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  • cancelled:(

    i really enjoyed it sadly its cancelled.
  • Premature

    The show came out to early, Vampire Diaries was just getting into the rock of things. Smallville was hitting more peaks because more of the Justice League was showing up. We really couldn't appreciated a show of this caliber. I think if theCW brought it back it would draw more viewers because people seem to have matured more and could appreciate a show like this in their weekly line up for the summer.
  • Damn, Never Should've Been Cancelled!

    Wow! I watched the Pilot today because I like the new 90210, and this is a great series! This show should never have been cancelled! :(
  • Sad Good Bye

    I really did enjoy this show while it was on air. Its sad that it got cancelled. I blame Ashley Simpson. Can that girl do anything right? They had tried to write off her character even, but still apparently it did no good. It got really good towards the end and had an explosive finale. Why give up on something that swore to a better future. The cast was top notch, the plots were grand, the cameos were endless and fun, and it was an adult version of 90210. Maybe it will get a 3rd chance in the future. One can only hope.
  • Shame It's Cancelled

    OMG, i'm so gutted that this show has been cancelled! I was at first hesitant to watch the series altogether, but it did actually look promising, with a good cast, predictable but relatively good storyline, it would be good for easy viewing... I was right, the cast was good, apart from Ashlee Simpson-Wentz' acting, the storyline predictable, but it also kept me glued to the screen, wanting to watch more and looking forward to the next episode. It did end on a good note, but the show could have gone further if it hadn't been cancelled as well. It's such a shame! I was really looking forward to another season of this show. Let's hope we can get some shows that actually stick!
  • Guilty pleasure. Don't cancel it!

    I honestly love this show even though it's trash. I love 90210, and the fact that this comes on after makes Tuesdays so great. It's a real guilty pleasure and i've started watching the original.
    I really hope this show will do well, even though it competes with Idol. The murder mystery makes it even more intense. I'm hoping that now that Ashlee and Colin are leaving, the show will gain viewers. There are so many scandals, that this show is perfect for anyone that likes MTV reality shows like The Hills and Jersey Shore. This show hasn't failed to please me.
  • What a sham

    This is such a boring show. The cast isn't as good as the real Melrose Place cast. And Lauren Young is such a sham… the actress is lame and the role that she has is even lamer. "I know that you dates don't end up like this!" She is a prostitute!!!! Don't tell me she developed a conscious and a moral code and she can't sleep with David. Thank God they brought Amanda back because otherwise the show would have gone up in flames. Beauty is important but the actors must have a little bit of talent otherwise the show is doomed. Bad actors: Lauren Young, Violet. Get rid of them!!!!
  • The show begins Twin Peaks-style with a dead woman in the iconic apartment pool, and the exact details of that gruesome murder. There are unexpected twists and turns along the way the show hooks fans right away with an on-going mystery.

    For those of you who think Melrose Place is just going to be a new 90210 it is not. While there are a couple similarities, Melrose Place is not that similar to 90210. Melrose Place distinguishes itself due to the fact that the cast is older. Instead of dealing with rich high schoolers, Melrose Place deals with young adults in their twenties that are trying to just make ends meet as they try and pursue their dreams. This works much better in my opinion and is a big reason why I liked Melrose Place way more than 90210. The other reason I liked Melrose Place was the murder mystery, sex, murder, booze, infidelity, prostitution and and that's just the pilot. Its one of those sinful shows I love to watch.