Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 12

San Vicente

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2009 on The CW

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  • The killer is revealed.

    It's the mid season finale, and arcs are tied up. It turns out Michael's wife, Vanessa is the killer. Very suspenseful, Violet couldn't have been the killer, since Sydney actually loved her. Violet kills Vanessa while protecting David's little brother (or son). Jonah & Riley decide to elope and end up breaking up instead. A movie producer buys Jonah's movie with Ella's help. Then Jonah ends up sleeping with Ella. Auggie makes a pass at Riley, and Violet sees. Uh oh, trouble. Lauren gets drugged by her client, in a hotel room, and she has a bad reaction and her life is on the line. Good luck explaining that to David. An amazing mid season finale, that tied all loose ends.
  • Mid Season Finale

    I am very impressed with Melrose Place. The beginning of the show wasn't amazing, but now, since Amanda came back, somehow the rest of the show improved.

    Riley and Jonah break up: Yay! Finally the boringest couple who have many problems have ended it. And Jonah going straight to Ella... wow! Yay! I like them together. Will this welcome Jonah to the dark side?

    Vanessa killed Sydney: I'm surprised I didn't suspect her. i thought it would be the guy Ella slept with the night of the murder. At least Vanessa is out of the picture. Who will Michael sleep with now? Amanda, maybe? David is Noah's father: Gross. So, when MP returns in March, will it survive? I'm hoping the ratings will boost. I really like this show and it would hurt to see it go.
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