Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on The CW

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  • Another outstanding episode.

    I gotta say, Melrose Place has been really impressive these past few weeks, and the idea that this show might be canceled, I just can't even think that. This show is that good. This episode brought up a lot of promising plots. Some memorable moments: Such as David & Ella going undercover to clear Ella's name. They make a good team. Lauren trying to get David to talk to her by helping him out with the restaurant. That whole plot with trying to impress the food critic, also amazing. The end was also promising for David/Lauren fans, since we get a hint that they might have a future together. Drew Pragin, he's up to something, he finds out that Dr. Mancinni's heart valve is killing patients, and he wants Lauren to stop it. An amazing plot, that is probably the beginning to a beautiful arc. We learn that Ella is falling hard for Jonah. I'm also loving their relationship, but it's upsetting me that Jonah is practically stinging Ella along, since he has feelings for Riley. Jonah gets fired and re-hired as director for Living in Reverse. A good plot. Definitely promising for Jonah. Riley teams up with Drew to start up the SEED foundation for school. That was an okay plot. I guess it was just a setting stone in Riley's arc. The bidding was entertaining though. An amazing episode. Melrose Place is getting better & better, and this episode just let me know that the season finale is going to kick ass. Good job, Melrose Place!
  • Can't wait for next Tuesday

    Great installment. Riley/Drew/Jonah: As much as i love Drew, this storyline isn't as great as the others. Some sappy Jonah lines, but overall, thank god for Dr. Drew.

    Ella/David: The best part of the night. Loved it in every way. These two make a great team.

    David/Lauren: Kind of useless to the episode, but it kept me entertained. I'm still mad at Lauren though for lying that long to David.

    Jonah/Movie: Let's see if this brings drama and tension between Riley. They aren't the most interesting tenants, but let's hope this movie will involve the rest of the Melrosers. Drew/Lauren: I see this leading to Mancini drama...

    Next week: Amanda's back and so is someone else... if anyone watched the preview, the intensity will get much stronger. Will Ella get her name cleared? What was the surprise visitor doing there? More Morgan to come and the finale will go out with a bang.
    Let's hope it's only one of many season finales.