Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on The CW

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  • Solid start to the second half

    Please don't cancel MP! Even though only 1.19 people watched this week's episode, it's only getting better from here. With the two weakest actors gone, we've cut the less necessary scenes. The murder is wrapped, eve though it was solved in not an amazing way, and now we have different things to focus on.

    The Jonah/Riley/Ella triangle: Pick Ella! R&J were a boring couple and Riley was better off stirring up trouble with Auggie and it was more entertaining. Violet and Auggie leave: I'm glad Violet's gone. I miss Sydney and this is all that's left of her, but it shouldn't have been creepy Violet who's acting is sub-par. David/Lauren: Yay! These two work really well together. I love how the two of them stand up for each other. Amanda/Ben/Ella: This was interesting, but i hope MP 2.0 doesn't become all about Amanda because even though she is supposed to be bringing in rating, the show is about the new tenants, but she's doing a good job. Will we see more of Ben? I wouldn't mind, but i don't think he makes on impact on the show. Wait.. isn't Amanda married to Peter Burns? I'm not quite sure because i'm not done watching the original show.

    Is it possible Ella is Amanda's daughter? Hopefully more people will tune in next week.
  • Love triangles and such.

    I gotta say, this comeback did come with a lot of boring scenes, but other than that, it was pretty eventful. David comes one step closer on embarking on Lauren's secret. After beating up her client. Lauren is starting the relationship on lies so that's not good. Meanwhile, the morning after Jonah & Ella sleep together. Riley begs for Jonah's forgiveness and doesn't know whether to tell her about Ella. Ella fears it was a one night stand, while walking on eggshells around Amanda. Jonah ends up telling Riley in the end, and Ella is mad at him. So now Jonah is staying with David. Auggie continues to drink and Violet helps him out, then they leave town. Cutting off two of the main characters is not a good idea, writers. Good episode, hope Jonah ends up with Ella. She's so happy around him, it's great.
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