Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2010 on The CW

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  • David and the blond the highlight of the episode. I like her .. she did a great number on David.

    I really really don't like Drew, he is false and the actor is not so pretty and not so good either. I don't remember the original show but I don't think, at that time, Amanda was involved with art theft. So how did she get into it? And with Sidney?
    Ben is a jerk and Riley did a good thing walking away ... not selling herself for money. But Amanda will get revenge on Riley and on Ben. She is not to be trifled with ... they should know better. I can't wait for the retribution.
    I loved the scene where David steals the diamond ring it was so funny and the result was unexpected. Who is the "rich, mean guy"? And his daughter is a little slutty but she has courage to make such a proposition to David. She could be an interesting add to the show. But who is she and what is she really planing. That diamond ring is too expensive to be bargained for only one night. I think David will pay a lot more for this "indiscretion": the ring and the daughter? hmm!
    I still don't like Lauren ... she lacks something ... her character and her acting need improvement.
    I am not set concerning the ella/jonas relationship ... she is feisty and independent but he is too mellow for mellow. I am not sure if I am for or against, I need a little more time
  • I'm still hooked

    Last week was stronger, but i enjoyed Mulholland very much. Lauren/David: Even though they were strong, some classic MP blackmailing makes this storyline spicy. I like them together, but Michael getting involved makes it steamy.

    David/That girl: I think her name is Morgan. My question is, why is David stealing from these people? Do they have connections to him? This one was weird, but i like that this girl will be around to cause trouble at 4616 Melrose Place. Riley/Ben/Amanda: EW! It's pretty gross like Violet and Michael, but at least they are making it interesting. Ben dumped Amanda, which was probably for Riley. Amanda's broke, so this sucks for her. she could learn a thing or two from David. Riley is finally making an effort to be less boring. Don't mess with Amanda. Everyone knows that. Amanda/Painting: They brought Amanda back to look for a painting. Wow. "Amanda, i thought you weren't coming back for two weeks," said Caleb. "You know how i like surprises. And paintings. And how much this show needs to be saved," Amanda answered in episode 10. This painting thing is getting more mysterious. I bet the painting is the one David stole. So this is what she does when she's having free time; dissecting paintings. Jonah/Ella: A dog party? Seriously? I thought it was funny though. Ella does feel overwhelmed, but they end up together in the end. I don't see them lasting, but this should stir up drama.

    Overall: I'm hooked! 1.04 m viewers is bad, but if the CW realizes how many DVR it, we could have some hope. Next week: Viewers!!!! Jane and Jo are back! They better fit in well. I hope they aren't here for some painting.
  • Lauren breaks up with David.

    So this episode starts out with the painful breakup between Lauren & David, I can't believe Lauren actually caved in to Dr. Mancini's wishes. This episode started out good with the drama kicking it in to high gear. Then a bunch of other stuff happened. And it killed it. Riley & Ben make out, while Ben breaks up with Amanda. Someone takes a picture of Riley & Ben kissing, looks like it's war between Amanda & Riley. I'm not really buying that Riley is as wholesome as she pins to be. Totally out of character move from Riley in this episode. Ella makes sure her sleeping with Jonah isn't a one night stand, and then as Jonah pushes for commitment, she pulls back? That's a bit of a continuity issue. David owes one to a girl that catches him stealing an expensive ring to buy the restaurant. I guess that's David's new arc. Riley comes back in to character, as she starts with the school awareness, breaks it off with Ben, and is committed to building a school by herself. Like I said, the stuff in middle brought the rating down. Amanda nearly loses it when she fails to find Sydney's painting. The group scene in the end at the bar was probably the best scene. Awkward moment between Riley & Jonah, Lauren knows David is back to stealing, and finally, David bought the bar. David ends up sleeping with IOU girl and the episode ends, great ending, great beginning, suckish middle.
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