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Is It Me or What?

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    Is It Me or What?

    Huh... Wow!

    It appears to be Melissa Joan Hart as Mel is more funnier than Joey Lawernce as Joe this time around in their series.

    It's so odd & weird! Last time in My Fake Fiance Film, Joey Lawernce's was the funnier one than Melissa Joan Hart.

    Come on....

    Joey Lawernce! You're never this dull into a sitcom series before, during years when you had hair on your head. Did you change your acting skils to go along with that blad head of yours or what here?

    Well, your co-star Melissa Joan Hart is totally beating your butt being the funnier one & having allthe funny jokes and also more interesting watch this time around. What actually happen to you anyway? I tought all Joey Characters into Sitcom Series suppost to be the funny one here. Such as Joey Gladstone from Full House, Your Joey Characters from Blossom of Joey Russo and Brotherly Love of Joe Roman, Joey Tribbiani from Friends and Joey Epstein from Boy Meets World.

    Maybe i just think about it here, you just work well with Melissa Joan Hart in My Fake Fiance Only, not in this sitcom with her also being the another main character into the title. How come she has all the energy wave of funny & has all the funny jokes. And you just stand there dull supporting her take afew stunts moments actions.

    Well. Joey Lawernce! You keep this up here not being funny, like you used to be into your other sitcoms in the past as Joey Character. Melissa &Joey will no alonger will similar like to Two of a Kind, Who'sthe Boss? and The Nanny at all. It will become being like another Home Improvement Series. There will be only one Character/Preformer thru out whole intire program doing the job of making fans laugh being funny, with funny jokes and along side includes the Children as Support also gives out funny jokes. You will be like Jill Taylor, not so funny but have funny moments at times. And the Children will be like the Taylor Boys being support from the main giving out funny jokes now and then. And last not least, Melissa Joan Hart will be like Tim Taylor ahead of the show being the Comic/Clown funny one with funny jokes more interesting watch bring the series successful.

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    Melissa has always been funny, Clarissa and Sabrina

    but she totally cracks me up in this show, she has the humor of a female Tony Danza
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    I think they are both pretty funny they just have different styles.I noticed that even though they both can be sarcastic, Mel has more of an animated kind of funny where as Joe has a more straight forward delivery.

    Melissa's humor also seems to be a little more cute and flirty like when she's talking to Rhonda on the porch in episode 5 or 6 about having to do something important and buy some sexy new pumps as being important or when she was pretending to not like Joe's breakfast waffles and homemade syrup but couldn't help but to admit to herself she liked it.

    Joey's humor on the other hand is a bit more observant and direct like in episode 1 when he first came to Mel's house and after offering to drive Mel's nephew to school, how let him know he wouldn't have the car for long or how he interacted with his first love interest at the grocery store about what she should buy, his job and her reaction. Yes there was some flirting but as a whole, his style is more straight forward.

    Hmmm, thinking about it. they both have similar styles to The Nanny... I did say similar, not exact. So, I think they both bring there "funny" it's just been broughten (oh, I took it there) in different ways which seems to work well for them. Good Job!

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