Melissa & Joey

Season 1 Episode 11

A Fright in the Attic

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on ABC Family
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Its Halloween and the house is making weird noises. Joe thinks its a German ghost who died in the house before Mel bought it while Mel thinks its just the house settling. Meanwhile, Mel tries to get Lennox and Ryder in the Halloween spirit.

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    This episode of Melissa & Joey wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either. Plot wise, this was a good episode, we got a lot of development here surprisingly from a Halloween episode. Comedy wise, this episode didn't do so great. Melissa & Joey has the potential to be a very funny sitcom with an original story line, but it always seems to come up short.

    When I watch this show, I don't find myself laughing hysterically, I find myself laughing once or twice but that's about it. The only gag that I found myself laughing at was the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reference, but that's about it. As for the plot, what we've been waiting for, for Louis to resurface.

    Him getting away in the end was unexpected for me, but still when I tune in Tuesday nights, I'm looking for some laughs, with this show is having trouble delivering.moreless
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John Ross Bowie

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Lanre Idewu

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    • (At a Halloween costume party)
      Joe: A teenage witch. That's cute. You should have done something like that.
      Mel: Oh, been there, done that.

    • Mel: Who wants to be a hobo?
      Ryder: Isn't that just like a homeless person?
      Mel: A jolly homeless person!

    • Mel: You mean a g-g-g-ghost?
      Joe: Look Scooby, a lot of intelligent people believe in ghosts!
      Mel: No, they don't!

    • Mel: Well, that explains a lot.
      Joe: Sure does.
      Mel: I got a great deal on this house cause some German guy got eaten by rats! Yay for me!

    • Mel: (Looking in the fridge) And where's my little hunk of lasagna?
      Joe: Don't you call me that!

    • Joe: I'm telling you, there's a rat up there. Just cause we didn't find droppings means nothing.
      Mel: Means it's constipated. Or toilet-trained.

    • Ryder: Hey Joe, now that you got your Porsche back, do you hate my dad any less?
      Joe: Hate the guy who made me lose everything? Course not. (Violently stabs a pumpkin)
      Mel: Oh! Right in the seeds.

    • Joe: Mel, I don't think all the poor choices you made in life are because you had a bad friend.
      Mel: Oh, I didn't have a bad friend. I was the bad friend.

    • Joe: What do you want me to do? I don't have kids.
      Mel: Neither do I. They were abandoned by my sister. That was my mistake, having a sister!

    • Mel: (About Lennox's friends) And they never say hello? How come they never say hello?
      Joe: Because they're teenagers. It's what they don't do. You're not allowed to sit at their lunch table, either.

    • Mel: (As Joe tinkers with wires) Aren't you supposed to turn the power off before you do that?
      Joe: What am I, a girl? (Gets shocked) Ow! See? Nothing.
      Mel: You know if you had hair, it'd be standing up.

    • Joe: Louis told me he was going to turn himself in.
      Mel: And you believed him? He's manipulating you! I can't believe you fell for his crap again!
      Joe: I did not fall for his crap again! (Later, in the attic) I can't believe I fell for his crap again!

    • Joe: I hate to say this, but you were right. There's nothing up there, I built the whole thing up in my head. You were totally, completely right.
      Mel: Oh my god, you saw something up there!

    • Louis: I understand, your anger is to be expected.
      Joe: Then you understand your nose is to be broken!

    • Joe: You've been up here for three days?
      Louis: Yeah, the kids brought me a hot plate and a space heater, all plugged into one outlet. Sorry about the blinking stuff... never mind about me, how have you been?
      Joe: You ruined my life. There! We're all caught up.

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    • (At a Halloween costume party)
      Joe: A teenage witch. That's cute. You should have done something like that.
      Mel: Oh, been there, done that.

      Melissa Joan Hart, who plays Mel, played the title character of the 1996-2003 TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

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