Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 16

Santa Fe

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2010 on The CW

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  • There ain't no party like a Melrose party

    Hey Jonah, throw us another party. Our ratings went back to the millions!

    Riley/Drew: I love Drew! And I love when Jonah gets angry. He really does love Riley and attacks everyone who gets her hands on her (Auggie, Drew.) If only Riley could see

    Amanda/Painting: The story I care the least about. Find a more interesting way to integrate Amanda into the lives of the tenants. As much as I love her evilness, she hasn't been living up to her full potential.

    David/Lauren: Nice going Lauren. You should be more honest. How could you let David go? He's awesome! I'm disappointed in you, but I'm not disappointed by the writers. It just makes me want to watch more to see if they ever get together again.

    Jonah's party: I'd die to go to a party at 4616 Melrose Place. Sounds like fun. Reunion: Wow. They must have felt out of place being the only guests in their forties. But I was glad to have them back, even if Kimberly, Syd, Michael and Amanda were my favorites from the original. It made me realize how much i wish the show would last like the old one did.

    Michael/Lauren: Somebody likes young girls. I like this classic blackmail. Keep it going, Mancini!

    Drew: Weird! Who was that? I love this cliffhanger

    Ella: Poor Ella! Let's get her out of this, but bring on the drama!

    Jessica Lucas is leaving. :( for the fact that we might be canceled. :) for Melrose being strong without her.
  • Jonah's party goes out of control.

    So who else thought that this episode was divine? At first, I thought it was going to be any other Melrose Place episode, some twists & turns that I did not see coming. Lauren confesses to everyone that she is a prostitute, just because Michael Mancini kept blackmailing her. That was intense, it was nice to see some friends were still on her side by the end. She also confesses her love for David, but she faces utter rejection. Having 4 of the original MP characters in the same episode had little effect on the episode for me, since I didn't watch the original Melrose Place. Loving the triangle: Now it's Jonah/Riley/Drew. I don't know what to think of Drew & Riley's relationship yet, only because I was expecting Drew to hook up with Lauren. It seems like Jonah & Riley have been playing the jealousy game, with Drew & Ella caught in the middle. Ella is set up by Amanda, apparently Ella is embezzling money from WPK. Now Ella could face jail time, and that is still up in the air by the end of the episode. I'm glad they didn't just forget about the Jane vs. Ella plot. Drew gets in a pool fight with Jonah over Riley. At the end, Drew performs an autopsy. Didn't understand the scene, am I supposed to know the girl he is operating on? Does this mean he has a hidden agenda? I don't know. Amanda trying to find the painting has been growing really tiresome lately. So what? Now she has to go look for Auggie? Ridiculous. IOU girl is getting annoying too. "Bye... for now." She has some potential to be scarily dangerous, but right now, she's just incredibly annoying. Other than those 2 minor setbacks. This episode was amazing. I liked how it was all centered around Jonah's party that was a plus. Amazing episode.