Megas XLR

Season 1 Episode 4

The Fat & the Furious

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM May 01, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The Fat & the Furious
Coop enters Megas in a local car show, and tries to show up fellow gearhead Tiny. Unfortunately, damage received in an earlier incident with a cheez whiz monster combined with Coop's showing off causes Megas to break down. The Glorft catch wind of this, and attack the car show in their efforts to capture Megas. With Megas crippled, Coop must rely on his new "manual mode" and the help of his gearhead friends to hold off the Glorft long enough for Kiva to get Megas running at 100%.moreless

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  • Some episodes of Megas XLR end up stuck in certain cliches common to the series. This is not one of them.

    This episode originally aired outside of production order, just after the debut of the first episode. Why this happened, I don\'t know. I do know, though, that the episode was not unfitting for that position.

    While I hate to admit it, many episodes of Megas felt like they were retelling the same story several times with different characters. This one did not work out that way. (Honestly, Gorrath episodes are usually original enough to avoid this.)

    Here is a list of things that this episode did differently from usual.

    * When Coop succeeds in this episode, he does so by his own (or Kiva\'s) skill. When Coop fails in this episode, he does so with his own shortsightedness and quirks. No deus ex machinas! No accidental button hits! Not even dumb luck! (Other than a certain pair of buildings, each well marked.) Coop and his friends are the heroes of this episode, not Megas.

    * Coop, for what seems like the only time in series history, actually considers that the destruction he causes might be a bad thing. And even when Megas\'s initial rampage results in wild cheering from the audience, this does not guarantee that they feel the same way at the end of the episode.

    * The episode\'s villain isn\'t introduced until halfway through the episode, making way for non-battle conflict and comedy. Indeed, circumstances appear to be the villain early on. The cheese monster is dispatched quickly, but this has consequences later on. Tiny (one of the more likable characters on the show in my opinion) serves as a rival, and it is this competition that leads to the main plot complication. And even that is bypassed quickly, but this gives the Glorft the chance to make their entrance.

    * Gorrath, while as Megas-obsessed as always, remains largely rational throughout the episode. His intent is to claim a working Megas, and his actions throughout the episode reflect this. He does go overboard at the end, and doesn\'t give up until he is out of options and long after the rest of his army has abandoned him.

    * While literally relegated to a backseat position this episode, Jamie goes beyond his regular comedic role and occasionally serves a purpose in the episode. And he does this without being the star of the episode and without it feeling forced. And his help is comedic anyway.

    * Even odder, the same is true for Goat.

    Aside from all this, the battle scenes are great, the references work, and everything fits with the car show plot very well, complete with just about every car-related gag you could ask for. The only part that really drags is the Glorft\'s approach to Earth, and that\'s right near a commercial break.

    In summary, I\'d wish there were more episodes like this, but the fact that there aren\'t is a large part of the reason why I remain so fond of this episode. And it\'s a solid episode, anyway.moreless
Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Model/ Girl

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Dorky Fan/Onlooker #2/ Boy

Guest Star

Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye

Dance Program Girl/Car Fan #1/ Teenage Girl

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Glorft Commander/Glorft Commander/Tiny/Reporter

Recurring Role

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Jamie/Onlooker #1/ Auto Employee #2

Recurring Role

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Gorrath/ Auto Show Worker/ Trucker/Gorrath (Recurring Character)

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Coop it talking about how he may be a monkey but he's not a chicken, Jamie and Kiva switched seats for a moment, though they went back to their proper seats in the next scene.

    • In the beginning of this episode, When Coop throws the car washing service a few gold pieces, the number of coins that landed on the ground was far more than the amount that normally left his hand.

    • When Coop was controlling Megas manually, the hood on the car was off, though during a couple of the scenes, the hood appeared to be in normal condition.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Goat: (to Kiva) So Red, wanna ride in this year's soon-to-be-winning-car?
      Kiva: My name is Kiva.

    • Coop: Oh, competition looks tough this year.
      Jamie: Dude, you got a giant robot from the future, with a car for a head!

    • Goat: The trophy is as good as mine!

    • (When Megas goes out of control for the second time)
      Coop: It's alright, it's cool! I stopped it!
      (The building collapses)
      Coop: Hey, it's not so bad! We can still salvage the cars!
      (The building explodes)
      Coop: Uh, yeah, um, okay then! Who's up for popcorn chicken?!

    • Jamie: You're in my seat, and why are you waisting time on that thing? Coop can do it manually!
      Kiva: Hmm, let's see. A computer that can process 7.2 million defensive and offensive maneuvers a second, or that!
      (Coop sighs exhaustedly as he farts)
      Jamie: Uh, less talk, more work!

    • (After driving his car through a window)
      Coop: I always wanted to do that!
      Kiva: You always wanted to do that?
      Coop: Guy thing.

    • Coop: You busted up my car show!
      Jamie: Yeah!
      Coop: You recked my friends' rides!
      Jamie: Yeah!
      Coop: And you made me run half a block!
      Jamie: Yeah! Half a block?!
      Coop: Now, it's payback time!

    • Spectator: What kind of engine you got in there?
      Coop: Well, which one? I've got one for sub-orbital, one for trans-warp, one for cruising the street. I haven't figured out what the other six do though.

    • Spectator: Is it hard to steer?
      (Coop remembers how many buildings he ran into, though he soon replies)
      Coop: Nah, not if you've mastered the Z-pad and a joystick.

    • Goat: Hey, uh, wanna check under my hood?
      (The lady he was talking to screams and runs away)
      Goat (smelling his breath): Sour cream and onion, who doesn't like that?

    • Glorft Leader: I find your tactics strange and cunning, but mostly strange.

    • Kiva: They actually give out a trophy for a car?
      Coop: What did they give out in the future?
      Kiva: We don't have auto shows, we're too busy fighting to say alive!
      Jamie (mockingly): "Too busy fighting to stay alive", how long are you going to milk that thing for?

    • Coop: Guess it's just us guys, huh?
      Jamie (laughing): Yeah! (he runs away)
      Goat: Hey, hold on man. We can't leave Coop hangin'. (he runs away)

    • Jamie: Watch the guy on your left. (Megas gets hit) My left!
      Coop: We have the same left!

    • Coop: I may be a monkey, but I'm no chicken!

    • Jamie: Man, I hate the back seat!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Coop's "Manual Mode" for MEGAS is a reference to the Komani game Dance Dance Revolution, which plays in a very similar fashion to what was shown on the screen Coop was watching. It doesn't use those gloves, though.

    • This episode's title is a play on the movie entitled The Fast and the Furious.