Megas XLR

Season 1 Episode 13

The Driver's Seat

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Aug 28, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The Driver's Seat
When Coop is testing one of his latest features on Megas, he inadvertently teleports himself right into the Glorft’s mothership, in which they take him prisoner. Kiva and Jamie must figure out how exactly to get Coop back before they cause him any physical harm, though with all the modifications Coop has made towards Megas, they can’t figure out how to properly control it. Meanwhile, Gorrath decides to use some unconventional tactics in hopes of getting Coop to reveal the essential information he needs to find Megas.moreless

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    Clancy Brown

    Clancy Brown

    Gorrath (Recurring Character)

    Recurring Role

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Glorft Commander/Glorft Commander/Glorft Gunner/Glorft Dispatcher/Glorft Crewman

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    Steven Jay Blum

    Steven Jay Blum


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • During this episode, Coop brings up the roof of his car by pressing the shield button. However, the color of the roof changes colors through several scenes in the episode.

      • When Coop crashes into the jail cell and finds Kiva and Jamie, through the next couple of scenes the convertible hood on Coop's car constantly changes position in several scenes.

      • When Coop drives into the room where the entire Glorft force is, we see that there is a hallway behind him and it is completely empty. However, the scene changes to above Coop and his car and they are completely surrounded and the hallway is nowhere to be seen.

    • QUOTES (22)

      • (While driving around inside the Glorft command ship)
        Jamie: This place has everything.
        (Coop's stomach rumbles)
        Coop: I wonder if they've got a drivethrough. I could really go a Phili-cheese steak right about now.

      • Coop: (moaning)
        Gorrath: (drops a mega slush on a table near Coop) You want this? (laughs)
        Coop: You slimy, green sock-up!
        Gorrath: Tell me how to activate the prototype!
        Coop: NO!
        Gorrath: (lifts his hand, then smashes the mega slush)
        Coop: (moans again, then stops when Gorrath pulls out a cheese stake) A philly-cheese steak! Oh man, that's low!
        Gorrath: (takes a bite, then swallows) Hnnnnn!!!!!!!!!
        Coop: I'll remember this, when I'm back in my bot!
        Gorrath: Tell me how to activate the prototype!
        Coop: NO! No one drives Megas, but me!
        Glorft Commander: War-master, the prototype is approaching!

      • Gorrath: (Walks in) SO, this is the tiresome, ignorant ape that constantly thwarts my plans? (pokes Coop in the stomach) Not very impressive.
        Coop: Yo, I'm right here!
        Gorrath: Hmmm...clearly limited intelligence, hideous biological design, poor motor skills...
        Coop: Poor motor skills?! Have you been paying attention to the whooping I've been giving you?!

      • Kiva: I could control Megas if I knew where the navigational system is!
        Jamie: It's probably in the glove compartment, since he'd never use something like that!
        (Kiva opens the glove compartment and finds the navigational system)

      • (Coop, Jamie and Kiva are in their car, surrounded by Glorft Mechs)
        Jamie: Ah, we're doomed!
        Coop: Wait!
        (Megas comes crashing into the room, the car takes its position as its head)
        Kiva: You know you could have done that at any time?
        Coop: Yeah, but what's the fun in that?

      • Coop: How's that for poor motor skills, ya loser!

      • Coop: What, you want me to drop the other arm so it's fair?
        (Kiva and Jamie urgently gesture no)

      • Coop: Now you know why I put ten cylinders in this bad boy!
        (They run into an endless army of Glorft Mechs)
        Jamie: Maybe you should have put in twelve cylinders.

      • Coop: Ha, you guys wouldn't last a second on the Jersey Turnpike!

      • Coop: First you got to turn it on, then you press this button.
        (Coop presses a button labeled 'bet you can't guess what this button does' and it launches Gorrath into the air)
        Coop: Wow, I didn't think that would actually work. And who says my modifications backfire?

      • Coop: Aw man, somebody messed with my seat! It took me a month to get it just right!

      • (When Coop teleports his drink to the Glorft Command Bridge)
        Coop: My Big Glug! No!

      • Jamie: You know, for a hotshot pilot from the future, you ain't so hot.

      • (Kiva tries to control Megas but she hits all the obstacles in her way)
        Jamie: You're an even worse driver than Coop!

      • Coop (to Kiva and Jamie, who are getting along): Man, what did the Glorft do to you?

      • Kiva: Coop?
        Jamie: You almost killed me!

      • Glorft Technician: Unnecessary use of force in capturing the Earthers has been approved.

      • Kiva: Just tell me where the weapon systems are!
        Jamie: The circle button, it's always the circle button!
        (Kiva presses the circle button, Megas' thrusters shut off)

      • Coop (looking up at the Eradicator): Okay, that's pretty big.
        Jamie: You just had to ask if he had a bigger robot.

      • (When Gorrath steps on the philly cheese steak)
        Coop: Now, that's just mean!

      • Glorft (to another Glorft): I've always hated you.

      • Coop: I'll remember this when I'm back in my 'bot!

    • NOTES (8)

      • Ending Credits: Tribute to Gorrath

      • In this episode, it is revealed that Megas has several buttons to destroy the world, though only one to save the world; the one to save the world was broken in this episode because Coop never cared to repair it.

        The buttons are shown in order:
        Destroy the World
        Smite the World (Yellow smiling face on red background)
        The 3rd button is a switch labeled 'Destroy the world WORSE.
        Save the world (there is no button, but instead a bunch of wires).

      • Episode's Villain: The Glorft

      • In this episode, it is revealed that Coop's car can go faster than the speedometer can gauge; Coop fixed this by taping additional numbers to the speedometer in specific places.

      • During this episode, whenever the scene shows the prison block on the Glorft ship, a harmonica can be heard playing.

      • PopTV Destruction: PopTV Billboard

      • This episode marks the first time in the series where Kiva and Jamie actually get along for most of the episode.

      • In this episode, Coop presses a button that reads 'Bet You Can't Guess What This Button Does'.

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • During the ending credits of this episode, there was a scene that was very similar to the scene in one of the Godzilla films.

      • In this episode, Coop is drinking a drink called The Big Glug, which is a reference to the 7-11 drink The Big Gulp.

      • During this episode, one of the Glorft members tells Gorrath that he's destroyed them. This seems to be a reference to The Hunt for Red October, in which such a line was used in that movie before the submarine was destroyed.

      • During this episode, Megas fight off an army of identical Glorft robots. This looks very similar to the scenes in The Matrix, when Neo is fighting off the Agent Smith clones.

      • The cellblock that Jamie and Kiva are thrown into is similar to the cellblock in The Cowboy Bebop Movie, which was probably designed that way because the individuals who provide Jamie and Kiva's voice also provided voices for characters in that movie.

      • Many of the scenes in this episode make references to The Blues Brothers.

      • In this episode, Gorrath takes position in a control pad in the command center of the Eradicator. The way in which he uses the machine to move the arms and so forth is very similar to the way Gundams are controlled in the G-Gundam series.

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