Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2009 on The CW

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  • I thought it was a pretty a good pilot.

    I'll admit that I have never watched any of the original Melrose Place series, so I won't be able to say "the original was so much better" or anything along those lines. But, against what many people on here have said, I was pretty pleased with the episode. It introduced the characters pretty well (I'm mostly interested in the director and his fiancée), and had interesting storylines (however I find ashley simpsons character pretty pointless--- so far.. and what was up with her stealing the picture of sydney? anyway). i will continue watching, and see how the show continues! i'm excited.
  • Series Opener.

    I have never seen the original Melrose Place and I am a little embarrased to say that I thought this was going to a good show. Oh boy was I wrong. I mean it was the worst thing I have seen in years. The writing is horrible, the actors were even worse, I mean Ashlee Simpson? really? And to bring back an original cast member from the original just to kill her in the first like 6 minutes of the show was a terrible desicion. And can you say Desperate Housewives rip off? I was so bored throughout the entire episode. The CW needs to come up with original stuff and stop remaking this crap. I mean ok 90210 I can see why they did it but with this remake they took it way way way too far. I wish I could give this episode a 0.
  • ???

    I remember growing up watching Melrose Place. The show was kind of a revolution then with its trashy characters and crazy plots.

    So I decided I'd give a shot to this reboot. Honestly I was expecting a lot worse. I need to watch another episode to really make up my mind.

    It looks like the writers are taking the same story but make it more glamorous, more scandalous and lift it a little so it can suit a younger audience.
    I wonder how the former cast can accept to be a part of it.

    It's a little too much in my opinion but where the writers have been very good is that they resorted to what always works for a show: they created a mystery and in a way managed to hook me up.
    Yeah, I'd like to know who killed Sydney. It looks like everyone is a suspect. But will I be hooked for another 23 episodes? I'm not sure about that...
  • UMMMM.............

    The comeback for melrose place was a little bit dissapointing for me honestly..... i thought they should have introduced the characters more in stead of just jumping right in to the drama.... i think what really made me a little irritated was that there was too much drama going on at one time.... i mean you got a landlord who was stabbed to death, a nurse who was offered money to sleep with apatient's son, a filmaker who just caught some girls father making out with her bestfriend and his girlfriend doesn't even know if she want to marry him.... i have to say what had to be the biggest upset about this episode was how at the end of the episode they revealed who killed the landlord which really sucked caused it would have been better if they saved it for the season finale but not all dreams come true..... all i can say for melrose place is they better step it up....... i hope the next episode was better than this one....
  • Way different from the old Melrose, but not necessarily worst....

    I really don´t have a clear view about this show yet.
    I enjoyed the fact that Sidney died at the very first episode, but the flashbacks during the episode were quite confusing. It is good to have a mistery, but the story line needs to be well written to keep it interesting.

    They tried very hard to show that caracters on the show share a strong frienship, but it did not convinced me so far.

    I would like to have more background information about Michael and his son, what happened over the years? 90210, was way better on that aspect on the first episode.

    Jonah is the new Billy, David is the new Michael, Ella the new Amanda.
    Let´s wait for the second episode....
  • We're back at Melrose Place and we start out with a tragic murder, alleged blackmail and an engagement.

    Brought back to the glamor and drama of the previous show Melrose Place from the 90's we start out with a murder of an old character to start of the plot, tossed together with some blackmail and an engagement. I was really excited to see this episode but I was very badly disappointed. The props are nice nice but the acting was nothing to write home about. It was too clinical and I could completely visualize the manuscript in front of them. The plot is very typical for M.P. but I think it lacks an edge. F.e. at the very end where they give you a suspect for the murder, they could've waited with that, dragged it out more. Would have made the tension more vivid instead of tossing in the cards so soon. Then again if we know M.P. then it's probably not this person anyway, though it looked a lot like his work clothes, there's probably some morbid twist to it. Anyway, I was not impressed. I sat back when the screen went black and had the feeling that something was missing. Like it all was missing. I don't think I'll be catching next weeks episode. It was too boring cliché for my taste.
  • Like many others, I too am a fan of the original series and re-watched all the seasons last year. I didn't find the pilot episode of the new series all that bad.

    True, the new show is missing the trashy, over the top campy storylines that the original series had to it, but hey, it's only the pilot episode. I thought the dialogue was pretty witty, and the characters still show resemblance to the original series. For instance, Jonah and Riley remind me of Billy and Allison, Ella resembles Amanda and Auggie reminds me of Kyle. The story is well paced and I found some of the characters like Ella and David really interesting.

