Megas XLR - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Driver's Seat
    Episode 13
    When Coop is testing one of his latest features on Megas, he inadvertently teleports himself right into the Glorft’s mothership, in which they take him prisoner. Kiva and Jamie must figure out how exactly to get Coop back before they cause him any physical harm, though with all the modifications Coop has made towards Megas, they can’t figure out how to properly control it. Meanwhile, Gorrath decides to use some unconventional tactics in hopes of getting Coop to reveal the essential information he needs to find Megas.moreless
  • Coop D'Etat
    Episode 12
    Megas is the prize in a battle to determine who will be the new emperor of an evil robotic race. Can Coop defeat all the wanna-be rulers and come out on top?
  • 8/7/04
    While shopping at a local store, Coop and his friends discover that in their absence, Megas has been towed away by the Department of Motor Vehicles. To make matters worse, an alien bounty hunter has come to earth and the trio won’t be able to successfully defeat her without Megas. Coop heads off to try to break through the rigorous bureaucracy at the DMV, though Kiva soon discovers that the bounty hunter is actually after her.moreless
  • Junk in the Trunk
    Episode 10
    Megas is having some serious problems and if it isn’t repaired, it will likely get destroyed in the next battle. Kiva realizes that there’s only one planet in this time period that has the resources to fix Megas, so they head off to the planet which turns out to be a waste disposal planet used by several alien races. Once they land on the planet, they meet the creature in charge of the planet, though it doesn’t take long for them to realize the true reasons behind his innate hospitality.moreless
  • Bad Guy
    Episode 9
    The mayhem Coop has created with Megas has attracted the attention of an intergalactic team of heroes, the S-Force, who have become convinced that Coop is some sort of evil villain terrorizing the Earth. They attack Coop in their souped-up robot "Zorbs", but his attempts to defend himself, while successful, don't convince the S-Force he's a good guy. To make matters worse, the arch-nemesis of the S-Force, Ender, shows up and offers to team up with Coop in conquering the universe! Can Coop convince the crippled S-Force to accept his help in fighting Ender and prove he's not the bad guy?moreless
  • 7/31/04
    To impress a local girl that he’s admired for the past few weeks, Jamie convinces Coop to let him take her for a ride in his car. Coop reluctantly agrees, though he tells him to bring it back as quickly as possible, as the car is the control center for Megas. However, when the Glorft show up and Jamie still hasn’t brought the car back to Coop, Coop must rely on Megas’ back-up control system, though will Coop be able to stop Warmaster Gorrath without Megas’ head?moreless
  • Breakout
    Episode 7
    Coop finds a video game cartridge at a garage sale, which turns out to be an ancient containment device for alien criminals. Unfortunately, Coop finds this out after accidentally releasing one of the prisoners, the dreaded Grrkek the Planet Killer. To make matters worse, Coop and Jamie accidentally release the rest of the prisoners while trying to stop Grrkek's planet-destroying rampage and capture him! Can Coop and the Megas stop a veritable army of city-destroying giant monsters?moreless
  • TV Dinner
    Episode 6
    When Coop is testing one of the recent features on Megas, he accidentally awakens a creature that heads towards Earth, in which it begins devouring the planet’s TV satellites. Unfortunately for Coop, this interferes with his plans to watch one of his favorite television programs, so Coop must get in Megas to head out to destroy the creature that he was responsible for awakening.moreless
  • Buggin the System
    Episode 5

    While training in deep space, Coop discovers a mysterious library with massive amounts of information, which may hold the key to defeat the Glorft, if these strange energy eating worms don't devour it and Coop first.

  • 5/1/04
    Coop enters Megas in a local car show, and tries to show up fellow gearhead Tiny. Unfortunately, damage received in an earlier incident with a cheez whiz monster combined with Coop's showing off causes Megas to break down. The Glorft catch wind of this, and attack the car show in their efforts to capture Megas. With Megas crippled, Coop must rely on his new "manual mode" and the help of his gearhead friends to hold off the Glorft long enough for Kiva to get Megas running at 100%.moreless
  • 5/15/04
    It's a hot summer's day, so Coop is in a hurry to finish his daily training with Megas and grab a Mega-Slush from the nearest convenience store. Unfortunately, while training in space, Coop unwittingly collides with a cloaked alien transport ship orbiting Earth, and returns home to discover he's accidentally unleashed a rampaging robot known as the REGIS Mark V. While the spider-sized REGIS doesn't look like much at first, the metal-eating, self-repairing monstrosity gradually grows to city-destroying size. And if Coop doesn't do something, REGIS will destroy the entire planet, not to mention every Mega-Slush machine in Jersey City!moreless
  • Battle Royale
    Episode 2
    Coop’s ability to use Megas to fight off other giant robots and monsters has caught the attention of the intergalactic sports promoter Magnanimous, who offers to accept Coop as Earth’s entrant in a grand tournament of fighting robots. As Coop goes for the championship belt against countless ruthless opponents, Jamie attempts to impress some attractive alien woman while betting money on Coop and Megas. Meanwhile, Kiva discovers that Magnanimous has his own plans in inviting Coop to enter the tournament, though will she be able to tell Coop before it’s too late?moreless
  • Test Drive
    Episode 1
    Coop finds an alien robot in a Jersey City junkyard, and decides to soup it up with hot-rod parts and flame decals, and what happens when the original owner of this robot sees Coop's improvements?