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  • MJH needs reality check

    The show is entertaining enough but Melissa Joan Hart may need a little more self awareness. Her going on about how hot she is every chance she gets is annoying. Does she not see that massive ass and stomach??
  • Brilliant!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! its my fav thing on tv at the moment besides eastenders of course. i just love it, it actually cheers me up when im feeling down or having a bad day etc.. its hilarious. Never fails to brighten my day. id say the only down side is its not on enough, and they need more shows!! but even watching the repeats makes me happy! :D Joey has to be my fav! i need a man like that! aha! dont stop the shows guysss :D :D
  • Tired of it now

    This started off great. I loved the storyline and the comedy was great, but the recent racial jokes toward Colombia are unnecessary. My entire family is from there and I am proud of my roots. They make it look as if that is all Colombia is known for. How about the gorgeous beaches and the people? What about the culture and the agriculture? So we have doesn't? The US isn't perfect either. This made me really disappointed with the show. I'm not going to be watching it anymore. Thanks a lot writers.
  • Was okay.. Slightly offensive to Colombians

    Show was okay and then attacked where I was born. They should not talk about countries they don't know. Colombia's narcos are not even close to as big as Mexicos. We have what's called the FARC (revolutionary armed forces of Colombia). Yes they have problems, but they are a modern country that anyone could live in, I literally just moved back from Bogota, I know plenty of foreigners there. It is not "a crack house with an anthem". I doubt they could even find the drug lords. No one will take them to those parts. Good show, stop making racist comments. Ruined show for me. Very offensive.
  • it used to be okay

    It used to be funny-ish when they were not romantically involved. The writers never should have gone there.

    It sucks now and isn't even remotely funny anymore.

    The new daughter sucks, the marriage thing isn't working, Marco seriously has to go and Joe's hair looks ridiculous!

    So not surprising that this is cancelled.

    Mel and Joe used to have this funny chemistry when they were constantly bickering, why do writers mess up so many shows by having the leads get romantically involved?
  • Terrible

    Watching this is only mildly, very mildly preferable to squeezing lemons in my eyes. Didn't laugh once, unlike the audience, who laugh at absolutely everything, I can't help but feel it's only out of politeness, however. In short, rather than watch this, you should probably use the time that this programme is on to do that thing you've been putting off for the past week, you'll be glad you did.
  • Let's NOT talk about Sex

    The latest season of Melissa & Joey is in serious trouble. I LOVE this show and it's just no longer well written and uncomfortably focused on sexual innuendo. Enough already. If these poorly written episode continue, I don't see this show sticking around for another season.
  • lucy tomney

    Absolutely family entertainment very with all age groups. I watch it with my 5 children ageing from we sit and watch it together. as ive only git freeview in im catching up on we have watched season 1-2. Waiting for 3 and many more to luv how melissa goes for wine at her hr of woman can relate to fave tv programnme xxx
  • This show is fantastic

    I have freeview in the UK & i am pretty sure Mellissa & Joey has never been aired here on freeview atleast. I was literally watching it for 2 minutes & im hooked. What a great entertaining show. Mellissa Is a fantastic actress and i just hope this show is going to stay on our tv. I thought once How I Met Your Mother finished the only good things on the TV to watch would be The Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls. I only set up this account to keep make a review. Please keep this on tv i absolutely love the show already & would be gutted if it was to stop. Keep it up Melissa & employees I LOVE IT !!!!
  • A fresh, realistic, and heartfelt family show!

    I have been out of the TV loop for quite some time due to my military service, deployments, and my type of career now, so I just discovered "Melissa and Joey" about 4 days ago and I have NOT been able to stop playing episode after episode!! I feel so lucky that I get to watch it on Netflix for free! LOL I'm on Season 3 already!!! The complete denial of affection displayed by these two, Mel and Joe, is absolutely the best quality of the show. But that's not to say that Taylor Spreitler (Lennox) and Nick Robinson (Ryder) aren't utterly adorable as well! I've enjoyed watching them grow up right before my eyes! LITERALLY! Each season they are more and more beautiful and handsome, respectively LOL :)

    And, Melissa Joan Hart continues to surprise me with her dedication to keeping her Hollywood figure season after AFTER having her THIRD CHILD, TUCKER! According to Monica Rizzo's article in PEOPLE magazine, Melissa's sons are Mason 8, Brady 6, and Tucker will be 2 this September (2014). (Reference: 2013/05/25/melissa-joan-hart-nutrisystem-results/) As a mother of a 4 year old, myself, I am so proud of you! WAY TO GO MELISSA!!! I didn't use NutriSystem, but I recently lost 50lbs (deployments give you ZERO choice, but to get fit lol) and after returning I gained 20lbs with work, single motherhood, and full time school. I joined Gold's Gym, though, and although I began my healthy lifestyle again on my own, Melissa J. Hart gives me the additional drive every person who struggles with their weight needs. Love you, Melissa!

