understand how Coop made Magnanimous "broke". Also, the way Coop defeated Magnanimous could be considered a little "half-assed". Still, It doesn't knock off the rating. Also, I can't help but laugh everytime Magnanimous says "groovy". This good comedy.

    Shining Moment: The last fight.moreless
  • Surprising...

    This was the first episode that was not based on the battle with the Glorft, a thing that surprised me in a very pleasant way. The episode is also one of the funniest ever, placing much more accent on the trivial elements, than rather on the "life and death" battle with the Glorft.

    Magnanimous was a very fresh character they introduced. The story was also really original and totally unexpected. Jamie is funnier than ever and Kiva shows her martial arts skills for the first time (who would have guessed she's such a tough fighter). Everything about this episode is excelent. The lines are snappy and extremely funny, the musical score is just as good and the plot evolves rather nicely (not something exceptional or breathtaking, maybe not even original, but that's the whole point.. it's a comedy show).

    An excelent episode.moreless
Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Alien Girl #2

Guest Star

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell


Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Alien Girl #1/ Teacher

Guest Star

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Gorrath (Recurring Character)

Recurring Role

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Glorft Commander

Recurring Role

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Cashbox Alien/ Big Alien/Jamie

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • During the replay scene after Coop Rips the opponents robot in half it shows that the robot was ripped apart in the middle of the abdomen. but the original scene and the after the replay scene show the robot was ripped in 2 near the hips not the center of the abdomen.

    • Before Megas fought Super Nova, one of the spectators held a sign that mentioned Ghorbloks.

    • Megas' head has a V10 instead of a V8. at the beginning of the episode when coop is working in the engine compartment you can see the spark plug wires. In episode 13 "The Drivers Seat" Coop makes mention to this.

    • When Magnanimous sent in everyone to fight Coop during the later parts of the episode, some of the combatants seemed to be alien creatures, despite the fact that the fighting tournament was for robots.

    • The organization in this episode was the G.C.C.F., however, the belt for that organization had G.C.C.S. written on it.

    • Coop's house was completely destroyed in Test Drive, though it was just fine in this episode.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Kiva: (to the aliens about to attack her) Do we really need to do this? Okay, but you asked for it. (takes on all of them and beats them all)

    • Jamie: (Trying to impress the surrounding girls) I taught him [Coop] everything he knows about, pretty much everything.

    • (Upon seeing Megas destroy all of the competition)
      Alien Onlooker: This is so fake.

    • (In prison cell)
      Kiva: (to Jamie) Thanks for having my back.
      Jamie: (Shouting out to the prison guards) I wasn't doing anything, I don't even know her!

    • Coop: (to Jamie and Kiva) You should have seen the royal crowning I've been giving these (Raises his hands and draws quote marks with them) "Galactic Heroes".

    • Announcer: Okay boys I want a nice clean fight, and by clean I wanna see total chaos and destruction.

    • Magnanimous: Aaah it hurts! Oh no wait it doesn't.

    • (The bell rings)
      Announcer: There's the bell and the fight is on!
      (The robots begin to fight)
      Announcer: And brutalizer unleashes a fury of hits with a spike of death, but jawbreaker comes back with a hammer of destruction! Oh my, it's a blitzkrieg of mechanical mayhem! Metal monsters, bet on destruction! It's relentless, this may be the most brutal display of power ever!
      (The robot fight is just a TV show that Kiva, Coop and Jamie are watching. Coop and Jamie are eating chicken)
      Coop: Brutal display of power?
      (All three of them start to laugh)

    • Magnanimous: Okay, Earther, let's see what you've got left in that pathetic excuse of a robot!
      Coop: Pathetic?
      Jamie: Oh, man. He shouldn't have said that. (buckles seat belt)
      Coop: (ranting) Okay, you big-headed, tater tot looking freak. You trick me, you stack the odds against me, you threaten my friends and you insult my robot! Now I'm mad!

    • Coop: Hey, this is just like the place at that foo-foo restaurant in the mall!

    • Coop (in a trance while looking at Magnanimous): Look at those tiny arms and legs.
      Jamie (in a trance while looking at Magnanimous): And that big head.

    • Magnanimous: Do it or I dump your friends in the Quantum Singularity.
      (Coop flashes back to his days in school, he is reading a car magazine while the teacher is talking about the Quantum Singularity)
      Teacher: Mr. Paterawitz, one day your going to need to know what a quantum singularity is and your not going to know.
      Coop: Whatever.
      (The scene flashes back to the present)
      Coop: Is that bad?
      Magnanimous: (rolling his eyes) It's a black hole, only portable and it has a cooler name.

    • (After the battle dome explodes)
      Jamie: So, how about going to the Amazon Space Chicks planet?
      Coop: As long as it has a burger buffet!

    • Jamie: Coop! What are you doing?! I got numbers from green-skinned girls! Green-skinned girls!

    • Kiva: If I fall, you'll never find the planet of the space-amazons.
      (Jamie tries to climb up the rail, but fails)
      Jamie: I still can't!

    • Magnanimous: Argh, it hurts! Oh wait, no it doesn't.

    • Magnanimous: Send in everyone!
      Announcer: Which one?
      Magnanimous: Everyone!

    • Jamie: What are you doing here?
      Kiva: What are you doing here?
      Jamie: Well, I'm on my way to the...
      Kiva: Great! Now get out of here before someone sees you!

    • Coop: Did you see the last round? I hope I could get a tape for my mom!

    • Robot: Here is the junkyard.
      Kiva: Junkyard? Looks more like a graveyard.

    • Kiva: Coop, be careful. I'll be on com-link if you need me, and try not to break my robot.
      Coop: I'll be fine, it's me... Hey! What do ya mean your robot?

    • Jamie: Coop, get in there and get that belt. I'm gonna go check on the odds.
      Kiva: Good idea, the farther you are from us and Megas, the better.

    • Jamie: Hey, uh, guys. What do you call a big head with little arms and legs?
      Magnanimous: Nanimous, Magnanimous.

    • Jamie: Hey, we should find the planet of Amazon Space Chicks. Kiva, you should know where one is.
      Kiva: I'm from the future, not some comic book, you primitive ape!

    • Magnanimous: Groovy!

    • Coop: Time to use the jammer!
      Kiva: The jammer? I don't remember installing jammer in Megas, Coop.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Magnanimous' giant-headed appearance is based on the Marvel comics villain Modok.

    • When Coop has Megas create the spear of fire form touching his hands together, it is very similar to how the robot Voltron formed his Blazing Sword in the series "Voltron: Defender of the Universe".

    • The television program that Coop, Kiva and Jamie were watching was very similar to the real program entitled Battlebots.

    • The giant ape in the stands during one of the scenes looks very similar to Grape Ape, an old Hanna-Barbera character that appeared in many cartoons.

    • When Magnanimous says the word "groovy", it is a reference to the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness films, in which the voice actor of Magnanimous appeared in.

    • The way in which Magnanimous first introduces himself is very similar to the way James Bond introduced himself in the 007 movies.