    I was a little disappointed to see Sydney killed off in the first scene itself, but at least we get to see her in flashbacks. Anyway, Michael is also there from the original series, and it will be fun to watch what dilemma he gets into. The only disappointment I had when I saw the pilot episode was Ashlee Simpson's character as Violet. I have nothing against her as an actor or anything, but I think the people made a big mistake by putting her on in this show, only because I cannot see her as a mid 20s working professional (which is what this show is supposed to resemble). From her gestures, I thought she would have been more suitable with the 90210 crowd. She just doesn't fit in with the rest of cast. Overall, the new Melrose Place is completely different from the original series, so don't expect a continuation from the 90s show. But just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad; I'd watch a few more episodes and see if it gets even better.
  • Luxury Apartments, Furnished Interiors w/ Closets, Double Beds, Hardwood Floors, Dead Body in Pool...

    As a huge fan of the original Melrose Place, I approached this update with both a sense of excitement and trepidation. For the most part, the pilot was pretty average.

    It must have come to a surprise to probably 0.8% of the audience, but Sydney's murder still packed a punch, especially the cool shot where the camera tracked the shocked Melrose residents before going underwater to show Sydney's lifeless arm. Laura Leighton, who obviously attended the Kim Cattrall School of Eternal Youth, was pretty good in her brief scenes, but the idea that she was personally involved with so many of the cast of characters felt more like a desperate attempt at making them all suspects than something genuinely organic. Still, the mystery's intriguing, but color me shocked if the killer doesn't turn out to be a random guest star that wasn't even in this episode.

    Of the main cast, only Katie Cassidy's Ella felt like a character you're going to love to watch. Sure, the "hot bisexual chick" archetype is tired, but she had enough in her to easily gain comparisons to Amanda Woodward, and her dialogue was just the right level of b*tchiness to make her intriguing. The only thing that actually bugged me was her bisexuality which, in fact, isn't bisexuality. It's another in a long line of recent TV hotties that make out with random hook-ups of the same gender, but that deep down have a "real" thing for a member of the opposite sex. In Ella's case, seemingly filmmaker-slash-blackmailer Jonah. I'm hoping that'll get worked on.

    Her storyline may be a retreat of Sydney's days as a call girl on MP 1.0, but Dr. Lauren was pretty feisty, and I liked Stephanie Jacobsen in the part, ridiculously beautiful as she is. Jonah could grow to be fun, but his character is too one-note so far ("comic books! Tarantino!" Blah!"), while Riley is clearly this generation's Alison Parker. Wake me up when she hits the bottle. Ashlee Simpson (who apparently thinks "acting" means "stare wildly and gesticulate like a crazy person") and sous chef Auggie made little impression until their respective character moments in the closing montage (Syd's daughter!!?? Murderer!!??) And, finally, Shaun Sipos (as this show's token bad boy moonlighting as a cat burglar... heh) seems to have followed Katie Cassidy's lead in emulating an original Melrose star. But while she chose one of the best (Miss Heather Locklear), he clearly went after Andrew "block of wood" Shue. This isn't so bad though, because it wouldn't be Melrose Place without some god-awful acting.

    While a lot of the pilot bored and most of the characters left me unmoved, there was enough here to keep me tuned in at least until Nip/Tuck's Kimber shows up. While there's a lot to improve on, the show could work. But the writers really should throw the sanity out of the window first, increase the craziness and throw in some decent catfights and rivalries for kicks. Then it'll be classic.

    Director: Davis Guggenheim
    Writers: Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer
    Rating: C+
  • After watching all the 90's Melrose Place episodes, and that deceiving final series, I expected some new fresh characters and new stories.

    The idea of bringing two of the first series is exactly the same as the pilot of 1992 with Jake Hanson as a "spin off" from Beverly Hills 90210.

    This pilot episode has plenty of questions about Leighton's character, Sydney, and how she survived from the accident in final season 5 (1997). I suppose that it will revealed during the first season of the remake. It is commented that she will only appear on flashbacks. Sadly, because fans expected to return her nasty and genuine character from the "old" Melrose.

    I liked Chaves-Jacobsen as Lauren Yung, it seems to be the most "innocent" character in Melrose, as it was Courtney Thorne-Smith as Alison in the classic series. Auggie, however, seems to be an stereotype of the "bad guy with the bloody-evidence of Sydney's murder. Also, I didn't think of Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) as a detestable role, I suppose she is the litte-town girl who arrives to L.A. and becomes a bit**y person.

    But, deleting the iconic music and main titles as they were in the 90's version it's a deal. Nowadays, it's seems all these series cannot have main titles because of advertising time. Also, this show needs to have differences of other TV shows on broadcast, as "90210" or "Brothers and sisters". They seem to have the same "esque".

    As others, I liked the end. I hope they improve in the next episodes.
  • this is the CW of 90's drama that people loved. Unfortunately, people should watch something else!

    the pilot is absolute crap!
    you brought back Sydney 2 kill her off after 7 minutes shame on you guys.
    saying that I expected the new version is an understatement, I craved 4 it :)
    then my disappointment is very huge.
    I don't c anything 2 keep in this episode. the story is lame & characters are crappy.
    I don't know if it will be able to improve anything.
    I'm almost certain the show won't survive this season & I'm almost as certain the season will be cut short because nobody will like what you show!
    In other words, I will say: "much ado about nothing!"