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Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence star in this ABC Family comedy about a female politician who takes custody of her sister's two children, Lennox and Ryder, after she ends up in jail. Unable to balance her career with the responsibilities of being a new pseudo-mother, Mel (Hart) looks to hire a nanny, who comes in the unexpected form of Joe (Lawrence).

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    • MJH needs reality check

      The show is entertaining enough but Melissa Joan Hart may need a little more self awareness. Her going on about how hot she is every chance she gets is annoying. Does she not see that massive ass and stomach??
    • Brilliant!

      I LOVE THIS SHOW!! its my fav thing on tv at the moment besides eastenders of course. i just love it, it actually cheers me up when im feeling down or having a bad day etc.. its hilarious. Never fails to brighten my day. id say the only down side is its not on enough, and they need more shows!! but even watching the repeats makes me happy! :D Joey has to be my fav! i need a man like that! aha! dont stop the shows guysss :D :Dmoreless
    • Tired of it now

      This started off great. I loved the storyline and the comedy was great, but the recent racial jokes toward Colombia are unnecessary. My entire family is from there and I am proud of my roots. They make it look as if that is all Colombia is known for. How about the gorgeous beaches and the people? What about the culture and the agriculture? So we have doesn't? The US isn't perfect either. This made me really disappointed with the show. I'm not going to be watching it anymore. Thanks a lot writers.moreless
    • Was okay.. Slightly offensive to Colombians

      Show was okay and then attacked where I was born. They should not talk about countries they don't know. Colombia's narcos are not even close to as big as Mexicos. We have what's called the FARC (revolutionary armed forces of Colombia). Yes they have problems, but they are a modern country that anyone could live in, I literally just moved back from Bogota, I know plenty of foreigners there. It is not "a crack house with an anthem". I doubt they could even find the drug lords. No one will take them to those parts. Good show, stop making racist comments. Ruined show for me. Very offensive.moreless
    • it used to be okay

      It used to be funny-ish when they were not romantically involved. The writers never should have gone there.

      It sucks now and isn't even remotely funny anymore.

      The new daughter sucks, the marriage thing isn't working, Marco seriously has to go and Joe's hair looks ridiculous!

      So not surprising that this is cancelled.

      Mel and Joe used to have this funny chemistry when they were constantly bickering, why do writers mess up so many shows by having the leads get romantically involved?moreless

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