Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on The CW



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  • Quotes

    • Anton V.: (referring to Riley) That girl, right there, she's beautiful. She's real. She's perfect.
      Ella: For what, monitoring a playground?

    • Ella: Anton V. wants you to model for his new line.
      Jonah: What?
      Riley: Okay, I've had a really long day, and I am not in the mood to be mocked.
      Ella: I am as serious as a shoe sale at Barneys.

    • Wendi: You took the easy way out.
      Lauren: Wendi, I have never taken the easy way out in my life.
      Wendi: If I thought you were lying to me, I'd have fired you. But I'm going to give you another chance. You owe me. And Lauren, I never forget a debt.

    • Violet: My mom was Sydney Andrews.
      Dr. Mancini: Well, I know you don't think I'm your father, so what do you want from me?
      Violet: You hurt my mother. She was trying to get better, but you wouldn't let her. And now, you're gonna pay.

    • Violet: (reading Sydney's letter) Dear Auggie, You won't talk to me, won't let me explain why I fell apart. It's my ex-husband. I thought this time, he'd choose me. But one woman's never enough for him. Even after sixteen years, Michael brings out my worst demons. All I can do is numb myself. Love, Sydney.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: February 17, 2010 on Barrandov
      United Kingdom: March 10, 2010 on FIVER
      Slovakia: August 24, 2012 on Markiza

    • Featured Music:
      "Aha!" by Imogen Heap
      "Sexy Automatic" by Oddz N Ends
      "Bet You Do" by Adam Marc Johnson & Al Van Der Beek
      "Release Me" by Agnes
      "DJ" by Amanda Blank
      "Angel Communication" by Life Of Bianca
      "Break It Down" by Jutbox
      "Fight For You" by Morgan Page
      "Sideways Walking" by Eastern Conference Champions
      "Longing For Lullabies" by Kleerup

    • Although credited, Colin Egglesfield (Auggie) does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Riley: (to Jonah) Well, do you wanna cuddle and watch a movie? I think Princess Bride's on cable.

      The Princess Bride is a 1987 movie starring Peter Falk and Fred Savage. The film, which includes elements of multiple genres, is based on a 1973 William Goldman novel.

    • Ella: (to Jonah) I saw you yawning in between takes. Was there a Tarantino marathon last night?

      Quentin Tarantino is a well known movie producer and director who started his career as an independent filmmaker. Some of his movies include Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series.

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