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  • I used to watch CN

    I used to watch CN up until they canceled Megas XLR
  • Only 5 words to say!

    I have only 5 words to say: CHICKS DIG GIANT ROBOTS, NICE!
  • BEst robot show ever period.

    Great action

    fun animation

    hilarious dialogue

    And its about giant robots nuff said.
  • I really thought I'd like this series, but after I watched the first episode, I was disappointed.

    I have never watched Megas XLR before, until it premiered on Toonami Jetstream. I had such high expectations on this series, because my friend kept telling me how good it was.

    During the first few minutes, I became solemnly bored. I don't know what it was... The plot seemed like it was already used before, and the animation was pretty poor.

    I somehow managed to watch the whole episode, and I wasn't happy with the conclusion. I probably will never watch Megas XLR again.

    I understand that some people enjoy the series. I see something good about it that I'm just not getting.
  • It was a great show while it lasted.

    Two friends (Jamie and Coop) are at a junkyard when they discover an unordinary custom built robot. Entitled the MEGAS, it wasn't until an intergalactic woman named Kiva falls back in time to retrieve it. Prior to her arrival, there was a space war in the future between her group and the Glorft. This show serves as a parody of pop culture whether it's Anime or other things in the entertainment biz (the MTV based channel PopTV). Other notable parodies include Voltron and Sailor Moon. I never understood why Cartoon Network cancelled this show too soon? I've read on some websites it was because of low ratings. I'm not sure if it's true, but it's ashamed the show didn't go pass 26 episodes. There are probably so many ideas that the show never touched I can't list them all. It's been years since Cartoon Network reran the series and it seems sadly forgotten not to mention hardly any DVD releases. This show was hilarious and still to this day.
  • to the bring it back people

    now all of you people whos says \\\"bring it bACK\\\", dont just say it here. tell it to the people incharge of the show and try to make a change, \\\'cause whining in here wont help.
    e-mail cartoon network or something and demand it back. if enough people do it i think they might think about bringing it back.
    and do it before its to late
  • cartoonnetworks best action show ever

    this is cartoonnetworks best action show ever. it was on toonami for awhile before it ended sadly now none of them are still here but megas xlr was an amazing show it was about two guys and an alien girl and they have to defend earth from the glork. it was funny and there was plenty of action. i will miss this show and toonami.
    this is cartoonnetworks best action show ever. it was on toonami for awhile before it ended sadly now none of them are still here but megas xlr was an amazing show it was about two guys and an alien girl and they have to defend earth from the glork. it was funny and there was plenty of action. i will miss this show and toonami.
  • great show

    it's a really great show but it went away so fast. come on! why only 2 seasons? the season finale could be a great twist for season 3 but great things come to an end someday and megas XLR is one of the few shows that even canceled, will always be in our hearts forever. Also, why doesn't cartoon network show reruns of this cartoon gem? i think i saw 3 episodes back in may 2006 but thats it. come on cartton network show it again, we need to know what happends next, it's like a never ending cliffhanger :(
  • Very Epic show and the theme song to this show was just awesome!!!

    Ah the good old days. You know back when cartoon network had the Fridays and Toonami. I don't remember much about this show but i remember he bought if for 2 dollars at a junk yard or something. If there ever is a movie about giant robots I hope it has transformers gundam and Megas xlr!!! that would be an epic movie. Anyways i like this show alot idk if its an anime but if its not then wow. I can honestly say this is better then the new transformers cartoons that came out after the movie. Chicks dig Giant Robots!!!
  • Nice show

    I have to start by saying that I am biased in favor of this show. That is because it was this show that rescued me from the era of insanely bad television that came on CN. I also sort of like the whole heavy-metal-junkie-who-lives-with-his-mom thing. Megas' upgrades and weapons always left me waiting for the next episode and I believe that the fight scenes were nothing less than spectacular (if not a little too grand-scale. So, in my opinion, this show definitely ranks right up there with the other great animated shows of its time that involved insanely high tech, stylized violence.
  • Rock on!!! Coop, Jamie and Kiva to the rescue (or at least we think they are going to try and rescue something without destroying it).

