Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2009 on The CW

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  • I liked the flashbacks, but some of the story lines were boring.

    Ashlee Simpson continues to be annoying by showing he lack of acting skills. Just because she is beautiful doesn't mean the producers had to put her in such a pivotal storyline. I wish they put Ashlee Simpson as the girl who was sleeping with everyone trying to pay her tuition bill. Speaking of which, I really don't see where Laura's storyline of paying her college fees is going. We already found out in the first episode that she is prostituting herself, and this episode just shows the same thing, so there was no progress there.

    I did like Auggie's flashbacks with Sydney. Riley and Jonah's relationship were so-so. I think they are trying to recreate the Billy-Allison relationship with Jonah and Riley, but I find them rather boring. Of course, the parts which kept me really interested were with Ella in them. I feel like Ella is the next Amanda Woodward, and loved the way she tried to get the British actor choose her as the publicist.

    Overall, this was a pretty interesting episode, but they can easily get rid of some of the characters who are just carrying empty weight in the show.
  • The turn of the screw. I was surprised with the pilot so I decided to follow another episodio from this remake of the 90's classic tv series.

    Laura Leighton's is going to be the "madame" of the entire season one as we see her as a central character in flashbacks as the gang of Melrose remember their "encounters" with the landlord. We have many clues about Leighton's role as Sydney Andrews to those who watched this show on the nineties. First of all, after the "fatal accident" that supposedly toke her life in season 5 finale, Sydney enlisted the AA reunions where she met Auggie. As we saw in the previous episode, Auggie held a bloody ¿shirt? making him the "usual suspect", and now, behind his former girldfriend's murder. The second surprise, as some of us figured out watching the pilot, makes Violet the legitimate daughter of Sydney, who's heart is broken after being rejected from Syd, and she takes a "psycho turn" but still not enoguth to transform her a mommy-killer.

    For those who expected more information about David (Michael Mancini's son), we find out that he was apart with her dying-mother and was custoded by Michael at his 13's, once her mother died (who was anyway? Taylor? Jane? a hotty-nurser? Kim?). I expected Thomas Calabro in this episode but he's missing. I suppose the big surprise comes with the fourth episode, where another "melrosian" woman comes back: Jane Mancini, his first wife.

    I know this show will become better as long as more episodes are broadcast. I hope they don't cancel the show because of the first two episodes's low audience. It would be a shame for CW and for those who are followig this show and not part of Nielsen's statistics. Fans we will stay tuned to new episodes hoping audiences will increase.
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