Megas XLR - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • 1/15/05
    After successfully retrieving his evil version’s old Megas, Coop returns to his own dimension in hopes of stopping his evil version from destroying the world. While Coop discovers that this new version of Megas has some new attacks, he finds himself outmatched by the skill and finesse of his evil version’s piloting ability. Fortunately for Coop, he is not alone in his defense of the world and some unexpected allies soon come to his aid, though will their help even be enough to stop the evil version of himself?moreless
  • When the Glorft try to destroy the Earth with a giant drilling "Core Destroyer", an ensuing tussle between Gorrath and Coop ends with the two of them (and their mechs) being transported into an alternate reality, where they are quickly captured by a band of humans. But why are they piloting Glorft mecha, and living in the ruins of the Glorft mothership? And why is this reality's version of Jamie a buff, battle-hardened leader who has it out for Coop? And will Coop and Gorrath really set aside their differences long enough to find out what's going on and/or get home?moreless
  • Universal Remote
    Episode 11
    When a renegade alien robot gets wind of Coop's newest creation, a universal remote control, he assumes it will give him control of everything, and schemes to get it from Coop by any means necessary.
  • A Clockwork Megas
    Episode 10
    After tinkering with the sound system of Megas, Coop and the gang find themselves on a distant planet with a bunch of peace-loving robots and their less than peaceful, brainwashing caretaker.
  • Ice Ice Megas
    Episode 9
    While testing out Megas' new propulsion system Coop crashes on a frozen planet where a giant robot mistakes them for invaders and attacks them. Coop destroys the mech only to find out to late that he was the only thing protecting the planet's people from an invasion of robots. Now, Coop, Jamie and Kiva must fight off an army of transforming robots to save the ‘Space Bigfoots.'moreless
  • Terminate Her
    Episode 8
    The Glorft returns and in a sneak attack, they target one of Kiva's distant ancestors at the "Greater New Jersey Punk Fest" concert at the Meadowlands arena. If Coop and the gang don't find Kiva's spunky ancestor before the Glorft soldiers do, Kiva will never exist.
  • Space Booty
    Episode 7
    While out in space, Megas begins to get sucked towards an unknown ship and nothing Coop does can break free. They soon discover that the ship is owned by Captain Warlock, a charismatic space pirate, who has plans to make Kiva his new queen. While Kiva completely ignores his advances, she soon learns that she must make a difficult decision when her reluctance puts Coop and Jamie into serious danger.moreless
  • S-Force S.O.S.
    Episode 6
    The S-Force home planet gets attacked by an evil warlord and the only one that can save the day is Coop, much to Targon’s dismay. While Coop does everything he can in order to try to save the staggering S-Force, Jamie does everything he can in order to impress Duchess in hopes of getting a date.moreless
  • 11/27/04
    The gang's Thanksgiving plans come to a grinding halt when a spore-like virus monster crash lands on Earth with hopes of multiplying and infecting everything and everyone, thanks to Coop accidentally releasing it from its dormant state in an asteroid ring cluster.
  • Viva Las Megas
    Episode 4
    Coop, Kiva and Jamie decide to head out to Las Vegas in hopes of gaining some rest and relaxation. However, when Coop decides to take Megas into Area 50, they discover that the military based was sealed off for a reason and they must do battle with a giant robot that plans to steal all the electricity that Las Vegas uses.moreless
  • 10/30/04
    When Coop is stuck babysitting his cousin Skippy, he tries to earn his admiration by showing him Megas. Unfortunately, Skippy doesn’t really care about anything Coop does, though when the Glorft show up with another plot to destroy the Earth, Coop and Skippy must work together to save the world and escape the Glorft’s wrath, though will Skippy change his opinion on Coop’s abilities?moreless
  • The Return
    Episode 2
    It’s the last day possible for Coop to return a video to a rental store or else his membership will be revoked. Coop’s confident that he can use Megas to get down to the rental store in no time, but when Magnanimous announces that anybody who manages to defeat Megas will become the new champion, countless enemies show up in hopes of taking Coop down. While Megas is a very powerful machine, Coop begins to wonder if he’ll have time to defeat everyone while still having time to make the return on his video.moreless
  • Ultra Chicks
    Episode 1
    When a group of attractive women from another planet come to Earth in hopes of getting Coop to come be their savior, Jamie decides to take Coop’s place in hopes of tricking the girls into falling in love with him. Jamie heads off with the attractive women and he enjoys his time in the limelight, though when Jamie realizes what exactly it is that he has to fight, he realizes that it’s not so easy to live up to Coop’s reputation.moreless