Megas XLR

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Jun 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Coop finds a video game cartridge at a garage sale, which turns out to be an ancient containment device for alien criminals. Unfortunately, Coop finds this out after accidentally releasing one of the prisoners, the dreaded Grrkek the Planet Killer. To make matters worse, Coop and Jamie accidentally release the rest of the prisoners while trying to stop Grrkek's planet-destroying rampage and capture him! Can Coop and the Megas stop a veritable army of city-destroying giant monsters?moreless

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    Beau Billingslea

    Beau Billingslea

    Grrkek the Planet Killer, Orange Scaley Thing #1

    Guest Star

    Jennifer Hale

    Jennifer Hale


    Guest Star

    Richard McGonagle

    Richard McGonagle

    Judge, Fisherman, Orange Scaley Thing #2

    Guest Star

    Clancy Brown (I)

    Clancy Brown (I)

    Gorrath (Recurring Character)/Glontron, Alien Pilot

    Recurring Role

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Glorft Commander/Georgie, Lerp

    Recurring Role

    Steven Jay Blum

    Steven Jay Blum


    Recurring Role

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When dropping Kiva and Jamie off at the mall, Coop's window is open during one scene though it's closed during the next scene.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Coop: First, he smashes my car which I was gonna fix by the way then he breaks my video game... (goes to Jamie)
        Jamie: Coop, you broke that. (goes to Coop again)
        Coop: I'm on a roll here man. And now he wants to break my planet? Well, I got news for you buddy. This town ain't big enough for the both... of... us?

      • Coop: (holding a game cartridge) Oh cool, I never played this one! Show me what ya got.

      • Kiva: It is attractive, but no good to me in a firefight.
        Salesgirl: Yeah, that's funny!
        Kiva: And this khaki stuff is comfortable, but will it offer the protection of titanium refractive armor?
        Salesgirl: Sure it will.
        Kiva: I don't think you understand.
        Salesgirl: Look, you're either going to buy this stuff or what?
        Kiva: Excuse me?
        (Kiva and Jamie get kicked out of the mall)

      • Coop: Just a buck for the only video game I never played. Rock on!
        Jamie: Yeah, and only three dollars to make Kiva look like an idiot.

      • Jamie (showing Kiva some old clothes): Only the cool people wear these.

      • (Kiva runs to investigate something)
        Jamie: Ha, running like a little girl!
        (Jamie pauses, then he follows her)

      • (A quaking sound is heard)
        Kiva: What was that?
        Jamie: Whatever it is, I'm sure it's Coop's fault.

      • Grrkek: Thanks to your laser beam, I feel good enough to kill a thousand planets. Guess which one I'm going to kill first?
        Coop: Uh, I don't know, your moms house?

      • Jamie: So, uh, what about that planet killer guy?
        Coop: What are you so nervous about? You're not a planet.

      • Jamie: One planet killer just wasn't enough for you, huh?

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • The symbol on the ancient cartridge looks very similar to the symbol that was used as the Atari logo.

      • Grrkek sounds very similar to Kerrek, a character created in the Homestar Runner online series.

      • Coop performs an attack entitled The Double Deuce in this episode; this is a reference to the Homestar Runner online series, as the character Stinkoman performed an attack that was called The Double Deuce, which looked identical to what Coop did.

      • When Coop tries to put the cartridge into the gaming system and it doesn't work, he blows into it and tries again. This was a common fix for the Nintendo Entertainment System, in which people could blow into the system to try to get the game to work again.