    JOEY That's all I have to say about HIM!! <3 <3 !!! ;) Love you guys and this show!!! :D


    Nikki Prewitt

    This is suppose to be a family show. Why is it necessary now to be showing Melissa with her boobs hanging out. Take a cue from Mike & are thee most popular sitcom, but don`t show boobs.. This use to be a nice wholesome family show. Hence FAMILY CHANEL!!!!
  • Long-time fan killed by the F-bomb

    I have loved this show from day one, until I heard the f-bomb on the "Plus one" episode. I would not tolerate a human friend saying this vulgar word in my living room and I won't tolerate it from Hollywood's juvenile scriptwriters. The #1 show on my DVR timer list has just become vacant. So long. I will miss the show.
  • Endless love for Melissa & Joey

    I can't write any so called review..... Just that I'm crazy for this show and these two people. I wish Melissa & Joey never ever ends
  • Melissa and Joey:)

    I like this show?! I think it is classic, realistic:), and funny! I like how the characters are and there characteristics, I think that this show is a complete 10! No doubt!? I really like this show and the actors are good!
  • Awesome

    when's the next episode?
  • Hmmmm

    Is the season over
  • Hilarious

    Love the show! Very entertaining
  • Amazing!

    I love this show! It's funny and honest, I can't wait for Melissa and Joey to get together bwahah
  • So far, so good...

    I'm glad actress Melissa Joan Hart is doing better in this show, than in her messed-up previous sitcom. This show will either do better or last longer than seven seasons.
  • Funny

    Why aren't there anymore episodes this year? It is such a funny and quality family show!! JOe is soooo sexy!!
  • Retro and FUN!

    I've been reading comments about how this show is copying bla, bla, bla. I just want to say that there is so many shows on so many different topics already recoreded that its hard to come up with fresh ones. I really like this show it has a really good background story but actors are so much more. They seem to be born for these roles. I mean Mel and Joey are just perfect, plus Ryder and Lennox are such a great success. My point is that if you copy some show and you make it worse that is lame, but if you manage to make it this great that my friends takes some skill and commitment. I have watched all seasons of FRIENDS, Supernatural, Joey(from friends), Seinfeld, The big bang theory and alot more but i've got to say that this show IS WORTH OF EVERY SECOND of your life. .

    I just want to thank to actors and writes for doing that great of a job. And i'm hoping for alot more seasons with melissa and joey.
  • I love Melissa and Joey!

    Since I have netflix, don't watch a lot of tv, but I love Melissa and Joey. There story lines are fresh with today's world, and keeps me coming back for more. Can't wait for season 3, and hope there will be more then 15 episodes next season.
  • Season 2 Finale

    It's just sad that we'll not be seeing Meliss and Joey until Spring 2013. But, It's such a cute season finale. :D
  • It is even better than "Friends"

    I love it,it is even better than friends,that is the only since the Friends Era ended,

    Keep on and please do not end it for at least 20 seasons!

    It is the Best.

    Mellisa,the funniest woman ever!

    Joe,the funniest man Ever!

    Keep On and on!
  • its a awesum series

    i just love Melissa & Joey. Both actors are amazing and the show is absolutely amazing. It's good TV show, especially for family.
  • Amazing show

    This show is so funny! There is not one episode where i dont laugh! I really hope this show keeps going on for a really long time! And of melissa and joey are so funny and are amazing actors!
  • The Worst and Best show ever

    It's predictable and has a laugh-track, but that's kind of what makes it great. Some of the jokes are stupid, but some of them are hidden, clever, and cleverly hidden. If you want to watch a show that's nostalgic [Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Melissa) and Blossom (Joey)], and that you don't have to think about, this is for you. It's short and sweet, and it's on a family channel, so what did you really expect? Dexter?

    It's easy to watch and easy to like. Unless you think that choosing specific shows to watch reflects your character and popularity in some way.
  • One of best TV shows ever

    I just love Melissa & Joey. Both actors are amazing and the show is absolutely amazing. It's good TV show, especially for family.
  • Mel Burke is a city councilman who gets two teenagers and then proceeds to hire a nanny named Joey.

    It seems the main attraction to the show is two actors from the 90's return to TV again, that's atleast what got my attention but when I first watched. I watched the first episode and liked it, but it got to old extremely fast. Predictablity is only okay if the show is actually funny and this isn't that funny. It follows the same exact formule every episode and the latest episode "Dancing with the Stars of Toledo" just was completely unfunny. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm done tuning in. I think ABC needs to either A. Get new writers or B. Cancel the show.
  • Returning series?

    I just watched the first five minutes of this vacuum. It's truly one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Throughout that unbearably long five minutes, I actually had to create my own entertainment based on the show itself, that's how god awful it is. I started saying the word "laugh" every time there was supposed to be a funny part. It's like I recognise the joke they're trying to make but it's just done so poorly that I find absolutely no humour in it at all. Most times I don't mind a laugh track, I enjoyed Friends for example. I continue to enjoy The Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly, but this abortion of comedy had me wanting to poke at my ears with a long, pointy object just so I wouldn't hear that mind numbing clattering ever again. I seriously cannot believe that this show made it past it's first episode let alone get another season. When I see quality shows cancelled or not even given a proper go it bugs the hell out of me but to see a show like this, one of the single worst atrocity's mankind has inflicted upon it's fellow man since the Holocaust, get renewed it makes me die a little inside. I fear for the fate of humanity if the general consensus is that this is a quality show, I really do.