    A spectacular animated series which combines ideas from action series and giant fighting-robot movies into one azmazing pack of pure and hilarious fun. Coop is your average guy who acts before thinking, which is good, because most of the battles the goes through, they would have never been able to get out of them by using a rational idea or plan. Kiva is your expert in tactics and technology, who constantly tells Coop what he is supposed to do, and what he is not supposed to do. And as for Jamie, he's scaredy-cat who tries to get away from a fight, everytime he has the chance, for he is affraid of dying, and comes up with ideas to hang out with every girl he thinks his cool or good-looking. The enemies are amazingly stupid, which is good because they do not go down without a fight, and that just makes the series even funnier than it is. And of course the obvious references and parodies to series like Sailor Moon, Voltron, the G-Force, Sonic the Hedgehog, and movies like Terminator, Star Wars and Fast and Furiouus are incredibly well introduced in the series, without breaking the copyrights. An amazing show, which i'm just saddened because they cancelled it. In a scale of 1 to 10 I give it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000!
  • A guy with no clue fights off space aliens with the help of his new giant robot.

    Very funny. I recommended this show for any giant robot lover, and any one looking for a good laugh. every episode has a epic battle with a funny twist. this show has been under rated for the last few years. I thought the season finale was the greatest episode of any show I have ever seen until i saw the season finale for the second season. Every episode is better than the last. if you missed an episode it isn't a big deal every episode is almost a stand alone story. In my personal opinion this is the greatest show I have ever seen or will ever see.
  • This show follows Coop a normal resident of Jersey city after he finds a giant fighting robot, Megas Xtra Large Robot, His best friend Jamie and Kiva a military commander from the future. They constantly try to fight off glorft and really odd people

    Coop is your average guy living in jersey city, he loves cars, and his favorite activity is eating. You may even call him a glutton. One day he is at the Junk Yard owned by his friend Goat. While there he stumble upon a giant robot, that he then buys for one dollar takes home and fixes it. The head of the robot was damaged so he replaces it with an old hot rod. He shows his best friend Jamie, a woman crazy guy, they also meet Kiva, a commander in the future military who has been sent in the past to try to prevent the destruction of the future at the hands of the Glorft. Along the way Coop has to fight really weird people including the commander of a giant robot fighting circuit, Galactimus, and the S force a band of fruity little super heroes.
  • this show was epic!bring it back...or else

    this show is just awsome!its about a guy who gets a giant fighting robot by mistake and just fools around with it and when he trys to save the world he destroys the whole city.the plot is soo cool!the characters are awsome!coop makes fun of aliens(alien:ill be back!" coop"yeah better hurry ,i hear your mom calling you!" lolololololol XD jamie is cool too,he always trys to get chicks and fails.kiva is pretty and cool(and she kicks butt!)unfortunetly shes stuck with those two bafoons in the present(her past) but she learns to live with them.shes the very smart but coop never listens to her instead he just keeps fooling around till he destroys he doesnt even stop there!i like how this show makes fun of mtv,sailor moon,cliche superheroes,evil alions,transformers,supermario bros.,smurfs and other popular could cartoon network cancel it?! this show is gold!the best thing that ever happend to cn!instead ther is new crap like squirrel boy,my gym partners a monkey,johnny test and fantastic 4!bring it back!!!!
  • Megas X.L.R

    I think this was the show where a fat guy named Coop with his friend Jamie found a giant robot from the future at a dump owned by another one of Coop's friends-Goat.When Coop asked Goat how much does everything cost, Goat said everything in that pile is only two dollars.Then Coop pulled a pipe from the pile, it fell apart and under it was Megas.Coop and Goat remodeled it, but Coop never gave Goat's two dollars.And when Coop and Jamie tried stuff on Megas, a girl from the future, Kiva appeared with two other robots.At the same time, a legion of other robots in green paint appeared with a leader called Gorrath!Now the future of the earth lies on Coop's shoulders.
  • about a fat named coop who finds a futuristic robot at a dump

    great show have no idea why it was cancelled they beat the bad guy and then it was like it was over i didnt even relize it was over for good until I asked around a complete dissapointment they should bring it back this would be a great add on to the toonami line up or the saterday morning line up the leas they could do is play some reruns or somthing i liked it because there were alot of fast cars in it and alot of action and who doesnt like a gigantic mech with a muscle car for a head and limitless weapons piloted by some crazy guy named hoop funny show!
  • This show made me laugh at every episode, The action was pretty good, as for the music in those fight seens excellent. The starting was catchy. YOU DIG GIANT ROBOTS... I DIG GIANT ROBOTS... WE DIG GIANT ROBOTS... CHICKS DIG GIANT ROBOTS (GUITAR) NICE

