Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Jonah discovers that Riley has not told anyone about their engagement, not even her friends and family. This was discovered when he sees that her Facebook status does not say engaged. Jonah leaves to help shoot a music video for Ella, a very eccentric musician. She greets Jonah at her trailer with a gun. During the shoot, the director walks off the set and Ella suggests Jonah to be the replacement. This is Jonah's directing debut. He does a great job and the video is a success. But, Ella's agency refuses to give Jonah credit for his work.

Riley feels bad for not telling people about her engagement. She wants to make it up to Jonah by cooking for him. She gets help from Auggie. She goes to visit Jonah while he's shooting the video to schedule their meal, but Jonah is busy shooting and brushes her off. She goes back home and seeks comfort in Auggie. She drinks a lot of wine and kisses Auggie. Jonah comes home from shooting and she keeps the kiss a secret. Earlier in the episode, Violet steals a dress that was one of her mom's and tries to impress Auggie.

David sneaks into Michael's and steals access to his computer. Lauren, who is applying to be an intern for Michael, walks in on David. Her financial situation is the only think holding her back from getting this internship. Lauren tells Michael that he was in the office earlier and Michael becomes suspicious. He gives Lauren the internship position. When David gets into the files on Michael's computer, he finds files of all the tenants at The Complex.
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