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Wouldn't Megas XLR make a good Pen 'n Dice RPG?

Would the Megas XLR Universe make a good RPG setting?

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    Like others, I have some fond memories of the show and was sad to see the series end. The comedy and pop culture references was hilarious. And it was overflowing with awesomeness. And, of course, the giant robots, monsters, star ships, mutants and super weapons are a large part of the appeal for the target audience.

    But thinking back on the show, I could almost see the episodes as taking place as role-playing game sessions between players and a GM. (And I would imagine the character of Koop having a superhuman, even god-like level of the LUCK attribute.)

    FYI: There is much more to pencil and paper roleplaying games than the stereotypical magic and fantasy settings, such as the famous Dungeons & Dragons franchise. There is a wide variety of such games and systems for practically any setting imaginable. And while the growing popularity of console and PC (and card) games have eclipsed / diminished pencil & paper RPGs, many such systems and companies have survived to this day.

    Perhaps if the graphic novel becomes popular enough and they eventually release DVD sets that sell reasonably well, they'll consider making other merchandise... such as publishing some Megas RPG sourcebooks? Probably not, but I'd like to think so...

    Sadly, there are not very many pencil & paper RPGs that have excellent, detailed rules for creating giant robots, let alone systems that specialize in them. However, one system that does specialize in giant robots and, IMO, does a very good job of providing detailed and fun rules is the MEKTON Zeta system.

    Some time ago I thought about using the Mekton Zeta system and writing some stuff for personal use in order to run a Mega XLR-style campaign. But I never got around to that. However, in reading the "My Megas XLR Episode Idea Scripts" and "Re-Return of my Megas Episode ideas" threads I saw a lot of potential in campaign ideas.

    All one would really need to run a Mega XLR style RPG campaign would be the Mekton Zeta players guide, the Mekton Plus Advanced Technical Manual, the Mekton Tactical Display, one or more D10 dice, and a lot of time, patience, and imagination. (The first three may be out of print, but they can still be found used for cheap on book sites such as AllBookStores dot com.) That, and maybe some reading up on wikipedia and Megas XLR fansites.

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