Megas XLR

Season 2 Episode 13

Rearview Mirror, Mirror (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Jan 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Rearview Mirror, Mirror (Part 2 of 2)
After successfully retrieving his evil version’s old Megas, Coop returns to his own dimension in hopes of stopping his evil version from destroying the world. While Coop discovers that this new version of Megas has some new attacks, he finds himself outmatched by the skill and finesse of his evil version’s piloting ability. Fortunately for Coop, he is not alone in his defense of the world and some unexpected allies soon come to his aid, though will their help even be enough to stop the evil version of himself?moreless

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  • Upon discovering that HE is responsible for the devestation of Earth (well, more than usual) Coop teams up with some unlikely allies to stop his evil double from destroying hos own dimension!moreless

    I really enjoyed this two-part episode. That one line in the first part ("You maniacs! You blew it up! You blew it all to...wait. Hope I didn't do this.") was hysterical. And the part when we found out the the evil Coop was the real bad guy was one of those "Well who saw *that* one coming?" moments. Above all, this is a great episode. It's a shame this is the last one, since I would have just *loved* to see more...moreless
Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Glorft Commander

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Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


Recurring Role

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Gorrath/Gorrath (Recurring Character)

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • After Megas' wing-thingy on it's top fall off, we see him from a far distance surrounded with Evil Coop's army. The wing-thingy is still on.

    • Kiva says that Gorrath's technology is obsolete. Uh, maybe whatever made her get that robo-eye screwed up her memory, but isn't Gorrath piloting his mech that won't be developed for at least another millennium?

    • Shouldn't have the Glorft destroyed Kiva and Jamie by now? Coop, was preventing the Glorft from getting to the Core Destroyer while Coop and Kiva was on it. Since Coop doesn't return to his own reality for several hours (since thats how long it took alt-Kiva to repair the Dimensional Gate). Also, the progression of day into night supports that a considerable amount of time has passed.

    • In the closing credits of Rearview Mirror, Mirror Part 1, Kiva and Jamie are on the core destroyer, and it's clearly off, yet we see them tried to disable it again.

    • How did Evil Coop and Evil Kiva know the coordinates to Coop's home dimension? I don't recall Coop ever telling them the exact coordinates, (and even he doesn't remember THAT combo!). Unless of course, Evil Kiva's mech had scanned Megas for an energy trail?

    • Reply to last comment: When both Coops first meet and start talking, the evil Coop figures out the originals from a alternate universe and copy the coordinates from Megas (Evil Coop pretty much flat out says this before he tries to kill the original)

    • Evil Kiva is destroyed by Coop during the fight(her mech's entire head and chest is destroyed), but she re-appears at the end of the episode.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Coop: (Walking into the night) Now let's see what the evil me put in Megas (huge explosion) Yeah! (another explosion) Wahoo!

    • Coop: (Resolutely) I ain't leaving Megas.
      (Cuts to a city-wide shot where we see a mammoth explosion)

    • Coop: This ain't so bad. I can fix this.
      (Car blows up and Coop finds the wobbling lady from his dashboard burning)

    • Evil Coop: I will destroy you.
      Coop: You and what army?
      Glorft Commander: (Pointing at Evil Coop's Army) No doubt that one.

    • Coop: (Shouting) This is a little something I like to call...Closing the Gate!
      (Swipes through the dimensional gateway with his orange beam sword, severing the connection between the two dimensions, Evil Coop looks furious)

    • Coop: We've still got 2 things, Megas and the element of surprise.
      (Megas springs a huge oil leak and warning sounds go off)
      Glorft Commander: At least we've still got the element of surprise.

    • Evil Coop: You know you don't have a chance.
      Coop: I don't know nothing.

    • Evil Coop: How do you even fit into that piece of junk?
      Coop: Knock the fat all you want, but no one talks trash about Megas.

    • Coop: Looks like someone needs to watch more pay-per-view wrestling.
      Evil Coop: Everyone knows that stuff is fake.
      Coop: Does this look fake? (Smashes Evil Coop's mech)

    • Coop: Nobody talks trash about MEGAS!
      Evil Coop: MEGAS? I abandoned that toy years ago.

    • Coop (to Gorrath): Hey, that counts me beating you again!

    • Coop (ranting): Listen up, you jive clone wannabe! You wrecked my alternate dimension city, blew up my robot, and worst of all, made me skinny! Well, you're in my dimension now and we do things a little differently here!

    • Coop: Everybody okay?
      Alternate Jamie: My army's decimated, my stronghold's crushed, and now there's not one, but two Coops running on a rampage! Oh yeah, I'm great.

    • Evil Kiva: Your obsolete Mech is a disgrace!
      Coop (angrily): Does this look obsolete!
      (Coop makes Megas strike a pose, but one of it's arms suddenly explodes and falls off)
      Evil Kiva (bored): Yes, it does.

    • Alternate Coop: Why won't you die?!

    • Coop (upon discovering the evil version of himself): How did this happen?! I ain't supposed to be the bad guy!

    • Coop (to Gorrath): Listen, the only thing I hate more than you is me, him, you know who I mean.

    • Gorrath (to Coop): First I'm trapped in the past, and now I'm trapped in a dimension where you rule. Shoot me now.

  • NOTES (6)

    • During the scene when alternate Jamie tells Coop about the history of Evil Coop, these are the following robots that appear when he says "You conquered your way across space": T-Bot (From "The Return") The energy-sucking robot from "Viva Las Megas", Magnanimous' robot from "The Return" and the "combined" S-Force robot.

    • This is the series finale for Megas XLR, as the series was canceled and there are currently no plans to produce new episodes in the future.

    • Megas is destroyed in this episode, though Coop replaces it with the one that evil Coop once had.

    • In the alternate dimension, Jamie and Kiva were a couple until Coop went evil.

    • Apparently, it seems that Jamie and Kiva will eventually go out, But in this alternate dimension, when Coop loses his mind, Kiva sides with him and ruins their relationship.

    • End Credits: Evil Coop and Evil Kiva land in a very Smurf-like world, in which it is fully of elf creatures. One elf offers Evil Coop a flower, in which Evil Coop threatens to squish him with his mech. However, the elf pushes his mech back and knocks it down, in which it bears fangs and roars at Evil Coop, before throwing up flowers on him.


    • The episode title is a reference to the Star Trek episode entitled Mirror, Mirror. The episode in question also involved an alternate universe, just as this episode did.

    • Evil Coop's robot looks very similar to the MSN-04 Sabazi from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.