Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 14

Stoner Canyon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2010 on The CW
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A new tenant, Drew Pragin, moves into Auggie's old apartment and immediately clashes with Lauren, who becomes even more upset when she learns that he is the hospital's newest resident. Amanda is furious when Riley asks Ben for a job, and David receives some life-changing news from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Ella makes an unrealistic demand of Jonah, which ends up backfiring.moreless

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  • Way better than last week.

    Can I say that this episode was amazing. Everyone's plot I liked, and that's not usually. There's usually always one flaw with the plots. Not in this case. My favorite plot was the Riley/Jonah/Ella triangle. As it continues, Riley completely tells off Ella, as Ella was trying to impress one of Jonah's buddies who's in the movie business. You can tell all of them have developed since the first episode. Riley gets a job from Amanda's boyfriend, much to her dismay. Amanda starts having panic attacks, turns out she's broke. Sparks fly between Lauren, and the new guy at the hospital, Drew. David finds out he is actually the father of Noah. He tells his dad, but he gets a beat down. Lauren does her last "job" for Wendy. Only to find out it's Michael, David's father who made the call. Now he wants something from her. "Break up with David, or I tell everyone at the medical board about this" Whoa, intense. She got threatened twice in this episode. In the end, "Jacob & Rachel" don't make it after all, as Jonah is going to rewrite the script, and he gets with Ella in the end. What all the fans were hoping for. Great episode with flawless plots.moreless
  • Entertaining

    Only 1.16 million people watched this. let's hope it's popular internationally. I think this week was better than last. The drama was a lot more intense.

    Riley/Jonah/Ella/Owen Anderson: Why do Ella and Jonah always end up in bed whenever they do business? I like them together. They have great chemistry and they cause problems with Riley which makes more drama. Living in reverse will be good with this drama.

    Riley/Ben/Amanda: Riley is the most boring character at the moment. Once she gets on Amanda's nerves, which she will because it looks like she'll go for Ben next week, she will become more interesting.

    Amanda/Michael: Amanda has a heart? Now that Amanda's sick again, will Michael become obsessed with her like he did when she had cancer back in the old show? Michael/David: Wow! That was entertaining. I especially enjoyed the fighting scene. I still think David and Vanessa are a bad couple.

    Auggie/Violet: Yay! With them gone, we had more room for more interesting people. No more wasting time on them now that they are irrelevant and Syd is out of the picture.

    Lauren/Michael/David: Ewwww. But I can't wait to see what happens next. These two look like they have an interesting story line brewing. What will Lauren pick? She needs the money, but hopefully this won't be as gross as Violet and Michael.

    Drew/Lauren: I'm hoping Drew will bring a lot of drama to the show. We don't know much about him, but he could cause some problems at 4616 Melrose Place.

    Amanda/Embezzler: Amanda is broke???? How will this affect everyone else?

    Overall, this episode was very entertaining and had a lot of things going on. Let's hope the viewers and the season will only get better from here.moreless
Nick Zano

Nick Zano

Drew Pragin

Guest Star

Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell

Ben Brinkley

Guest Star

Bill English

Bill English

Owen Anderson

Guest Star

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear

Amanda Woodward

Recurring Role

Kelly Carlson

Kelly Carlson

Wendi Mattison

Recurring Role

Thomas Calabro

Thomas Calabro

Dr. Michael Mancini

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Jonah's article on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter is titled "'Living in Reverse' Shifts into Drive" and reads:
      Veteran producer Curtis Heller went all out yesterday, outbidding four other studios to land the Jonah Miller penned "Living in Reverse." The indie feature follows a college student as he retraces his missteps in pursuit of the perfect woman. Interest in the "edgy with a heart" script hit high gear yesterday, when Heller topped several strong offers to land the project. The NYU inspired feature (continued on page 26).

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Clerk: According to university records, you're all paid up.
      Lauren: Yeah, I wish.
      Clerk: No, seriously, zero balance.
      Lauren: I checked online yesterday and I still had an outstanding balance of sixteen thousand dollars.
      Clerk: It says there was a payment made in that amount this morning. Either our office made a huge mistake, or you've got yourself a guardian angel with some deep pockets.

    • Ella: Look, Jonah, I should not have asked you to drag Riley into a dog and pony show, okay? This whole thing was a mistake.
      Jonah: We both had to vent...we just chose the worst possible venue ever.
      Ella: No, I'm talking about us. We are a mistake. You and Riley are cut from the same snuggly, fuzzy cloth and I'm...well, let's face it, I'm industrial strength sandpaper.

    • Dr. Mancini: David needs to know what it feels like to have all the happiness in his life ripped away. I want you to break his heart. Whatever you have with him, end it.
      Lauren: You can't be serious.
      Dr. Mancini: You break it off with him. Or I tell the entire medical community that I got a house call from Dr. Lauren Yung.

    • Vanessa: (voiceover, as David reads her letter) David, if you are reading this, it means I'm gone, and Michael needs to know the truth about the night you and I spent together. Shortly after Noah was born, I ran a paternity test. Michael's not Noah's father, David. You are. Vanessa.

    • Drew: Let me guess, you were the only sophomore in your AP bio class. Am I right? Yeah, I can see you now, with your braces and your knee-highs, taking a scalpel to your very first fetal pig. It's kinda adorable.
      Lauren: Call me adorable again, you'll see what I can do with a scalpel.

    • Jonah: (to David) Okay, look. I have to say, Ella's hot...and she's fun. I don't know, I always just gravitate to girls with, like, strong moral compasses. But Ella's...I don't know, hers doesn't even have a needle.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Ella: (to Jonah) Even Deadline Hollywood gave you a shout-out. Nice work, by the way. Nikki Finke was only mildly sarcastic.

      Nikki Finke is a Hollywood journalist and blogger who started writing a column for the L.A. Times called "Deadline Hollywood" in 2002. She founded an online blog version of the column, called Deadline Hollywood Daily, in 2006. Finke famous for her harsh, uncompromising reporting on the entertainment industry.