    A regular guy who lives with his mom fixes up a huge robtot he found at the dump which was sent back in time from a thousand years later that was the only hope for earth's survival against a strong alien race called the glorft, but he doesn't know that, he/coop tells his best friend Jamie and goes out for a while. Kiva A supreme soldier from the future finds them and fights them, they are no match for coop's awsome gaming abilities. After the fight kiva steals Megas/the robot, but finds out that she can no longer pilot it due to coops modifications, nor get it back to the future. Kiva must now make a new time drive but the glorft attack every so often and the only one who can pilot megas is coop the last chance for human survival. OHH NOOO.
  • it was a good show

    it's been 2 years since it was ended when will they show it again =( i mean it was made in 2005 and ended in 2006 with only 20 something episodes it use to be the only reason i used to go to my uncle's house in 2004-2005 if they make a new season in 2009 i would die and go to heaven. it was the best show ever why end it since then people have been swearing at cartoon network and trying to get it back on well at least we have youtube. i wish megas xlr was back on cartoon network for shame they ended it
  • Chicks dig giant robots.

    It's about a 2 teenagers named Coop and Jamie who find a car but then it turns out to be a robot and so then they meet Kiva who warns them about a menace group known as the glorfs and they want the robot back. This was one of the best shame the creators quit causing the show to end as well. It would be nice if the writers took over so then it wouldn't have ended but they didn't. The only reason i'm giving this a 8 instead of a 9 is because it's not one of my top 10.
  • In the future, humanity has been beset by a horde of alien invaders. Kiva, a human soldier, has captured an alien mecha, the Megas,

    In the future, humanity has been beset by a horde of alien invaders. Kiva, a human soldier, has captured an alien mecha, the Megas, and remodeled it, planning to send it back in time three years to a pivotal battle so that the humans can win the war. Her plan goes awry when the Megas is fired upon in transit, rocketing it at random through time. She pursues it, as does the alien mothership. Curtain up on present day. A slob in New Jersey has discovered the Megas in a pile of garbage. Kiva, having caught up to him, is dismayed to learn that it has been remodeled, its head replaced by a classic muscle car, its controls integrated with video game controllers, making her new (and unfortunate) ally, Coop, the only one capable of piloting the Megas. She must now find a way to repair the Megas' time controller and return to the future, as well as dealing with the various challenges inherent in co-owning the Earth's most destructive piece of hardware... especially since Coop insists that it is HIS robot, and seems to be somewhat judgementally impaired
  • Funny and cool.

    It all starts in the future.An ultimate fighting giant robot named M.E.G.A.S. was built to help destroying enemy forces.But,it accidentally was taken into a portal in space.One of the warriors got into the portal before it closed and was sent on a mission to get the robot back.Unfortunately,the bot was sent to past,in New Jersey,two crazy guys,Coop and Jamie.They found the robot and Coop,a great mechanic,fixed the damage caused by it's fall and placed his car in place of the robots head and Voyolla(i know it isn't spelled like that-_-')he used the car to do whatever he wanted,only,several aliens will try to get this powerful machine.Will he be able to protect it?
  • I don't think it can be said enough times: Bring it Back! What more do you want- it's got quantum singularities, mock-power rangers, aliens, outerspace, and giant slushies.

    This series hits on a lot of the points which I enjoy making fun of in cartoons. Coop has refigured a giant robot from the future in the image of his video games for cryin; out loud. His reuse of the same special button in nearly every battle he fights to save the world and the ridiculous amount of pointless distruction only add to the parody.

    I think the fact that I grew up in New Jersey makes everything more hilarious, so perhaps I overate a bit. In its defense, this show was one of the few things I could every watch woth my younger brothers peacefully (the others being Indiana Jones and Star Trek: Deep Space 9). Usually, using the T.V. involved a lot of argument. However, Megas made everyone happy. It just had different types of humor and diverse appeal.
  • As the classification says BRING IT BACK, YOU HEARD ME BRING IT THE BLOODY F*CK BACK!!!!!!!

