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A couple in the midst?

Do you think Mel and Joe will end together?

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    So what do you think?

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    Well, it's clearly & out a clue Mel & Joe will end up together soon as soul mates. When their dates are not so successful as they're. And also they both drop their dates after one night. And Mel & Joe can go on many dates they want over one night each week. But they truely are the ones to be with each other. If they don't want the 2 leading characters to be with each other as soul mates? They really have to add 2 more adding characters to the series. But that will just flop the show go downhill totally, and that isn't what the show is about really. It's all set up plan lead into the air for Mel & Joe will end up together. It's just not a spin just yet as of now really...

    And they don't really put partnership into relationship as fast really. Because of a great team work support working to together as just friends. And also great support against children as guradain type and being there as great friends. Look at Clark Kent & Lois Lane from Superman comics for example, they both work together as partnership at the Daily Planet. But took them quite awhile get into a relationship because of it. Well, Clark Kent himself could've told Lois Lane sooner he was Superman. But going by the great mind Lois has, she actually expect thought he is Superman.

    - In Lois & Clark, The New Adventures of Superman: Clark Kent & Lois Lane didn't end up together until the ender of season 2.

    - In Friends: Monica Geller & Chandler Bing, didn't end up together until season 4 or 5.

    - In The Big Bang Theory: Leonard & Penny didn't end up together until the beginning of Season 3.

    As of Melissa & Joey, Mel & Joe are looking closer & closer ending up together by each episode endings. It's actually tell us they might by the end half of the season order or next year on the another half of season 2 order. And Mel & Joe will be into relationship as soul mates alot more faster than how they bring Tony & Angela together from Who's the Boss?.

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    I kinda hope they will. Also, tonights episode was nice and interesting. It kinda reminded me of my brother and I. There were some other thing I thought about as well.
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