Megas XLR

Season 2 Episode 12

Rearview Mirror, Mirror (Part 1 of 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Jan 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Coop shifts to Save Jamie, he starts from Park, and goes all the way to Save Jamie. Since Megas is currently moving, shouldn't it start in drive before moving?

    • When Gorrath is explaining to Coop that because they entered that dimension together they must leave together, the "13" on Coop's shirt is on the wrong side. and it could be mirror flipped too but I'm not sure because they only showed it for a short period of time.

    • When Coop and Gorrath crash, you only see Megas as they are falling.

  • Quotes

    • Coop: Look man stop being all evil, it ain't cool. It's way more fun being the good guy.
      Alternate Jamie: I am a good guy!
      Coop: Than who's the bad guy?
      (an unknown robot came out of nowhere and Coop is surprised)
      Evil Kiva: Rebel forces defeated. Awaiting your command.
      Coop: No way! Kiva's the bad guy!?
      (Another robot came out of nowhere and there is a mysterious evil laugh)
      Evil Coop: Destroy them all!

    • Coop: (to Gorrath) Are we on the same side here or what?
      Gorrath: Not if I have anything to say about it.

    • Coop: Why do you want to destroy my army?
      : You have an army? And all of my forces have been DESTROYED?! I don't think I can stomach this dimension any longer.

    • Coop (ranting): Alright squid. You tried to wreck the city again, made me go to some alternate dimension where Jamie is a bigger creep than usual, and you got me locked up in a jail with no food! It's time to rumble!

    • Gorrath: What I do now, I do so I may destroy you when we go back to our own dimension.
      Coop: Whatever you say.

    • Gorrath: We need a distraction so we can get out Megas.
      Coop: Yeah.
      (Coop leans back and presses a button, an alarm goes off)
      Gorrath: You fool!
      Coop: I'm sure they didn't even hear that.
      (They get surrounded)
      Coop: Uh, uh, huh, they might have heard that.

    • (When Coop activates the D-Drive on accident)
      Gorrath: You fool! What have you done?!
      Coop: Why's it always my fault?

    • Coop: You maniacs, you blew it up! You blew it straight to-! Wait, hope I didn't do this...

    • Jamie: The war.
      Coop: The war? (thinking of all the times he beat Jamie from eating contest to arcade games) Dude we were just playing okay?

    • Coop: ...And now you push me into a dimension where Jamie is even more of a jerk?!
      Gorrath: (calmly) You're talking to me? (angrily) I'M ON YOUR SIDE NOW, REMEMBER!?
      Coop: Oh, right. Force of habit, I guess.

    • TV screen: (after Coop wins a game) CONGRATULATIONS!!! ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO YOU!!!

  • Notes

    • When Gorrath shoots the cables into MEGAS' torso, Coop hits a button marked 'Being hit with a giant taser? Press here!'

    • Steven Jay Blum uses his trademark Spike Speigal/Roger Smith voice while performing as Jamie's dark counterpart.

    • Coop's "alternate reality" warp combo, using his gold controller: Up, Up, Circle, Square, Right, Triangle, Down, Circle, Circle, Left. When activated, Megas displays the following: "TRANS D DRIVE ACTIVE (Hang on to your hats...)".

    • The episode title ("Rearview Mirror, Mirror") is a parody of the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror" in which Kirk is transported to an alternate universe where everyone's personality is opposite that of their counterpart from Kirk's universe. Kirk's counterpart is, in turn, transported to Kirk's universe (I'll say "our" universe) and adventure ensues. It's a good episode, and sparked a whole series of DS9 episodes. Anyway, this MEGAS episode is inspired by that original Star Trek episode as well, so Coop and Gorrath did not end up in the future. It is an alternate timeline.

    • Alternate Kiva's mech at the end of the episode is the same one she piloted during the events of Test Drive. Oddly enough, it has a number of levers, while Test Drive's mech was controlled using holographic screens.

    • Okay, gorrath has made numerous reference to humanity's primate heritage. His hatred of Coop and Kiva because of their body design and without fail near every Glorft w/o mechanical legs was portrayed as having a slug/centipedish lowerhalf and not much in the way of abs and such. Gorrath looks completely humanoid when he's stripped down! What is up with that yo

    • The heads on the enemy mech units appear to be based on the design of the Zaku Mobile Suit from the "Gundam" UC series. The evil Megas also appears to be based on a Zeon Mobile Suit.

    • This episode marks the least air-time for Kiva (roughly 20 seconds combined).

    • First time we see Coop defeated and captured. In The Driver's Seat, Megas was captured, but Kiva was (attempting) to pilot.

