Megas XLR

Season 2 Episode 11

Universal Remote

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Jan 01, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Universal Remote
When a renegade alien robot gets wind of Coop's newest creation, a universal remote control, he assumes it will give him control of everything, and schemes to get it from Coop by any means necessary.

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    Jennifer Hale

    Jennifer Hale

    Skalgar's Computer

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    Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett


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    Clancy Brown (I)

    Clancy Brown (I)

    Gorrath (Recurring Character)

    Recurring Role

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Glorft Commander

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    Steven Jay Blum

    Steven Jay Blum


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Flamethrower Control: Megas' uber-flamethrower has settings: "Heater", "Warm", "Hot", and "Dang!". Coop, of course, picks the highest setting.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Kiva: Our weapons won't be able to penetrate that shield.
        Coop: No problem, I'll just hit it with more weapons.
        (Coop pushes various buttons and we then see row upon row of weapons extend from within Megas)
        Kiva: But our weapons won't be able to penetrate that shield.
        Jamie: (to Kiva) Why do you even bother?

      • Skalgar: Now I will finally get the respect I deserve.
        Coop: Respect this. (Coop unleashes a whirl-wind of weapons on Skalgar)

      • Coop: What's that?
        Kiva: That's his influx stabilizer drive, and you just destabilized it.
        (Camera cuts to a shot of the city where we see an atomic bomb like explosion.)

      • Skalgar: I am sure you have heard the name, "Skalgar the Destroyer"!
        Coop: Ah, no.
        Skalgar: "Skalgar Death Dealer"!
        Coop: Mmmm.... nope.
        Skalgar: "Skalgar the Ravager"?
        Coop: Nah.
        Skalgar: "Skalgar the Despoiler"?
        Coop: No.
        Skalgar: "Skalgar the Ruiner"?

      • Coop (ranting): OK, you galactic bad-guy wannabe! You smash up my drive-in, stole my one of a kind universal controller, and made me miss Revenge of the Amoeba People!
        Jamie: And the final episode of Cheerleader Wars!

      • Coop (to Skalgar): Hey pal, you just destroyed the last drive in theater in Jersey!
        Jamie: Too bad you destroyed the other three.
        Coop: Yeah.

      • Coop: Hey, school girl!
        Skalgar: It's Skalgar! Skalgar!

      • Kiva: I think he misunderstood what a universal controller is.
        Jamie: Great, he's short and dumb...

      • Goat: And don't forget to record "Revenge of the Amoeba People"!
        Kiva: Not that I'm complaining, but why is Goat in the trunk?
        Jamie: Sneaking people into the drive-in is a time-honored tradition.
        Goat: Yeah Red, don't you know nothing?

    • NOTES (10)

      • PopTV Destruction: PopTV on prison TV, by a chair, after Coop's remote knocks it off the air for a while.

      • The "Maser Refractor" is similiar to the Laser Refractor from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It even has the same look and ability.

      • Slight references are in Coop's "mutant daydream" he has four extra-arms, much like the 6-Armed Spider-Man from the SM series. And in Coop's "alternate dimension daydream" Coop rides on top of a Pac-Man version of his own head, and then he is dancing with some Lerps and elves.

      • Look Hard: The monster from the movie the gang went to see has a Glorft-like face.

      • Scargar looks alot like Unicron, yet the gag in his size is that unicron is the size of a planet while this guy is small compared to other robots!

      • Skalgar's scuffle in the beginning seemed very similar to what Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi does in his movie trilogy.

      • Originally titled "Universal Controller"

      • Jamie's daydream featuring himself with large tentacles surrounded by chicks seems to be a slight dig at those hentai animes featuring girls and...tentacles.

      • Skalgar looks suspiciously like the Transformers character Unicron, only with a latino accent and a moustache.

      • The end credits scene has Goat still stuck in the trunk of the car, and tries to get the other's attention by continuosly banging on the inside.

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • none:none
        When Skulgar switches all the TVs back to their original channels, the TV the seniors are watching starts playing the theme to "The Peoples Court"

      • Kiva: "...Maser Refractor!"
        The "Maser Refractor's name" possibly derives from the Maser Cannon used in old Godzilla and non-Godzilla monster movies made by the Japanese corporation Toho.

      • none: none
        Megas' latest transformation sequence looks a lot like MAC II Destroid from Robotech the Macross Saga

      • None: None
        Skalgar's appearance suggests that the animators based him on the design of Unicron from the "Transformers" series. More specifically, the shape of his helmet suggests he was based on the "Transformers: Armada" version of Skalgar.