    This show made me cry laughing, there was so much humor in one episode I had to tape them just to re-watch them to hear the stuff I missed when I was laughing. It also had one of the greatest theme songs i've ever heard. The characters did not have the most depth, but unlike other shows where that was bad in this show it was what made it better, Coop would of been a horrible main character for this show if he had depth. I also have to mention the buttons in Megas, those where the best things ever, in an episode where Coop's cousin Skippy was visiting, built in to Megas was an "Eject Skippy" button, and also the building names where amazingly specific as well.
  • This show was hilarious!!

    This show was hilarious!! And who doesn't like some giant fighting robots?! I loved the whole "greaser" angle and the fact that Coops was lazy and fat, yet could tune up a huge mech with proficiency. Good times!! Yes, the aliens were inept for the most part, but it was still an intelligent cartoon that you could enjoy on multiple levels. It wasn't as cerebral as EXO-SQUAD, but you still got some large scale mech action with the occasional time travelling adventures thrown in. That, and Kiva was a slammin' hot, red headed, butt kicking machine. I would gladly sit down and watch this show if, by the grace of the gods, it was brought back to our airwaves.
  • This is just plain awesome

    Well it has been 3 years since this show came on, I came across an episode on youtube. I just forgot how funny and enterataining this show is. You have coop who is fat guy who has a stomach that is litterally bottomless. Then their is jamie which I am not particuly fond of but he is an okay charachter nontheless. then their is kyra. She is hot. I sense that she has feelings for jamie even with his attitude. I like Meagas's attacks they remind of video games that I havev played, and they are very cool looking. All in all this is awesome show
  • Coop, Jamie, and Kiva fight and kick Glorft butt.

    This show was so hilarious, it made me laugh and fall off the bed! I loved it! Who would think about a coach potato killing an alien race. Now thats something you don't see everyday. My favorite episode was "All I Wanted was a Slushie". That episode was my favorite! Thats not the only great episode, there are many I loved. The coach potato Coop has kicked butt over the last 2 seasons in Megas XLR, and its fun to watch it! I think they should atleast show some of the episodes in Cartoon Network again. But it's still nice to have them on Jetstream. Think god theres jetstream, or I would have been angry. I love this show!
  • This is one of the greatest shows on CN.

    This show is very humorous to me and I think it's very funny and cool about a fat guy named Coop driving a giant robot and a bunch of aliens fights and I just want to say is why in the world did CN cancelled it I was starting to love it and I wish it was back on CN badly!
  • I like the things maded in America!

    Whoa! Combine an a Plymouth Barracuda with a robot body, add weapons, and seat an agressive american boy behind th controls (or better, steering wheel). it´s a very funny show with a lot of action and a bunch of weapons, such anti-matter, cannon, machine guns, lasers, bombs, missiles... even the knucles of Megas! Megas fight stile is funny: wrestling with some tricks from the streets such elbows, throwing things to the head of the bad guys, aerial kicks...
    Nothing can stop that machine, and when Coop step on the gas, the engine roar like a muscle car. This is, for me, the best cartoons on te world!
  • I dig giant robots specially when they have an Hemi Cuda for head!

    I love American Muscle Cars, so if you add it to an Xtra Large Robot (XLR) I will like the show. I like specially when fightings Coop rev up the engine, making it sound loud and fircy, just like an American V8. His stile of combat is basically wrestling (i like it), with some additions of martial arts (I suppose from video games) and shooting lasers and missiles. The seris parodies some other series like Capitan Harlock, Power Rangers, Transformers, Sailor Moon and even films like The fast an the Furious. For those who don´t know it yet, the car (head) of Megas is an 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, a car with 425 Horsepower.
  • The last great show from Cartoon Network.

    Poor Cartoon Network, you were once great, I watched you everyday, still do but nowhere near as much as back then, but now, like most great channels, you've gone downhill. The last great show I remember was ofcourse, Megas XLR. I mean it was original, a tubby lazy gamer, and his best friend much like Coop are just minding their own buisness when suddenly a giant mecha shows up from no where, and they make it thiers. It had great characters, including the villains, especially the last two episodes. Overall this was a classic show that died so suddenly before it could really shine. But those 26 episodes we got were the best we could ever hope for. Now if there coudl be a possible DVD release of it then we'll all be happy.
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