    • Closing Credit: Gorrath's Core Destroyer loams in the background, with Glorft mechs all around it. It zooms in on Jamie, who looks at his watch, and Kiva who's looking around, and appears to be worried. The camera shifts to one of the Glorft, who just shrugs.

    • Kiva and Jamie weren't on Megas when Coop accidentally activated the Traswarp Drive (or at least thats what I think the console said). They were on Gorrath's Core Destroyer, trying to prevent Gorrath from blowing Earth into little bits.

    • Apparently in this alternate universe, the Glorft are no more and Coop is now the supreme ruler/tyrant of a devastated Earth.

    • It is revealed in this episode for Coop to leave the mirror universe, both him and Gorrath must work together and leave together, and if one of them loses their mech, they will be stuck there.

    • From Jamie's dialogue, it appears Coop betrayed Earth. It's currently unknown how Kiva plays into this, or why future Earth mechs (the white ones) ended up in 2005, in the mirror universe.

    • Jamie in the alternate universe is a tough-minded, no-nonsense individual with a wicked scar on his cheek.

    • The Evil Coop is riding around in a black and red version of Megas, without the car for a head and looks very much like a Gundam. His racing number is 13 which is of course, an unlucky number.

    • New Jersey been ruined in the future, and Earth appears to be in a post-apolopicitic state. Gorrath's cruiser has been added to the landscape.

    • This is the first time we see Gorrath without his personal battle armor, and he's really quite muscular underneath all that metal.

    • In the mirror universe, Coop is musclant, and combats an army. Kiva has a robotic eye and appears to be Coop's second in command. Jamie has a large scar on his right cheek, and appears to be the leader of the Earth forces, who are piloting Glorft mechs.

    • Coop has a brand new controller for Megas, which is one HUGE, gold-colored combination joystick/control pad with DOZENS of buttons!

    • First 2 part episode!

    • In an ironic twist, at one point Coop points out that the (supposed) good guys are doing more damage than the villains. Apparently he hasn't noticed what HE usually does.

    • In the alternate universe, we see a destroyed POPTV sign. For once, it isn't played for a laugh.

    • The scar on Alternate Jamie's cheek is probably a parody of Kenshin's scar, from Rurouni Kenshin.

  • Allusions

    • During the battle at the start of the episode (before Coop warps to the alternate timeline), MEGAS does SubZero's 'Spine Ripper' fatality from the early Mortal Kombat games.

    • Second videogame's message (Coop's flashback): DA WINNA, All Their Base Are Belong to You!!!

      There is a game called Zero Wing that was translated to Engrish, a horribly broken form of English. It's about aliens attacking Earth, and there is one famous sentence in the translation- "All your base are belong to us".

    • none: none
      In addition to that Evil Coop's drones look like Zaku (to be more certain, MS-04F Zaku II commander type), Kiva's mech's head looks exactly like the one of RGM-122 Javelin from Mobile Suit V Gundam series

    • Coop's Flashback: GAME OVER, You Win, Yoshimitsuryuken Loses
      Tekken isn't the sole reference on that flashback. The name "Yoshimitsuryuken" is the joined name of the "Tekken" series' Yoshimitsu and the "Street Fighter" series' Ryu & Ken.

    • Coop's flashback: GAME OVER, You Win, Yoshimitsuryuken Loses
      One of the videogames in Coop's flashback is a reference to the fighting game, Tekken. The name "Yoshimitsuryuken" is a parody of one of the characters' names, "Yoshimitsu." The character Coop played as resembles Jin Kazama, also from the Tekken series.

    • Coop: "You Maniacs!"
      Coop's tirade when he sees the "Got Wood" sign is a reference to the famous scene from the original Planet of the Apes film, when Charlton Heston finds the remains of the Statue of Liberty on the Planet of the Apes and realizes that he is on Earth.

    • na: na
      The white mech and the alternate red Megas are a clear reference to the Zaku Type Mobile Suits from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

    • na: na
      The title, "Rearview Mirror, Mirror." is a reference to an episode of Classic Trek, "Mirror, Mirror." in which Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Uhura, and Scotty find themselves in an alternate parallel universe.

    • none: none
      In one of the video games Coop was playing in the flashback, it said "All their base are belong to you." This is similar to the line "All your base are belong to us", made famous by the poorly translated video game, "Zero Wing".

    • none: none
      When Coop imagines what he thought an alternate dimesion would be like, it shows him on top of head that looks like him eating cheese steaks. This is similar to the popular video game, "Pac-Man".

    • On The TV Screen: "Da Winner All Their Base Are Belong To You"
      All thier base are belong to you, is a spoof off the popular music video craze by Laziest Men On Mars called "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"